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Essential Adult Waterproof Clothing

18 Feb 2022 |

Despite spring being on the way, the rain has been minimal during winter, meaning spring is sure to bring some downpours. Now is actually the perfect time to look at the coats and jackets you already have to see if you’re prepared for rain or if you need to up your coat game.

Maybe you’ve had your favourite coat for many years and it’s finally time to replace it? Perhaps you’re looking for a heavier waterproof coat or a lightweight everyday jacket? You can definitely have one jacket or coat for all weathers but who doesn’t like a choice?

We’ve rounded up our most popular waterproof clothing, broken down our favourite men’s and women’s waterproof jackets and coats as well as our ever-present styling tips. Staying dry and looking cool or chic don’t have to be an either-or anymore!

Ladies jackets and coats

The first order of business is to get your waterproof outerwear right. You can waterproof the rest of your outfit but without a waterproof jacket or coat, it’s pointless! It’s also an investment piece so it’s important to get it right. Whether it’s a light drizzle or a heavy downpour, waterproof jackets are classic in style and it’s an item you’ll wear time and time again. That means you need to get as versatile a style as you can, as it has to go with as much of your wardrobe as possible. Here are a few of the most common waterproof jacket and coat styles for country ladies.

Ladies Waterproof Jacket

A puffer or insulated jacket - Whilst it’s not the most waterproof jacket we have on offer, it’s a great option for finer rain and running in and out of the car. In fact, we leave ours by the door so we can grab and go on most days. These styles run from super lightweight, a step up from a jacket in a packet, or thick, padded winter coat. Always check to see if there is a hood attached as this will determine when you’ll wear it. Summer styles can get away without a hood but you wouldn’t wear that style in February, with wind and rain expected. 

An everyday or bomber jacket - For a casual jacket, an everyday waterproof or bomber jacket might be your preferred choice. This is where you get the most colour choice too, with bright blues, red and purples featuring heavily in our collection. For an up-to-date style, an equestrian bomber jacket looks so effortlessly cool and chic, even in wet weather. Perfect for horse riding, it has an elasticated waistband, zip pockets and a foldaway hood for a more streamlined look when it’s not raining. If you prefer something even warmer and more colourful, our fleece lined jackets are right up your street. From grape to aqua and everything in between, these jackets also have that extra fleece lining for those of you who are constantly cold. Again, a pack-away hood, adjustable cuffs and zip pockets help to keep the jackets practical but the colours make them extra stylish.

Ladies Bomber Jacket

If you prefer to stick to a traditional waterproof coat, our Azerley and Belle styles might be more suited to you. These outdoorsy types of jackets are made to be worn for longer periods of time: they are incredibly lightweight yet fully waterproof and have breathable lining inside to keep the cold out but stop you from sweating too much. Both of these styles have extra pockets too, making them ideal for excursions exploring the great outdoors.

A shooting jacket - If you’re looking for the ultimate practical jacket, a shooting jacket is the one for you! Even if shooting is not amongst your hobbies, these jackets come with ample pockets, are waterproof and wind-resistant as well as soft, warm lining for longer outdoor activities. Whether it’s our newer, tweed print designs to our traditional, heavyweight style, there’s a shooting jacket for exactly what you’re looking for.

A wax jacket - You might not think a wax jacket is waterproof but it is if you protect it! A waterproofing spray or cleaner specifically for wax outerwear items will make it showerproof. Again, this isn’t a style we’d wear during a rainstorm but lighter drizzle and running from shop to shop is perfect for this style of jacket. We’ve got everything from a classic style, to a belted version to a newer, quilted style. These look just as stylish dressed up than they do dressed down so for an overall waterproof jacket, you can’t go wrong with a wax jacket.

Men's Wax Jacket

A jacket in a packet - We couldn’t round off this list without our tried and trusted jacket in a packet! We keep ours in the car all year long because you never know when that downpour is going to start, usually when you least expect it! With colour options such as berry, emerald, grey and bright blue, we have a mixture of classic neutrals, deeper jewel tones and brighter shades so there is a colour for every woman!

Men’s jackets and coats

You might think there’s not as much choice for country gentlemen but you’d be wrong. Men’s fashion can often be forgotten about but we like to offer you as many options as the ladies in your life might have. Here are our top five picks for men’s waterproof jackets.

An everyday or hiking jacket - If you’re after an everyday option, a hiking or standard waterproof jacket should be your go to. You can wear this on your way to the office, to run errands or any outdoor events or activities with friends and family. For a hooded style, the Egton hiking jacket is what you’re looking for. In shades of olive and grey, this style is designed for the outdoors but don’t think you have to wear it solely for hikes. It’s windproof, waterproof and with six pockets, you’ve got more than enough space for your everyday essentials!

Men's Waterproof Hiking Jacket

If you prefer a version with a thinner, concealed hood, there is even more choice. From deep red, bright blue and light grey, you can really stand out from the crowd in a colourful jacket. These are perfect for getting outdoors in the winter time because it means you’ll be visible on country roads for safety. Each design has been tweaked slightly but you still get a fully waterproof design with ample, zip-up pockets and features to keep the heat in.

A fleece lined jacket - If you’re prone to getting cold, a fleece lined jacket is probably more appropriate for you. These jackets are perfect for the winter months because you might not have to wear another layer underneath just to keep you warm. Your friends and family will be jealous when they’re cold and you’re all warm and toasty! Our traditional Lisset style is the most classic country waterproof jacket we have. It’s the perfect option for working outdoors but you can definitely wear it as an everyday jacket too. If you prefer a splash of colour, the Reeth jacket is a great style to wear daily. It’s a similar design to our other everyday jackets but that extra fleecy lining will keep you even warmer.

A wax jacket - For warmer days and lesser downpours, a wax jacket will see you through the warmer months, from spring to autumn. It’s the perfect style to wear to take the chill off but it won’t leave you sweating. Just be aware that our wax jackets don’t come with a hood so check the weather before you go anywhere! Choose from a classic style, a quilted version, a lightweight option or a padded jacket to see which style feels right for you. All styles come in classic brown and black shades, with the additional olive and grey shades, so you never have to worry about colours complimenting or clashing with each other.

Adult Waterproof Clothing

A bomber jacket - A lightweight waterproof jacket that is perfect for everyday would be the bomber jacket. Whilst it’s not a new style, it’s definitely had a resurgence in recent years. With a wider collar and elasticated waist, it’s an incredibly comfortable jacket that is easy to move around in. Our Ripon bomber jacket comes in four distincitve colours that will go with any country gentleman’s wardrobe.

A jacket in a packet - Last but certainly not least, our trusted jacket in a packet or pack and go are something every man should own. Leave in your car or in your rucksack for unexpected rain and they’ll see you through the worst of it. Choose from an array of colours, such as navy, gunmetal grey, claret and royal blue. These jackets are great back-up options so don’t go without one!

Waterproof overtrousers

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, whether it’s walking or working, having a pair of waterproof overtrousers handy will keep your ‘regular’ clothes from getting dirty and save on washing too! Our ladies and men’s overtrousers have elasticated waists to fit as snug as you want them too. They’re a fitted style but not tight so you can wear thermals, leggings, jodphurs and even skinny or straight leg jeans underneath them if it’s particularly cold.

Waterproof clothing has to be practical but it doesn’t have to be boring. Different colours and styles allow you to still show off your personality whilst keeping warm and dry - what’s not to love?

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