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7 Gifts for Outdoor Lovers

03 Nov 2023 |

If there’s one thing we know, it’s what to buy an outdoorsy person as a gift! However, outdoor lovers can be very particular with what they like. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not grateful for an outdoor-themed gift. It actually shows that you’re very interested in what they love doing!

We’ve rounded up seven gifts for outdoor lovers, at a range of price points. From stocking fillers to larger gifts, this selection could be for a partner, family member, close friend or neighbour!


It might not seem like the best gift to receive but if you’re buying for an outdoorsy person, they’ll be incredibly grateful! As soon as autumn comes, layering up is our most important fashion tip. The first layer is the one that keeps all the heat in so investing in thermals is always a great idea. Our long-sleeved top and matching leggings make a great base for just about any outfit during the colder months.

With both the berry and light grey shades, they will look great underneath sweaters, jumpers, fleeces and gilets. Thermal tops also look fab as a standalone T-shirt underneath jackets if the weather isn’t as cool as you thought it might be. Thermal leggings are the ultimate cosy piece and you can definitely wear them lounging around the house. They’re thin enough to go underneath straight-leg jeans, chinos or jogging bottoms. When it gets super cold, you’ll grab your thermals daily to wear under pretty much any outfit!

Ladies Backpack

Waterproof jacket

It wouldn’t be an outdoorsy gift guide without a waterproof jacket or coat! Whether it’s summer or winter, a waterproof jacket of some description is a necessity. Of course, this is an investment piece so probably not an appropriate gift for a next-door neighbour or a distant family friend. However, for close friends and family, it’s a very thoughtful gift for those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

When it comes to waterproof jackets, most people think of an anorak-style coat: super practical but not always the most stylish. However, at Rydale, you know we’re all about blending both. For women right now, we love a cool girl bomber jacket in a jewel tone, a classic wax jacket, or a brightly-coloured long riding jacket. Country gentlemen will look great in an everyday walking jacket, a lightweight insulated puffer jacket, or even a tweed-print shooting jacket! To select the right jacket, think about their lifestyle and their usual outfits. That can help to narrow down which styles they would like and actually wear!

Waterproof trousers

If the giftee is a proper walker, they might love a new pair of waterproof overtrousers. Both our women’s and men’s versions come in three classic country colours: khaki, navy and dark grey. For regular walkers, a pair of overtrousers that are waterproof are a must. There’s nothing worse when on a long walk, the rain starts and you get soaked! Sticking a pair of overtrousers into your rucksack at least keeps your main outfit dry!

Ladies Waterproof Smock

The adjustable waist makes them even more comfortable and the fit is tailored. However, buy a size up if they usually wear lots of layers. The zip up leg makes them ideal for summer and winter too, making them wide enough to wear over boots or inside wellington boots.

Walking boots

If there’s one item that all outdoorsy people need, it’s a pair of decent walking boots. Whether they’re traditional hiking boots or just a pair of leather boots with a really good tread, it really depends on their lifestyle. Whichever style they prefer, they must be waterproof (and a new waterproofing spray is a great add-on) and the tread has to be sturdy, grippy and comfortable.

For women who love the outdoors but don’t consider themselves walkers, a pair of Tullymores are always our best recommendation. They come in a mid-calf style and a knee-high style. It’s a boot that looks just as great when walking than it does when running errands in town. If they’re hikers, a pair of walking boots are a lovely gift. Whether they love khaki, blue or brown leather, we’re sure they’ll love at least one of our designs.

For men, walking boots are always in traditional neutral colours, such as khaki or brown leather, but we’ve recently introduced a camouflage pair! These are a fun option for those men who love patterns but they’re still a regular walking boot underneath the pattern. If they prefer a taller boot, our men’s version of the Tullymore boot is a versatile option. The luxurious brown leather is strong and supple, perfect for walking.

Ladies Wellington Boots

Fleece jacket

If there’s one item that will keep anyone cosy whether they’re indoors or outdoors, it’s a fleece. For outdoorsy folk, a full zip fleece jacket is probably the best option, purely because it’s easy to take off or put back on when out walking. However, when it’s bitterly cold out, a half-zip will stay on their back!

Our range of women’s fleeces is an extensive collection of neutral tones and bright shades. They even come in various fleece materials, even sherpa! Our men’s selection features fleece overshirts, overhead styles and padded hybrid versions. There is a fleece for everyone and they’re all super versatile.

Hiking or boot socks

Being comfy when outdoors is an absolute must, meaning cosy, comfy hiking socks for all walks. With features such as a cushioned sole, soft materials to prevent blisters, and sweat-wicking insulated properties, they won’t want to take off these socks!

Both our women’s and men’s hiking socks come in five different colourways, perfect for a small gift for someone close. Alternatively, we offer striped boot socks, again in both men’s and women’s styles, in two different colours.

Ladies Fleece

A new rucksack

For regular walkers, a rucksack is another necessity. You can’t go out for more than a couple of hours without packing a variety of supplies, from water and snacks, to spare socks and a waterproof jacket. Ideally, walkers want a rucksack that is lightweight but also able to hold all of their essentials. Our 20 litres rucksack has been designed with them in mind. It comes in seven different colours/patterns, with one to suit just about everyone.

For shorter walks, they might be able to take something lighter, such as our pack and go or packable rucksacks. Each version comes in three patterns/colours so again, you can match up with the giftee’s personal taste. They still hold 10 litres worth of stuff so they’re pretty spacious!

Buying a gift for outdoor lovers doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think. If there’s one thing that walkers love, it’s a practical gift! Gift them something that they’ll get use out of, like a quality piece of clothing, and they’ll be incredibly grateful. Don’t forget to check out our other gift guides too.

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