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How To Choose A Farmer’s Jacket

27 Jun 2019 |

Attention all farmers! Did you know heritage and rural fashion is so on-trend right now? With tweed, wax jackets, quilted jackets and flat caps all making an appearance in various high street stores, as well as on the catwalk, we want to bring it back to reality.

Farming clothing is designed to be sturdy and durable, comfortable and versatile, waterproof and warm.

On the farm, you’ll be wearing the same type of clothes all year round, which means that they need to be right for all seasons.

This is where your jacket comes in. You can layer up as much as you like but most of the time, but you’ll need some outerwear for chilly mornings and rainstorms.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at the properties of a farmer’s jacket and the benefits of owning one as well as a few styling tips along the way.

You might need farmers clothing for practical reasons but that doesn’t mean you can’t look put-together and stylish.

Men's farmer shirts

You’ll often wear a similar outfit for a few pints down at your local pub, so you still need to know how to wear certain pieces. Think country chic but with an even more wearable feel.

Properties and features of a farmer’s jacket

It doesn’t matter wherein the country you’re located, or what colour of jacket you might have, as all farmer’s jackets have many properties in common.

If you’re on the lookout for a new coat, make sure you consider the following criteria as these are the most important for everyone.

Waterproof: This has to be the number one criteria for any jacket or coat if you live in the countryside. British weather means monthly rainfall so you shouldn’t need a new jacket for a new season.

To ensure it stays waterproof, you will need to protect your coat regularly. A waterproof spray is quick and easy to use, but make sure you wash your jacket first.

Depending on how much you wear it, you might need to wash it on a monthly basis. If you don’t protect your jacket, however, it will lose its waterproof qualities which is not ideal for an expensive item! Take a look at our Ripon Jackets for example and the Russel collection

Farmer's Wax Jacket

Windproof: Those chilly mornings are a little easier with a farmer’s jacket. Most coats have an extra layer inside, often a fleece, which also adds to its windproof quality.

You can always add extra layers underneath if it’s wintertime, but your coat should be enough to see you through any light breezes.

Lightweight: When you’re moving about and lifting on the farm, the last thing you want is a bulky, heavy layer on. Farmer’s jackets should be lightweight so you don’t feel smothered in your outerwear.

Some include a removable inside layer, which is perfect for warmer months. These coats are also great for hiking and camping, so consider a jacket that can be folded away easily too!

Breathable: Although you want your coat to keep you as warm as possible, you also don’t want to feel sweaty underneath.

Removable layers can help during the summer, but even during winter you will still sweat. Most coats have a thin, breathable lining inside to counteract this.

Durability: Because outerwear tends to be the most expensive category in your wardrobe, you want your coats and jackets to be investment pieces that last you for years on end.

Provided you look after them with regular washing and protection, they should last you plenty.

A hood: A full hood is often needed when you’re out on the farm, but it needs to help keep you as dry as possible. Look out for styles with drawstrings around the hood which you can tighten or loosen as needs be.

Lots of pockets: You can never go wrong with too many pockets! All coats should have at least two outer pockets. Many have an extra two on the outside as well as an inside pocket too.

This is great for long countryside walks or walking the dog when you don’t want to have to carry around a bag and want to be hands free! Top of the look with one of our fabulous wax hats

Benefits of owning a farmer’s jacket

When it comes to an investment piece such as a jacket or a coat, it’s important to get a jacket that you feel most comfortable in. However, there are a couple of other important factors to consider when making a new purchase of a farmer’s jacket.

Versatility: You will need this jacket to go with a range of clothes as well as for a range of occasions. Although you may be wearing it predominantly for work purposes on the farm, you might also wear it out for hikes, walking the dogs, running general errands or an evening at the local pub.

For this reason, you will probably want a coat in a neutral, dark colour. A black or brown style will never go out of fashion, but ultimately, you know it will go with everything in your wardrobe already. You might also want to consider a navy or khaki colour if you want to add a splash of colour to your jacket collection.

Year-long wearability: You will end up wearing this coat or jacket most days of the year, so you need to be 100% sure with your choice. Stick with a classic style and colour and try sizing up. This is perfect for the winter months so you can layer up underneath without struggling to zip up your farmer’s jacket on top.

Farmer chic: our styling tips

Most of the time you’ll probably just grab the same items to wear with your farmer’s jacket without a second glance at the rest of your wardrobe. When working on the farm, you won’t be fussed about what you pair your coat with but what about those occasions when you’re heading out? We’ve compiled a few of our favourite items that will enhance your entire outfit when paired alongside your farmer’s jacket.

Checked shirt: If you’ve gone for a neutral coloured coat, the colour possibilities are endless when it comes to your shirt. With summer on the horizon, why not opt for a short-sleeved style in Tattersall Blue or our new Ebbertson Country Check Shirts in blue, white and sand?

Gilet: Our Huggate Fleece Waistcoat comes in thirteen different shades so try matching it up with other colours in your wardrobe and decided which colour you’d get the most wear out of.

Men's Fleece Waistcoat

Choosing a farmer’s jacket doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think. Most of the choices come in darker hues, which is suitable for all seasons. Consider sizing up if you’re going to wearing lots of layers underneath during the winter months so you don’t feel restricted in any way.

Don't forget to miss out on the appropriate footwear either, take a look at our Wetherby footwear and appropriate footwear care and carry wear (with our men's wellington boot bags).  

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