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Country Casuals - Clothing Guide

07 Feb 2023 |

Casual doesn’t have to mean drab when it comes to country clothing. Of course, we want it to remain practical and functional for you but who says you can’t look stylish at the same time?

This guide has been compiled to pick out key pieces of casual country clothing that will see you not only through the daytime but can often be dressed up for evening events. You won't have to change your entire outfit between doing the school run to a night out at the pubs with friends or family! Transitional pieces and staple items will be a godsend if you’re someone balancing a million different tasks daily.

As you will know from previous blog posts, we’re big on curating a capsule wardrobe, where you select high-quality, mix and match pieces in your wardrobe, designed to last longer than your average high street stores and that will always be classic designs, rather than go in and out of fashion with the seasons.

In our country casuals clothing guide, we’ll split it into five categories: tops, bottoms, outerwear, shoes and accessories. We’ll show you key pieces from each section to help you build your new capsule wardrobe for 2023. Think about adding in items gradually and pairing with what you have. Spot any gaps you might have and invest in quality pieces that will last for years.

Ladies Casual Country Outfit


When it comes to top-half items, this will probably be the largest selection in your current wardrobe. How many of you have tens (sometimes hundreds) of T-shirts, jumpers, sweatshirts and the rest, yet reach for the same handful? It’s okay to admit it, we’ve all been there!

This is the section you can experiment the most with, incorporating colours and patterns, if you want to. Top-half items tend to be cheaper than other pieces too so it’s okay to have more choice too!

We’ll start with our tried and trusted country collared shirt. It’s a staple for any man or woman if they want to be considered proper countryside folk! The beauty of a collared shirt is its versatility, ideal for day or night, and the ability to go as wild as you like, with bright colours or patterns. A checked shirt is our favourite but you might prefer stripes or animal print. We have every style of shirt too, from sleeveless to fleece lined as well as a selection of floaty blouses for the ladies.

Men's Fleece

A collared shirt should always be fitted but not tight so consider buying a size up if you have a larger chest or upper arms. Our staff at Rydale wear their shirts for the office, for country walks and on staff events out of the office, such as Christmas parties! They’re one of our most popular items, which is why we stock such an extensive range!

Think about which colours you prefer to wear the most and choose top-half items in those shades. You might be a fan of various shades of blue or prefer brown and khaki hues. Many of you go crazy for our selection of red and pink-infused shirts, both men and women, so there is a colour for you. If we don’t have your favourite colour, give us some feedback of colours and patterns you’d love to see!

For more casual events, a rugby shirt (men’s and women’s) or polo shirt (men’s and women’s) are ideal for looking put-together without being formal. They still look stylish without feeling as restricted as a shirt might. Rugby shirts in rich jewel tones always look very high-end and they’ll keep you warm too!

When the weather dips in temperature, we’re all about the layers. One of our favourite combinations is layering a collared shirt underneath a cable knit jumper (women’s) or a chunky wool jumper (men’s). Once again, we have tonnes of colour choices and lots of our staff have jumpers in multiple colours to match their checked shirts! A crew neck is a classic style and a V-neck is an updated version.

Men's Casual Country Outfit


When it comes to country living, investing in decent outerwear will never fail you. Whether you work outdoors, have a dog or just like to explore the countryside, a waterproof jacket or coat and lots of layers will keep you dry and warm, allowing you to get on with the activity you’re doing.

When it comes to choices, we recommend thinking of layers. When it’s extra cold, what do you put on top of your T-shirt? In most cases, we’ll reach for a fleece, gilet or a softshell jacket. Softshell jackets (our women’s Haxby style) make great layering pieces as they’ve been designed to insulate. When the weather improves, you can wear them as an outer layer too, making them a two-for-one jacket!

Fleece jackets and gilets are one of our favourite layers to add to any outfit because just like a softshell jacket, they can be your final layer during summer and worn underneath a coat during winter. If you’re going to use a fleece to layer underneath a jacket, make sure it’s a streamlined version, rather than something bulky. Our men’s and women’s Huggate fleece waistcoats are one of our most popular items across the entire website. It’s a flattering design that’s been tweaked over the years, with new colours being added every season. Gilets always give off that classic country vibe but if it’s too cold, a full sleeved fleece version is better. Not only is the Huggate in a gilet, we also have it in a long-sleeved style for men and women. We’re a big fan of wearing ours in the office too as they look smarter than a regular fleece, with their leather trim.

Men's Country Outfit

For cosier days, lounging around in a hoodie is what the doctor ordered. Whilst they’re definitely not formal, we’ve designed a range of hoodies for men and women that aren’t like your regular casual hoodies. Bursting with colours and that country style, our selection is definitely not scruffy for that ‘just rolled out of bed’ looked. Throw one on for the school run and running errands and you'll look cute and casual and still feel super comfortable.

For your final layer, this is where the weather comes into account. Living in the UK, the main coat you’ll grab day after day should be a waterproof one. For women, our selection of waterproof jackets and coats range from classic neutrals to sophisticated jewel tones. When it’s cooler, a bomber jacket is a great option to have by the front door. Drier days mean a wax jacket is perfect and smartens up most outfits. When it’s colder outside, a fleece lined jacket will help to keep your body temperature up! We’re constantly expanding our waterproof jackets range so there is always a style for any woman or occasion!

For country gentlemen, we’ve always gravitated to classic country shades, from khaki to navy, adding a pop of colour without being too vibrant. Our new walking waterproof jackets have been a huge hit as we’ve added every practical feature we could think of! Once again, a bomber jacket is ideal for warmer days when there’s a bit of a breeze in the air. If you’ve layered up with a fleece underneath, you’ll be warmer than you might think. A wax jacket is always a staple for country folk so make sure you’ve got some waterproof spray to hand to ensure it’s okay for wet conditions.

Ladies Casual Outfit


Rain always means it’s tricky to know what to wear on your bottom half. If you’re outdoors frequently, you’ll need to add a pair of waterproof overtrousers to your collection (men’s and women’s styles). How many pairs of trousers or jeans have you ruined with mud from wearing outdoors? Slipping a pair of overtrousers on top means your regular trousers keep clean! We often pack ours in our backpack when out walking or hiking. The day might not start off rainy but when you’re stuck outdoors, they’re a great item to have on you. Just like a jacket in a packet, they fold up small and are incredibly lightweight.

If it’s drier or you’re staying indoors, our must-have staple for anyone is a pair of dark wash jeans. Both our men’s and women’s straight leg jeans are durable and flattering so they are perfect for any shape or size. For £29.99 a pair, they’re a high quality bargain!


If you live in the countryside, there are two main types of shoes you need to invest in: a pair of wellies and some walking shoes or boots. Wellington boots are ideal for shorter walks, such as to the local shops or taking the dog for their daily walk. Our women’s and men’s selections have been designed to be practical but still look stylish.  Each design might be different in colour or pattern but have many of the same features: a sturdy but flexible tread, a buckle to tighten at the top and fully waterproof outer coating.

When it comes to walking boots, we’re firm believers that keeping it classic is the way to go. These boots should last you years (as long as you clean and waterproof them regularly) so sticking with a classic brown colour will go with everything too. Both our men’s and women’s walking boots are very similar in style because they provide the same purpose. Both have extra support around the ankle, as well as an incredibly tough tread for rough terrain.

As you can see, we’ve collated our favourite country casual pieces for you in one place, with lots of handy links for you to find them. You know that we want to provide you with quality pieces that will last for a long time so you don’t have to replace expensive items, such as coats and shoes, frequently. It also means that adding just a couple of pieces to your wardrobe every season means you can spend more on high quality. However, we want to keep our prices as accessible as possible whilst still reflecting our quality.

We love to add new pieces to both our men’s and women’s collections regularly so please let us know if there are new colours or patterns you’d like to see particular items in. Do you want brighter colours or more neutral shades? Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook and Instagram if you treat yourself to any new pieces!


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