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Best Spring Outfits for Women

20 Apr 2022 |

Spring can be such a tricky season to style outfits for. One moment, it feels like summer has arrived with sun, blue skies and a miniature heatwave. Ten minutes later, it can be windy, rainy and freezing. Whilst it might be tempting to pack away all of your winter clothing, you could use spring as more of a transitional wardrobe.

Think about it more. You do a seasonal wardrobe clearout following the winter and get rid of those thick jumpers, waterproof layers and sturdy boots (whether you donate them or just pack them away). How often do you have to dig something out because it’s not warm enough for just jeans and a T-shirt?

During the spring, we get to experiment with our outfits a little too. New trends appear, you need less layers as the season goes on and you start to develop your summer style along the way too. If you usually struggle with dressing for springtime, we’ve compiled our four typical outfit styles from everyday wear right up to formalwear. Along with a few occasions when you’d wear this style, we’ve included some of our favourite items to choose from and how to style them into an outfit!

Everyday style

When and where to wear this style: running errands, shopping in town, outdoor day events

This is the ‘you have five minutes to get out of the door’ look but that doesn’t mean it has to be holey joggers and slippers. By creating a capsule wardrobe, you should have a collection of pieces that all go together in a mix and match fashion. Everyday style is definitely the most casual option but it can still look put-together as well as practical.

Ladies Loungewear Outfit

Dark-wash jeans are your go-to item here. They will go with any colour of top so you never have to worry about colour clashing. The dark wash is also slimming and there is a jean style for every woman. Skinny jeans are our favourite style because they’re super stretchy and that makes them comfortable too. For spring, you could even try a cropped style to show off a little skin. Cropped jeans were made for casual occasions so pair them with sneakers, loafers or deck shoes.

With your bottom half sorted, this is where you can choose any type of top. Polo shirts and rugby shirts are the perfect item to look effortless but still feel like you’ve got dressed for the day. Another top that was made for the springtime is the striped Breton top. Whether you opt for cap sleeves or long sleeves is up to you but stripes are always on trend every spring and summer. Talking of stripes, have you seen our ladies loungewear range yet? Perfect for when the night draw in a little chilly, our ladies loungewear hoodies are ideal for extra coverage. Choose from stripes or animal print

If it still feels cool outside but not cold enough to wear a coat, you should definitely wear your favourite jacket instead. We’re big fans of throwing on a bomber jacket or insulated jacket as these are two practical styles but still feel countryside cool. If it’s dry and warm but you sense rain is on the way, you can always leave our trusted jacket in a packet in your bag or car for all those rainstorm emergencies!

Ladies Cropped Jeans

Casual occasions

When and where to wear this style: daytime meals out, brunch dates, family gatherings, outdoor barbecues

Whilst everyday style is super casual, there are times when you want to feel more put-together but still comfortable. Casual dressing calls for everyday staples, such as skinny jeans and striped tops, but elevating your look a little with classic pieces. The easiest way to do this is by keeping the outfit exactly the same and simply changing your jacket and shoes.

Start with your shoes. For occasions where you want to feel casual but not too casual, a pair of Chelsea boots definitely elevate this look. Whether you go for leather, suede, patterned, brogues or work boot style, you can determine how casual or smart the event calls for. For night-time events, such as family meals or a night at the pub with friends, a heeled pair of Chelsea boots give you that extra style too. They’re comfortable too so don’t worry about being on your feet all night. For something that shouts Spring style, our canvas trainers are a great place to start. 

When it comes to jackets, a casual favourite of ours is the wax jacket. It’s smart but still feels like you could have thrown it on on your way out of the door. You can wear it day or night without worrying if it goes with your outfit. A new addition to our jacket collection are the quilted jackets in beautiful jewel tones.

Ladies Hybrid Jacket

Both the Huggate and Wrelton designs come without a collar, which makes them look dressier. They’ll keep you warm on cooler evenings and we guarantee you’ll get compliments on the jacket too (usually about the rich colour!).

Smart-casual events

When and where to wear this style: office wear, dressier parties, theatre trips, baby and bridal showers, nights out

Often the trickiest type of dress for women is smart-casual. You don’t want to be too formal but trainers are probably a no-go too. You want to be comfortable but dressy enough. Some occasions, jeans might be appropriate whereas for others, they’re probably not. We usually think of it as a dressed-up casual style but as country ladies, this is easier than you might think.

If jeans are allowed, such as theatre trips and parties, dress them up with a collared shirt or blouse. Shirts should be fitted whereas blouses can be floaty and flowy. It usually depends on the occasion as to which you choose. Sitting down for a big meal? Choose a loose blouse. Drinking or doing a lot of standing? A fitted shirt will do the trick. With stripes, checks and animal print to choose from, you can show off your personality with your shirt or blouse.

Ladies Canvas Trainers

If jeans aren’t allowed, such as at the office, slim-leg trousers are a go-to option for many. They’re easy to wear, available in multiple colours and are versatile for dressing smart for work and then dressing up for post-work drinks or dinner. If you prefer an option other than trousers, a tweed skirt will always look office-appropriate. When paired with a collared shirt too, it’s a feminine take on office wear.

Footwear, again, can be a hard decision to choose. Smart occasions call for smart shoes so leather footwear is a great starting point. Flat Chelsea boots are perfect for the office as they are smart but comfortable as are brogues and loafers. Stick to neutral, classic colours, such as black, brown and tan, because they will go with multiple looks. Patent loafers also look dressy without being too formal, provided you keep them looking shiny at all times.


When and where to wear this style: weddings, christenings, graduation ceremonies, a day at the races

Ladies Short Sleeve Blouse

Here is where your country lady comes into play. Formalwear is what country ladies do best! Dressing up and appropriately is something you’re probably used to so having a couple of reliable outfit options is better than stressing at the last minute for an outfit for a wedding or day at the races.

It wouldn’t be an outfit guide without featuring tweed so here is where your tweed suit is absolutely the best outfit. We’re a fan of wearing a minimum of two pieces for formal events but you could add in a waistcoat for super formal events. A fitted tweed blazer and matching skirt will see you through lots of occasions throughout spring. To switch it up, we just like to change our shirts. It should always be a collared shirt for formal occasions as you don’t get anything smarter than a collared shirt!

Again, footwear should be kept minimal and smart, which is why leather Chelsea boots and brogues are best here. For many formal events, you spend a lot of time outdoors, such as weddings, graduations and race days, so you’ll be thankful for footwear so comfortable after a long day of standing around!

Of course, these are just general guidelines and it’s always best to check out dress codes for certain events. However, on the whole, springtime outfits can be made with just a few staple pieces, ones that are timeless. Once you invest in them, such as outerwear, footwear and tweed items, they will last you for several years to come. Now it’s time to enjoy the sun when we have it, dress to impress and spend time with our loved ones.


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