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Best Walking Jackets


With the great British weather as it is, whatever the season it is important you carry a decent waterproof coat when you go out for a walk. Some days you can get away without, but with the weather liable to change at any moment, it is better to take a coat and not need it, than need a coat and not have it. With the range of coats available, it can be difficult to find exactly what you need, but today we will be looking at some of our best walking jackets for men and women when it comes to walking out in the country.

Ladies Walking Jackets

The Askwith short riding coat was made to be worn out in the country. Although it has been designed with riding in mind, the features of this coat transfer well to walking. The coat is wind and rainproof, so you won’t be caught out if the weather quickly changes. With a lightweight outer shell, you could wear this jacket without building up too much of a sweat, so you won’t have to keep removing it once the rain has stopped.

Walking Outfits

Not only is the jacket equipped to deal with any weather, but it also comes with reflective strips on the sleeves and back so you can stay safe when out and about when the sun has gone down. With fleece lined cuffs and collar, this coat is very comfortable and better at keeping you warm than it may appear. With a range of colours to choose from, this is one of our more popular jackets, a perfect mix of function and fashion.

The next jacket on the list is ideal for those warm summer days when the showers wont stop. The Jacket in a packet fits handily in a handbag when folded away, so it can always be handy when out and about. Not only ideal for a walk, but this jacket could also be easily taken camping, to a festival, whilst backpacking and everything in between. Although this is a lightweight jacket, it is fully waterproof and windproof so you will be fully protected whatever the weather. These jackets fold away taking an ultra-small form and come with their own matching bag. The bag also helps keep your other possessions dry by offering a layer between them and your recently removed wet coat. for maximum portability. We offer a wide range of colours in the Jacket in a Packet, so you don’t have to sacrifice looking good for staying dry.

Ladies Short Walking Jacket

Our Runswick Bay ladies insulated jacket was designed to keep you warm when out on your frosty countryside walks. The microfibre padding provides great insulation and the contoured shape of the jacket helps keep the warmth close to your core, allowing a walk outside whatever the weather. Although this jacket offers excellent protection, it is lightweight and won’t restrict your movement or add a large bulk to your outfit.

The lightweight design means this jacket is ideal to pack on a weekend away or any visit as it won’t take up much room, but it will offer great protection from the elements. Not only does it help retain heat, but the Runswick Bay is also water resistant to keep you dry should you be caught in a shower. This coat is also easy to pair with any outfit, whatever the occasion, whether you are out walking the dog or out shopping, the Runswick Bay will keep you looking and feeling great.

Men’s Walking Jackets

The Egton hiking jacket is the ideal jacket to take with you whenever you are out on a walk. This functional jacket is fully waterproof and windproof, including a fold out hood for days when the rain won’t stop, Velcro adjustable cuffs to keep the wind out and plenty of pockets with sealed zips to keep your valuables safe and dry in any weather.

The lightweight a breathable design offer great protection from the elements without being overbearing, with this jacket designed for hiking, it offers the perfect mix of warmth and breathability allowing you to keep going through any weather changes. Coming in three stylish yet subtle colourways, this jacket is easy to wear over any outfit and will keep you protected and looking good.

Men's Walking Jacket

The Cawood lightweight wax jacket is perfect for those wanting to bring a bit of classic country style on their walks whilst keeping themselves protected from the weather. The Cawood is an ideal jacket for milder weather, in the winter you may want a bit more extra padding to keep you insulated, maybe our Thirsk wax jacket, but it is perfect to keep you warm on a cooler evening or protect you from a little shower.

This lightweight jacket offers the great combination of function and fashion, there’s no need to pick between the two. Durability is another selling point of the Cawood, the waxed cotton offers longevity not seen in other garments, they are made to last. Over the years this coat will begin to build in character with creases building up. This jacket really is one that you can keep for years to come and it will only get better with age.

Ladies Walking Jacket

Next on our list we have the Gembling II, a fleece lined jacket which is designed to withstand anything the great British weather throws at you. The fleece lining of the Gembling is perfect for keeping the heat inside and creating a comfortable feeling whatever the weather. The fully waterproof outer shell offers great protection from the weather whilst still allowing enough breathability to keep you comfortable.

The classic herringbone tweed design of this jacket goes hand in hand with the British countryside, so you will look the part whilst keeping yourself well protected. This coat comes with adjustable cuffs and hood, making it even more ideal for keeping you protected whatever the weather.

Of course, this isn’t a complete list of our jackets suitable for walking, these are just some of our favourites. Browse through our ladies and men's jackets and coats section on the website to view the full range and you may find something more suitable for you. We also have a wide range of fleeces and gilets for the days when a jacket might be a bit too warm. One of our compact umbrellas with a classic Rydale designs can also be a handy addition when out on a walk, keeping yourself protected from the rain or the sun.

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