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14 of Our Favourite Country Clothing Mums 2019


With summer in full swing, we want to celebrate some of our favourite country mum bloggers. Each of them writes about a range of areas from parenting to interiors, recipes to travel. 

Every single one of them is relatable in many ways to our Rydale customers so let us know which one is your favourite! Many of them are budget-friendly too so you could take some notes of activities to do during the rest of the summer holidays that won’t cost lots of money!

#1 The Fashionable Housewife

If you’re looking for a mum blogger who covers everything under the lifestyle bracket, Sarah-Jean from The Fashionable Housewife is the blogger for you. You can follow the mom-of-five as she talks about decorating her house, travelling with a large family, fashion for busy mums, looking after a newborn and children-friendly recipes. She wants mums to realise that they can still be stylish throughout motherhood!

#2 Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes Three

Currently on holiday in the USA, this family are having the best time! This mum blog has a real focus on travelling with children by posting about activities you can all do as a family. It is very family-orientated with many posts on UK staycations too! Mum Katie also loves home décor too so you’ll find the odd interiors posts sprinkled in as well.

#3 The Ana Mum Diary

Amanda from The Ana Mum Diary is one of our more informative mum bloggers. She is all about helping mothers and families make the most of their money so they can enjoy themselves! There are some great posts on talking to your children about money, making money from home and how to be more productive with your time. She also regularly posts about decorating your home on a budget and UK travel.

#4 Boo, Roo and Tigger Too

This family love to play! This blog features lots of toy reviews, quick and easy recipes for the season, UK trips for the family and a monthly catch-up with the whole gang. There are also posts aimed at parents with children of different ages, from toddlers to teens, which will be a great insight for many mums! Their summer bucket list is a great idea for families looking to enjoy the summer holidays on a budget. 

#5 Mummy, Mummy, Mum

Emma and her children always look like they’re having the best time! This blog is a more personal insight into her style of parenting with a real focus on experiences for her children and fun days out. You can get plenty of ideas from Emma for entertaining the kids during the long summer holidays!

#6 Five Little Doves 

Laura and her four children are all about making the most out of life following the loss of their child and brother, Joseph, who would’ve turned 13 this month. Through their heartbreak, they have grown as a family and honour his memory this way. Through travelling together, you can see the amounts of fun they’ve been having along the way, both abroad and in the UK. Definitely a summer of fun!

#7 Mari's World

Mari focuses on loving yourself as a woman as well as a mum, which mums often neglect as they have children. Mari and her family spend a lot of time travelling around the UK and around the world on a varying budget and also share their love of activities both home and away. With a drizzle of mum fashion, interiors and recipes, there really is something on offer for every type of mum!

#8 Beauty Junkie London

Although primarily a beauty blogger, Jen became a mum in 2018 to the gorgeous Eleanor and has since incorporated more themes into her blog content. You’ll find baby fashion and updates on how she’s finding motherhood. She also takes the best flat-lay photography, perfect for Instagram! Jen’s been blogging for over ten years now but she always manages to keep her content fresh and up-to-date.

#9 Emmy’s Mummy

Clare from Emmy’s Mummy is filling her summer with so many jam-packed activities but she’s also in back to school mode too! She’s all about low-cost and free fun for the children but they also love a family day out. She has plenty of tips about travelling with children and a sprinkle of home decoration ideas for their bedrooms too. She loves to spend a lot of time outdoors so expect lots of blue skies and green spaces in her photos!

#10 Mamas Like Me 

Rebecca offers lots of practical advice on life in general as well as parenting tips and tricks that she’s learned over the years. Enjoying summer at home, keeping your children safe online and tasty recipes for the whole family feature heavily on her blog. She definitely adds a realism to the mum blogger community as she tells it like it is!

#11 Emma and 3

Although Emma is a mother, her blog focuses equally on being a parent and being a woman with a career. There is a money-saving theme across many posts as she knows it’s not always easy bringing up three children! There are some really interesting health posts as well as articles about having discussions with your children about important topics, such as career and education, as they grow up. That’s definitely her teacher side coming to the forefront! She also loves a glass of wine so she sounds like she’s found the perfect balance!

#12 Kelly Allen Writer

Kelly has an interesting story to tell and does so with compassion and humour. She’s being sharing some awesome photos of her family’s summer holidays, focusing on the outdoors and something for everyone. She adds personal essay posts frequently, which are beautifully written. Her family are embracing changes with a smile on their faces and are excited to see what the future holds for them.

#13 I Always Believed in Futures

Rebecca shares her love of reading and her children through her blog. She wants her children to enjoy learning so is constantly finding new ways for them to do so. Add in toy reviews, family fun days out and you’ve got the perfect, down-to-earth mum blogger. She also offers pieces that often create a discussion to be had between parents or with their children.

#14 Parentshaped

This family are always on their travels, either across the UK or around the world. When they’re not travelling, their blog contains family-friendly recipes, their move to the countryside and general family life. They’re the classic example of a countryside family, moving to get a better quality of life and enjoy the great outdoors.

We’re sure there are so many other country mum bloggers out there so feel free to let us know if we’ve missed off your favourites! Each has their own unique style, content, and website but they all share a common theme: sharing their own experiences on motherhood and parenting.


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