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Best Dog Coats

20 Feb 2023 |

Attention dog owners! Does your dog deserve a treat? How about kitting them out with a new dog coat, especially with spring showers and cool breezes on the way. Most dogs don’t like wet and windy weather, just like most humans, so popping their coat on for their daily walks will at least keep them warm and drier than without one.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the top six best dog coats in terms of styles. It’s important to research if your dog is a breed that doesn’t require a coat but for the most part, most medium-sized dogs and smaller dogs have short enough fur to wear one. We’ve got a range of dog coats, from raincoats to fleeces. Not all are suitable for wet weather but all materials will keep your pooch cosy!

How to get the right fit

Before we go into the different styles of dog coats, it’s important to make sure the fit is right. Too small and your dog will be uncomfortable, too big and it’ll probably fall off and won’t have the desired effect of keeping them warm! Each of our dog coats has a size guide and handy table to help you choose the right size for your pooch. The most important measurements are neck/chest circumference and length from neck to tail.

Wax Dog Coats

Our top 6 best dog coats


If there’s a coat that any dog needs in the UK, just like humans, it’s a raincoat! You’d wear one yourself for rainy days so your dog deserves one too! Our Yapham raincoat is one of our most popular dog coats. You’ll be surprised by how lightweight it is yet fully waterproof, ideal for our rollercoaster UK weather.

With long leg sleeves, a back zip fastening, an adjustable Velcro neck strap, and reflective piping on the coat, your dog will be safe and secure in this raincoat on walks at any time of the day. There’s a range of patterns too, from tweed to florals, as well as darker, neutral shades. However, the reflective strips ensure that your dog will be visible to other pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles, because their safety is paramount.

This design is perfect for dogs of any size, but please read the description and size guide to make sure you get the right fit. There are five sizes to pick from, from extra small to extra large, so be sure to check each colour or pattern!

Tweed Dog Coat

Whilst these raincoats are hand wash only, they’re very easy to just wipe down after every wear, provided they’re not too dirty. Use a dry brush first to get rid of excess dirt before using a damp, soapy cloth to get rid of any stubborn mud. If it’s super dirty, leave to soak for a while until the dirt has come loose. Leave to air dry and ensure it’s fully dry before popping it on your dog again!


What’s the best way to ensure you’re the best-dressed duo in the village? Get matching tweed jackets, of course! If your pooch is small or prone to the cold, a sherpa-lined, wool tweed jacket will be perfect for them. It’s the ideal dog coat for cold but dry days. Whilst this jacket is water-resistant, it’s best not to use it for heavy rain days.

The elasticated body straps ensure a snug, cosy fit that’s not too tight. It’ll stay on for the longest of walks too, without any unnecessary fabric getting in your dog’s legs’ way. It’s made with exactly the same materials that our human tweed jackets and coats are made with so you know that it’ll be of high quality and last for a long time.

This style is designed for small- to medium-sized dogs, with 10” to 20” length sizes. We’re confident that if you get the right size, your dog might never want to take off their warming tweed coat!

Fleece Dog Coat


Want your dog to look even more stylish? A waxed cotton dog coat will sure do the trick! To ramp up the style, we’ve added an external buckled strap and a soft cord outer collar for extra points! The collar can even sit up to give your dog’s neck some added protection from swirling winds and blustery showers.

They’ll also be a big fan of the brushed cotton, tweed-print lining, because we know that waxed cotton can feel cool to the touch, especially when it’s freezing outside. This soft lining means their fur will be protected at all times. With the jacket coming in country colours of brown, olive and navy, your pooch will definitely be the coolest (and warmest) dog out there!

In order to keep the cotton shell waterproof, treat your dog’s wax jacket just like you’d do your own. Use a damp cloth to get any debris off after every outing, and make sure to use a wax treatment on it every couple of months (depending on how often it’s used). The process is exactly the same as an adult’s jacket, just with less material! Do try to avoid getting wax on the cord collar though to keep that as soft as possible.


When it’s cool outside but not freezing, many of us layer up with a gilet. That’s why we’ve made them for your dogs too! On cooler days, our tweed quilted dog coat is ideal in its olive green shade. This design is ideal for dogs who like to feel a bit freer as whilst there’s still the coat to protect them, they won’t feel restricted in any way.

Patterned Fleece Dog Coat

Velcro straps under the neck and stomach help to keep this dog coat secure and the soft cotton lining helps to keep warmth in. The tweed back panel and collar give an extra bit of country style, perfect for the outdoors.

For colder days, our hybrid quilted Huggate dog coat can be a preferred option. This design offers a little more coverage than the previous coat, making it perfect for smaller and shorter-haired dogs.

The back zip fastening makes it easier to secure to your dog’s body and the fleece legs ensure that they keep warm at all times. It’s probably one of our warmest dog coats available too so it’s ideal for breezy walks in the countryside. It’s shower-resistant so wearable for drizzly days too!


A towel and a dog coat all-in-one? Perfect! The absorbing cotton fabric makes for an easier routine after your walk without the dreaded full body shake from your pooch. There’ll be no excess water or mud dripping around your house to clean up afterwards because our new dog drying jumper does the work for you.

Even better, this style is machine washable so simply throw it into your washing machine when it’s super dirty (we recommend once a week otherwise) and leave to air dry. The super soft material absorbs as much water as a regular towel but is specifically designed for dogs!

With a fully zipped back, a Velcro neck fastening and leg holes, it’s an easy dog coat to get in and out of. This design comes in navy or grey, two signature Rydale colours, for a classic country style for any pooch.

Fleece Dog Jacket


For drier days, our favourite dog coat has to be the fleeces! They’ll still keep your dog warm but they’re not as thick as other designs. We’ve pretty much got every colour under the sun covered so you have plenty of options!

Our most popular design, Yapham, comes in eighteen different colours and five different sizes, so there’s a colour and size for most dogs. It has a full zip on the back, reflective piping for safety and a stretchy stomach area for extra comfort. The higher collar is perfect for colder days to protect your dog’s neck. This fleece dog jacket is shower resistant so will do for lighter drizzle if you get caught in the rain on your way home from your walk! The Yapham is also available in three neon colours, perfect for evening walks!

For a thicker material, the plush fleece version is made from a teddy-like fleece for extra cosiness. If you prefer a more luxurious fleece dog coat, the Huggate and Harpham have moleskin or leather trims, instead of reflective trims. Again, the fleece material is a bit thicker than the Yapham, making it ideal for winter walks.

The biggest upside of a fleece dog coat? They’re all machine washable styles! That makes them one of our easiest styles to look after and keep fresh after every wear.

It’s important to protect your dog from the elements on their daily walks, just like you do for yourself. If you’re putting on a coat to keep warm and cosy, do the same for your dog! Our dog owners here all have multiple dog coats for their pooches and switch them out depending on the weather forecast and temperature.

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