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What makes the perfect dog walking boot?


Having your own dog is one of life’s small joys. Not only can they be great company but are great for your health too. Walking them on a daily basis is great for the heart and gets fresh air for the lungs. However, walking in inappropriate clothing and footwear can be uncomfortable making it much less enjoyable. Making sure you invest in the right gear for the job though and you will enjoy it so much more.

Walking a dog in the countryside needs you need to be prepared for all weathers, come rain or shine. Your footwear is the key ingredient to feeling warm and comfortable when out walking, especially during winter. We’ve rounded up our favourite boots and shoes for all weather for those occasions when keeping dry is key!

Dizzy Landrover  

Footwear for autumn/winter

During the colder months, sturdy walking boots or wellingtons are your best bet. You need to get yourself a pair with an extremely sturdy tread if you’ll be walking on grass or in the woods. The main tip to lasting wear is keeping them clean and waterproofing them regularly. Investing in some thick winter socks will make all the difference too.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Tullymore’s! Sturdy and reliable, with a nice country look, these boots will see you waking miles. In a knee high style, they will keep you warm and dry throughout the changing seasons.

Tullymore II Boots

We also offer these boots in men’s and junior sizes, meaning the whole family can be kitted out!

If the weather hits with an almighty storm, then wellies are the way forward. 100% waterproof, these are the only boots that will ensure you can wade through muddy puddles.  


Footwear for spring/summer

When the weather gets warmer, you might want to opt for a lighter pair of shoes. If you’re more of a city dog walker or use a walking path, choosing a regular pair of shoes will see you through.

You still need to have a reasonable tread on them and to make sure you’ll be comfortable in them for longer walks, which are often reserved for summer and nicer weather!

Ladies – Who says walking footwear should be drab? Say hello to our Kilburn Ankle Boots, the perfect stylish yet practical boots. In a lovely khaki/olive shade, these will last you through both spring and winter in a trendy hue. The faux fur trim gives off a put-together feel as well as keeping your ankles warm in the colder months too!

Or maybe the Kirby yard boot is more your thing, with the same study tread, but with no fur and in a pull-on style. These boots are a classic style and can be used for dog walking, down at the stables and a long walking shopping trip. Footwear does get as versatile as the Kilburn yard boots

When the ‘Great British Heatwave’ finally hits switch it up with a pair of Roxby canvas trainers these lightweight and fun shoes are ideal for those dry and hot days, yet still being comfortable and supportive for long dog walks.

Men’s – A pair of deck shoes will look great on your feet when the weather improves. In a range of wearable colours our leather deck shoes are designed to be durable and last. These comfortable shoes are great for any activities where you’ll be on your feet for a while, such as walking the dog. Again, they will go with a host of outfits so don’t worry about any colour clashes here. Team with a pair of shorts and a simple polo shirt for an effortless summer look.


Footwear for rainy days

When the rain is pouring down, but your pooch still needs their exercise, it’s best to stick on a pair of wellies and just embrace the rain!

Our ranges have been designed not only to keep your feet dry but to be as comfortable as possible too. In a range of neoprene and printed wellingtons, from ladies, men’s and children, there really is a pair for the whole family!

Ladies – Go bold and bright with our women’s wellies or stick to the classics. We’ve got everything from block colours to horse-print, polka dots to tweed; there really is a style for everyone!

Ladies Wistow Wellingtons

Men’s – Our men’s wellies are more a classic look and feel, with blacks and olives featuring heavily in our collection. You can introduce some pattern via our camouflage pair, see if you can spot them!

For kids we’ve got some bright, colourful and fun prints with easy pull-on loops or for the older ones, traditional versions of the adult wellingtons.


Features of good walking footwear

Although you can opt for different styles of footwear for different climates and weathers, all of our Rydale collections have similarities. We’ve rounded up some of the features across all of our footwear that you should look out for before purchasing.

  • Sturdy tread – Even our summer options have a strong tread because we know our customers love the great outdoors and let’s face it even in the summer it rains! Our winter boots can feature an even deeper tread, built for more grip and durability when battling the elements, whether you’re a farmer, dog walker or just a countryside lover, we have boots for everyone.
  • Comfortable inner sole – We know that our customers are often on their feet all day, whether they’re working or just out and about. All our styles feature a comfortable, padded sole so you won’t notice any discomfort throughout the day.
  • Zips, laces and elasticated panels – The majority of our styles have a tightening feature on them, whether that’s a zip, a pair of laces or elasticated panels in some of our boots. This is designed to keep your footwear snug but not tight, so they stay in place all day long.


Accessories for walking

Dog walking isn’t just about the footwear, it’s important that all the elements of the outfit work well together. See below a few hand-picked items which could kick-start your outfit choices.

  • A waterproof jacket or coat – Even during the summer, you know how temperamental the British weather can be, so you need to have a waterproof jacket in your cupboard. Here, you can go crazy for colour or stick with tradition; just make sure you choose a style that has plenty of pockets for treats, poo bags, leads, gloves… the list goes on when you have a dog!
  • Comfortable Socks – Cotton socks will wick sweat in the summer, but keep you toasty warm in the winter. If the temperatures really drop, then invest in some proper hiking winter socks, these will make all the difference to the fit and function of your boots.
  • A dog jacket – If you’re dressed the part, so should your dog! Our range of dog jackets range from fleece to tweed to wax so there’s a style to keep them dry and warm for many occasions. With many of our dog versions having matching human versions, so you can both look the part.

Dog Fleece Jacket

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