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20 Housewarming Gifts

13 Dec 2023 |

When someone you know moves into a new house, it can be hard to figure out what to buy them. They might be changing up their decor or decorating soon after they move in or maybe they have no idea what they‘ll do once they settle in.

That’s why we’ve rounded up a selection of homeware that will suit any countryside home, full of functional but aesthetically pleasing pieces that will look great in any home. Here’s our guide to 20 housewarming gifts to create a cosy and comfy environment right from move-in day!


1. Cowlam Plush Fleece Throw

A cosy blanket is such a thoughtful housewarming gift. It can take a few days to settle into a new home. Gifting someone a plush fleece throw is a lovely gift to help make the house a home. After a day full of unpacking, cosying up on the sofa under a comfortable blanket makes it all worth it!

Blankets can be repurposed across the house too so adding one to your bed or home office is perfect for when the temperature drops outside. Our throws are machine washable too so when their house is fully in order, they can throw it in the washing machine to get any dust off.

2. Cowlam Patterned Plush Fleece Throw

If they love patterns and want to create a countryside home, the patterned version of the Cowlam throw might be a better option. Whether it’s dogs or pheasants, our designs use countryside animals and will help them get into their new way of living. They’re large in size so they will easily fit two people or even a full family underneath, perfect for their first few nights in their new home.


3. Wistow Mug Set (Sets of 4)

One item that always seems to get lost in a move is kitchenware. Having a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate is essential to enjoy the move so making sure they have a set of mugs to use straight away is such a breath of fresh air. A set of four mugs is a great starting point and trust us, they’ll get used constantly within the first few days in a new home!

Our Wistow mug sets are all country-themed and come in neutral colours and shades of blue. They’ll be able to store them in their new kitchen right now and if they decide to decorate down the road too.

Country Pyjamas


4. Country Print Cushion - Dog, Duck, Hare & Pheasant

For those who love their homes to make a statement, a collection of printed cushions will go down a treat. It’s another item that often goes to the bottom of the ‘new home wishlist’ as often home furnishings can get expensive. We pride ourselves on being an affordable option to deck out new homes in stylish but inexpensive decor.

The country print cushion comes in four designs, ideal for any country home. Purchase a couple in the same pattern for those who love order in their home or opt for two contrasting styles for those who love pattern and design.

5. Wistow Large Country Print Cushion

For those who like to feature cushions on their sofas and beds, they might prefer a larger cushion instead. They’re the bigger version of our standard country print cushions and extra comfy!

Our cushions give any home a cottage feel, which is why they make such great housewarming gifts! Choose their favourite country animal and they’ll appreciate such a thoughtful gift.

6. Large Wistow Horse Cushion

If they much prefer horses to other animals, they’ll love our large Wistow cushions. They come in both navy and white, meaning they can either add a neutral shade or a pop of colour. The nautical look of these cushions is a little different from our usual country theme but they look great on most sofas and beds.

7. Wistow Medium Galloping Horse Cushion

Just like our other animal print cushions, the horse print also comes in both a large and a medium size. Many of our customers buy one in each colour to complement but also contrast with the other one. This looks particularly great on any outdoor seating to make it still feel cosy.

8. Country Tweed Patterned Cushion

One of our bestsellers of housewarming gifts is our checked tweed cushions. They’re made from the same wool blend tweed that all of our jackets and waistcoats are so you know they’re incredibly durable. Many of our customers have them dotted all around the house, from their living rooms to their conservatories!

They give any room an instantly sophisticated look but they’re also functional for any family. Coming in 11 different tweeds, we’re sure you’ll find a colourway to match their style and decor.

9. Cowlam Fleece Cushion

A plain fleece cushion is sometimes all a room needs to add to its cosiness and comfort. With six colours to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find a shade to match their decor and personality. The teddy bear fleece material is so soft that they won’t want to move off the sofa once they get settled!

The neutral tones will complement any country decor whereas the brighter colours will add some much-needed colour to a neutral space. At just £4.99 each, they will probably end up buying more for themselves down the road!

Housewarming Gifts

10. Patterned Fleece Cushion

If they prefer a patterned cushion, this fleece cushion (which goes with its matching throw) comes in three colours: cream, khaki and silver. The cream will create such a cosy vibe in any living room whereas the khaki and silver definitely stand out a little more. However, they might prefer a colour that contrasts their sofas.


11. Reversible Single Duvet & Pillow Case Set

12. Reversible Double Duvet & Pillow Case Set

13. Reversible King Size Duvet & Pillow Case Set

No matter what size of bed, a fresh set of country chic bedding is such a great housewarming gift. With single, double and king-size sets available, everyone in the house will have a good night’s sleep in one of our snuggly duvet sets. They’re made from 100% cotton so their bed will remain warm but they won’t overheat tucked inside.

With pheasant, dog and check print to choose from, you can choose the best colour or pattern to suit their bedrooms. All our duvet sets are reversible so really, they’re getting two bedding sets for the price of one, perfect for any new home!


14. Haxby Fleece Dog Cushion

For those families with a dog, sometimes they can get forgotten about, especially on moving day. Why not gift them a brand new dog cushion so they can just sit and observe whilst the humans are running around like crazy? This dog cushion is on the larger size but that makes it perfect for medium and large-sized dogs!

15. Yapham Fleece Dog Blanket

To stop them from stealing the human blankets, buy any pups their own dog blanket! The Yapham fleece throw is perfect for nap times and will definitely help to keep them cosy in a new home. These blankets are large in size so their dog could wrap themself up in it on the sofa or the floor!

Housewarming Present


16. Ladies Beswick Tweed Slippers

A lovely housewarming gift for any woman is a new pair of slippers! The Bewsick tweed print slippers are a revamp of a previous style that was one of our bestsellers. The sturdy sole and wool blend upper sole is a perfect mixture of what Rydale is all about: practical and stylish!

17. Ladies Beswick Suede Slippers

If tweed isn’t their thing, a block colour pair of suede slippers might be a great alternative. Toasty toes are a must in any countryside home so with this super soft fleece lining, they won’t want to take these slippers off. Choose their favourite colour from navy, tan and dark brown, and we guarantee they’ll live in these whenever they’re at home!

18. Ladies 100% Cotton Pyjama Sets

Getting into bed on that first night following a house move is the best feeling ever. Now imagine that but in a new pair of 100% cotton pyjamas. It’s even better! They’re a traditional style with a collar and button-up shirt but the countryside patterns make them much more modern. The bottoms even have pockets too!


19. Men's Skipsea Suede Slippers

Our men’s slippers are a bestseller, especially in the colder months. The grippy tread makes them much more durable than a lot of other slippers on the market and the neutral colours mean they’ll suit any man’s style. The fleece lining just makes feet so warm and they’ll become such a home essential for any country gentleman.

20. Men's Skipsea Tweed Slippers

If they’re a big fan of wearing tweed clothing, they’ll love a pair of tweed slippers! We still use the highest-quality tweed in these slippers, just like our clothing. The sherpa fleece lining is like a hug for your feet so they’ll never suffer from freezing feet ever again! They’re the epitome of looking as good as they feel!

Buying them an item of homeware is such a thoughtful gift for anyone, especially when it’s a neutral item that will go with any furniture or colour theme. Our 20 housewarming gifts should help you to buy a lovely gift for anyone in your life who is planning a house move, whether it’s their first or tenth time!

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