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16 Ways Horses Make Humans Healthier (Infographic) - Benefits of Horse Riding

15 Aug 2019 |

Horses are a great way to enhance a human’s life, ensuring both horse and rider live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Horses can help shape us into well rounded people, they give us opportunity to learn about relationships, responsibility and how we view ourselves as individuals.

The physical benefits are apparent from riding, as it provides exercise for both the horse and rider. It’s a great way of getting in a full body work out, working your arms with having control of the horse, legs with control and movement, especially when in trot and gallop and also core, as you need to be positioned correctly in the saddle. There is also a physical responsibility when not on horseback – mucking out, lifting water buckets with country boots etc. 

Many feel that the emotional side of riding out-ways the physical, as it can be a great recipe for a positive mind-set. It can give you a true sense of achievement, purpose and responsibly. All factors that can make you a much happier and fulfilled individual.

Horse riding can provide much more than traditional physical exercise such as running, biking etc. It gives you that sense of peace and encourages you to appreciate the simple things in life. You take in your surroundings and are so much more aware when on a horse. The buzz that you get from riding a horse can last for days, one good ride and you feel on such a high. Caring for a horse gives you a reason to get up and start your day on a positive note. Especially, as your ride around in your favourite tweed jackets and shooting clothing

Needless to say, see our list of ‘16 Ways Horses Make Humans Healthier’ below.



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