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Best Knee-High Boots for Wide Calves

04 May 2021 |

Ladies Leather Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots are a staple piece of country style, and every lady needs at least one pair in her shoe collection. Often associated with winter fashion, the knee-high boots are becoming more and more wanted for all seasons. Now, we don’t want you to feel like you are cheating on your trainers, but sometimes there is no denying what a great pair of knee-high boots can do for your overall look.

Here is where the problem starts. Regardless of our shoe size, our calves are just like any other body part and come in all different sizes. This can make shopping for wide-fit boots a real drama. Imagine stumbling across the most perfect pair of boots only to find you can’t even zip them up.

Wearing the correct calf fitting is crucial with any boots you decide to buy to make sure you have maximum comfort whilst wearing. Combining premium leathers and soft suedes, I hope you agree that we have pulled it out the bag with our beautiful collection of ladies boots. Offering both regular and slim fit, the regular fit accommodates a more athletic, wider calf, allowing additional width to achieve the perfect fit.

Ladies Leather Spanish Boots

Our distinctive collection of ladies knee-high boots features everything from Tall Spanish style riding boots with elastic panels, our famous wide fitting leather Tullymore boots as well as a selection of wellingtons that feature adjustable buckles and different calf fittings so that you can get the perfect, tailored fit. You are sure to find something to suit your style in our range.

So, why is finding the right fit so important? We think that fit goes hand in hand with style. If your boots are too snug around your calves, then this could cause some discomfort and un-wanted bulging. On the other hand, is the boots are loose of baggy around your calf, this makes walking harder and you could face some rubbing of the materials causing sores or blisters. Our aim is to make sure that whichever boot you choose, they fit like a glove. 

For no reason what-so-ever, some ladies carry more weight in their calves than others, plus size or not. Height can also be taken into consideration when buying knee-high boots too. Someone who is small and petite compared to someone who is much taller might find that the boots meet a different part of your calf. If you take part in sports or exercise on the regular, you are likely to have much stronger and larger calves than others.

Ladies Tweed Quilted Knee-High Boots

Below we will share some our most comfortable, stylish and well-fitting boots for women with wider calves…

Our truly stunning Allerton boots have been crafted from 100% premium leather and come in a choice of leather or suede. Each boot features a full-length elasticated panel and zip to make sure the fit is perfect for your legs. Not to mention the elegant style and decorative tassel to finish!

Similar to our Allerton boots, we also hold a pair of Rievaulx leather or suede Spanish riding boots which feature the exact same details with a choice of a slimline silhouette or a more athletic fit, which accommodates a stronger calf. With leather, if you do find them a little tight to begin with, remember that leather only gets better with age. With more wear, they will eventually mould to your shape and give you a great fit.

The Rydale Middleham boots ooze practicality and country style. Choose from a quilted and non-quilted version, each of the boots come in a knee-high style that features an elasticated panel and adjustable buckle fastening so that you can the perfect snug fit around your calves. With a combination of smooth leather and stunning tweed fabric, these boots offer style and elegance without compromising on practicality or comfort.

Ladies Knee-High Boots

The well-loved Tullymore boots offer brilliant performance all for a modest price. These ladies’ knee-high boots are available in a regular and slim fit, allowing for additional width if needed. Our Tullymore boots have become famous in the world of country fashion, being one of our best ever sellers. The boot comes naturally in a wide-fitting, making them the perfect choice for all things country.

Women with wide calves put up with an awful lot of pain for good-looking footwear, so, here are some of our favs that should help your decision:

  • The Tullymore Boots – Available in two fits with a choice of our famous Oak Brown colour or the eye-catching Navy blue.
  • Allertons - These classic Allerton boots look good with jeans or skirts. They have a touch of Spanish-inspired sytle, with a traditional rosette and matching tassel.
  • Allerton Combi – Spanish style riding boots with a twist! With a combination of suede and leather, these boots come in two fits with a stunning tweed design.

  • Biker Boots – In a shade of brown, these biker boots offer a mid-calf style that features two adjustable buckles to allow for wider calves.

We hope you have enjoyed reading and looking at just some of our ladies knee-high boots from Rydale. Of course, if you have any questions, or require any help or advise on choosing the best pair of boots for you then please get in touch with our customer care team who are always on hand to help.

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