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Choosing the Right Top for a Tweed Skirt


We love our tweed here at Rydale, but what you might not know is that we make more than just tweed jackets, as we’ve branched out into accessories as well as other clothing!

Tweed skirts seem to be one of the trickier items for you to style, but we have all the tricks you might need. In this guide we will give you some ideas of what to wear with a tweed skirt.

Our tweed skirt comes in three colours: navy, grey and green. A tweed skirt is a newer twist on classic tweed while staying stylish and ladylike.

Tweed skirts are not hard to wear, but they do have a certain look about them, as they can be worn casually but not too dressed down. Equally, you can wear them for night-time occasions but not for the dressiest of events.

In order for us to give as many styling pointers as possible, regarding what to wear with a tweed skirt, we’ve broken down what you can wear with every colour, focusing on which tops and shoes you can pick out.

What to wear with a navy tweed skirt

Navy is as classic as black now, with the colour in every high street shop, especially during the colder seasons. Our navy style also has a beautiful pink check pattern running through it, making your outfit extra feminine.

Navy Tweed Skirt

Pink and navy are a great colour combination and adding a pink shirt gives your look an elegant and put-together feel. Try a smaller check print, such as our Country Shirt in Ellie II Pink or a gingham check, like our Hannah Country Check Shirt in Holly Pink. Even the stripes in our Hannah Country Check Shirt in Lucy Pink complements navy tweed well.

If you’re not a fan of clashing patterns, a classic baby pink Oxford shirt still brings out the colour in the skirt’s pattern.

If you’re going for a more casual approach, however, a coloured polo shirt can give you a more relaxed vibe. Sticking with the pink silhouette, our Ladies Classic Polo Shirt in Sorbet would complete a dressed down look with a tweed skirt.

If you want to steer clear of too much pink, navy tweed goes best with neutral colours, such as white and beige. Why not try a striped Bardot top, like our Haxby Hooped T-shirt in White? Wearing a white top with navy tweed really brings out the brightness in your look.

What to wear with a grey tweed skirt

Our Grey tweed skirt has a red and blue check running through the pattern, making it super versatile.

Grey Tweed Skirt

Red can be a notoriously hard colour to wear in the right way, so switch the red for a classic white. By adding a printed shirt, you can show off some personality as well as your style! Our Ladies Wistow Printed Shirt in Horse White has a fun but subtle print of horses on it.

Alternatively, you could pick out the blue in the pattern and have more options. Our Wistow Printed Shirt also comes in a navy horse shoe print and a navy polka dot pattern, both of which look fabulous paired with grey tweed. Pair these with some casual canvas trainers for a more laid back look. 

You might prefer a closer-printed gingham print, which you can find on our Hannah Country Check Shirt in Grace Gingham. The smaller print is very flattering on any figure, and you’ll be able to pair it with other skirts and trousers/jeans too!

If you’d prefer to stick with a neutral look, you can always keep the grey continuing to your top. Our Lilly II Country Shirt in Smoke mixes the grey up with white and a subtle pink stitch throughout.

What to wear with a green tweed skirt

A green tweed skirt is probably the trickiest to wear, as you don’t want anything to clash with the pattern and colours running through it. The colours in the tweed this time are purple/berry and navy, making this the perfect skirt for colder months.

Green Tweed Skirt

Picking out the purple first, we have so many choices of purple shirts, whether you want stripes or checked prints. Our Hannah Country Check Shirt in Lucy Grape is a gorgeous plum shade striped with white and offers a splash of pink at the inner cuffs of the shirt. If you prefer a gingham check print, try our classic Oxford Cotton Shirt in Florence Purple/White.

If you want a splash of berry, try our Classic Polo Shirt tucked into your green tweed skirt for a casual but chic look.

When it comes to picking out the navy from the tweed, a classic checked shirt will never go out of style. Our Hannah Country Checked Shirt in Blue Tattersall is a firm favourite by our customers. Opt for stripes instead with this Oxford Cotton Shirt in Matilda JBlue/White, which can take you from the office to a chilled evening out.

Lucy Grape Country Shirt

Tops to avoid with a tweed skirt

Because of the style of a tweed shirt, you want to avoid being overly casual. The key here is to think country chic, feminine, put-together and classic. Here is a closer look at the types of tops to avoid wearing with a tweed skirt.

  • Avoid slogan t-shirts as they are best worn with casual trousers or jeans. Tweed is a classic, country chic material and adding a slogan can cheapen your outfit.
  • Try to buy fitted tops that can be tucked into your shirt. This gives off a sleeker look as wearing your shirt outside would look messy.
  • Vests and tank tops can be used as layering pieces if you’re going to wear a jumper on top of them. Otherwise, don’t wear them alone with a tweed skirt: they are too casual for this look.
  • Try to stick with smaller prints on your top half so your tweed skirt stands out. Stripes and checks work well with tweed, but make sure they complement, rather than overpower the tweed; try to keep them in the same colour house as your skirt too.

Trying to find pieces to match your tweed skirt isn’t as difficult as you might have first thought, as it often requires lots of trying on to see which outfit formulas work best for you. 

And don’t forget, most tops that you wear with your tweed skirt will complement other bottom half items too, such as jodhpurs, ponchos and skinny jeans!


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