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Choosing the Right Shirt With a Tweed Blazer


Ever wondered what to wear with a tweed jacket? Got a tweed blazer in your wardrobe but no idea how to wear it? Or are you wondering which shirt should you wear it with? Can you dress it up or down? The good news is that you have need to worry, as we’ve got you covered. Rydale has come up with some stylish tweed jacket outfit ideas for you. 

Here at Rydale, we think a tweed jacket is a country attire essential. They’re incredibly versatile for day and night, but sadly, they’re often found collecting dust at the back of the wardrobe.

Now, however, we feel is time to dust it off and wear it with style. Find out how to wear a tweed jacket!

In this guide, we’ll show you how to pick the right shirt to go with your tweed blazer. Once you know how to style your blazer, you’ll find choosing a shirt will be easy! In the future, you won’t even need to think about which item goes with which, you’ll be an expert!

Men's Blazer Jumper Outfit

How tweed is more popular than ever right now

When it comes to pop culture, tweed has really made a comeback in recent years.

You can find David Beckham rocking the look with his kids, Peaky Blinders on the TV has caused a resurgence in tweed and of course, and England manager, Gareth Southgate, has been known to sport a tweed jacket, even with a waistcoat sometimes!

What’s more, film stars, such as Chris Pine and Idris Elba, have been spotted at their premieres opting for three-piece tweed suits instead of a traditional tuxedo. If it’s good enough for the potential next James Bond, it’s good enough for you!


Why a tweed jacket is so versatile

If you’re not part of the tweed gang, let us try to convince you. The main reason you should have one as part of your wardrobe is because you can wear it for so many different occasions.

It also lends itself to a whole host of outfits, which is really why it is the king of the jackets. Formal and smart-casual looks were made for a tweed jacket, depending on how you style it.

Buying tweed in a classic colour, such as brown or grey, gives you infinite choices when it comes to what you pair it with. If you pick out a pattern with a highlighted colour, that’s a fail-safe option to match that to your shirt.

It’s also a super robust material, as it will last for a long time and doesn’t go out of shape, provided you look after it. Keep it hung on a sturdy hanger in a clothes bag when you’re not wearing it. This will keep it looking fresher for longer.

Tweed is an investment piece, so it will most likely be one of the more expensive items in your closet. However, because you can style it so many different ways, we believe it is worth the money to spend a little more on a pattern, cut and fit that you will wear more.


How to style your tweed jacket

If you’ve found your jacket lurking at the back of your wardrobe and are thinking about wearing it out, have you thought about what to wear it with? There are a couple of different questions to ask yourself before you think about the other components to your outfit.

  1. Where will you be wearing your jacket? You first need to think about the occasions you’ll be wearing it. Just for formal occasions or work events? Are you planning to wear it for less formal events such as parties and casual days out? Knowing this beforehand will be a great help when looking to style the jacket.
  2. What colours are within the tweed? Most tweed jackets will have another colour woven into the pattern of the jacket so it’s a good idea to pick this out. You’ll rarely ever find an identical match to it but picking out colours in that spectrum keeps your look stylish. Don’t want to risk colour? White, black, brown and grey are usually a safe bet with most tweeds, whether that’s your shirt colour or what’s on your feet!
  3. How often are you planning on wearing it? If you think you’ll wear it often, you might want to have a few spares lined up so you have more choice. Only planning on wearing it for the occasional wedding? One or two shirts will probably do.


Formal styling ideas

If you plan on wearing it for dressier occasions, such as weddings or work events, you can start with a classic white or blue, like our Classic Oxford Cotton Shirt in Jacob. This one has a faint stripe to it but it’s not vivid enough to clash with another pattern. Pair it with trousers and smart shoes, like brogues, and you’ll have an outfit you can recycle for many events!

Rydale Jacob Oxford Cotton Shirt

Always pick out the colours in the jacket to form the basis of your shirt colour choice. Because the patterns tend to be subtle, you can get away with clashing patterns. Even a light blue, like the check in our Tweed Blazer in Skipton, means you can get away with a bright shirt, such as our Classic Oxford Cotton Shirt In Matthew Blue.

The main thing to consider is if your jacket is on that has a bolder check or if it happens vibrant, tone it down with a plain work shirt. Similarly, if you have a plainer patterned jacket or a darker tweed, you can get away with a bolder shirt such as a lumberjack shirt with either colour or pattern.

You might also want to consider adding a matching waistcoat underneath for extra style points. Our Hawthorn Satin Back Waistcoat in Helmsley and matching blazer are the ultimate smart look for men. This is a look sure to make a statement at any event. Furthermore, you could even consider a classic tattersall shirt to complete the look. 

Men's Skipton Tweed Blazer and Waistcoat 


Smart-casual styling ideas

If you’ll be wearing your tweed for low-key events such as birthdays and days out, you have even more choice, especially during the colder months. We’re a big fan of popping a fleece or a jumper underneath, like our Huggate Fleece Jacket in Bark. What’s more, you can get away with a more casual shirt or even a polo shirt while keeping the warmth in.

Once you’ve got the top half covered, you need to think about which trousers to go for. Jeans and chinos can help to dress down the look or you could still opt for smart trousers.

You’ll need to think about your footwear too. We recommend keeping the look still relatively smart with brown boots or loafer-style deck shoes. If you opt for trainers, make sure they’re a leather look pair or you’ll be mixing up too many styles. Hopefully, you have got some good ideas as to what to wear with a tweed jacket and how to wear a tweed blazer best whether that's with jeans, polo shirt etc. 


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