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How to Choose Clothes for Dogs

As humans, on a cold day, we layer up with knitwear, coats, hats, scarves and gloves. We’ll hunt down our winter gear in our wardrobes and choose the right outfit for colder days. In the UK, we’re pretty much prepared for any weather at any time of the year (summer rainstorm, anyone?) so our wardrobes, especially our outerwear collection, represent that.

Why not do it for your dog? Whilst multiple layers and accessories will be too much for them, a fitted dog coat will be perfect to keep the chill off their backs. Some breeds cope better with colder weather than others so it’s important to do some research beforehand. However, having a handful of clothing for your dog will ensure they’re ready for any weather and will avoid getting chills on their daily walks.

In this blog post, we’ll look at our top tips into choosing the right clothes for your dog as well as our selection of dog coats and jackets. Each design has been tried and tested so you know your pooch will be comfortable and look great at the same time!

How to choose the right clothes for your dog

You might think it’s as simple as just buying a random dog coat and popping it on your dog. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as that as there are a few factors to think about. Below, you’ll find some of our pointers to consider when thinking about purchasing a dog coat. Don’t forget they deserve as much thought going into their clothing purchases as you would do for yourself!

Micro Fleece Dog Jumper

Consider the breed and age of your dog - If it’s short-coated like a pug, Labrador, Dachshund or Frenchie, they are prone to getting cold so may need clothing to keep them warm in the cold. Also, older dogs are prone to feeling the cold in their joints so wrap them up warm too.

Make sure the clothes fit - Oversized and too tight clothing will make your dog uncomfortable and they may start nipping at their outfit. Spending the time to fit their clothing properly before you leave the house will ensure they not only look the part but feel the part too! It can be best to measure them first before purchasing too as it’s not a one size fits all item! A few basic measurements, such as neck circumference, chest circumference and length, are enough for a Rydale dog coat.

Choose breathable fabrics - Cotton, fleece and cotton blends should be your go-to materials when sourcing dogs’ clothes. Even items, such as waterproof and tweed coats, will have a cotton lining but it’s always important to check beforehand. Cotton will wick sweat too so your dog won’t overheat but will still be warm underneath.

Wax Dog Coat

Select pieces that are easy to put on and look after - The easier the item is to put on your dog, the easier it will be to remove too. There’s nothing worse than struggling to remove a dog’s clothing when it’s covered in mud! It doesn’t need lots of pockets, embellishments and straps on it; the more it has, the more frustrated you’ll get trying to put it on daily! Buttons and studs near the head are a dangerous hazard too as dogs are more likely to chew them off and choke on them. You’ll also want to look for machine washable pieces so you can throw them straight in after a walk after wiping off as much dirt as possible before.

Safety first - Whilst an outfit might look adorable on your pooch and get you lots of likes on social media, your dog’s comfort and safety should be your first priority. Clothes for dogs are designed to protect them from the cold first and foremost. Before taking your dog out for a walk in their outfit, have them try it on around the house first. If they seem uncomfortable in it, it’s probably not the right outfit for them!

Our favourite clothes for dogs

Now you’ve considered all of the pointers above, it’s time to get selecting an outfit for your dog! We’ve recently extended our dogs’ clothes collection so we’re sure you’ll find a design, material and pattern for your pooch. You might even want to match it to your own jacket so the pair of you can look like two peas in a pod!

Tweed Dog Coat

Fleece jackets - For an option for spring/summer, a fleece jacket is such a great choice. With leg sleeves to keep the coat secure, you won’t get many materials softer and cosier than this! Our Yapham fleece also comes in a micro size for smaller pups and has a high neck for extra warmth. If you want something a little more luxurious, our popular Huggate fleece jacket has moleskin trimmings for any posh dog! For a more open style jacket, this fleece dog coat has no leg sleeves but features a super soft sherpa lining.

Tweed jackets - To make your dog feel as elegant as you do, why not invest in a tweed jacket for them? With a Velcro enclosure over the chest and belly area as well as a thick sherpa lining and collar, this is the perfect option for winter. Only the best quality tweed will do for our furry friends so you know it’s been beautifully made and will last for ages. With seven colour choices to choose from, compliment your own tweed clothing or pick a contrasting shade. The two of you will look so great on your daily walks together!

Wax jackets - Again, if we can make wax jackets for humans, why not for our furry friends? With a gorgeous cotton checked lining, these wax jackets were made for the great outdoors. Featuring a buckle across the belly to secure it as well as a velcro fastening underneath the neck, a wax jacket is such a stylish piece, especially for dogs! Because the wax cotton is waterproof, it’s ideal for muddy walks and rough terrain.

Fleece Dog Coat

Quilted jackets - For dogs that are short-haired or prone to getting cold, a quilted jacket might be a better option for them. Our first design is the Huggate Hybrid quilted jumper, with fleece leg sleeves and collar and an insulated, quilted body. The high collar keeps your dog’s neck warmer than a shorter style and the quilted body retains heat well too. If you prefer an open style jacket instead, our tweed quilted version is one of our easiest designs to get on and off your dog. With a cotton lining, tweed outer collar and back panel and a quilted body, you get the best of so many styles! It has straps under the neck and belly for easy access. You can even flip the collar up if it’s particularly cold that day!

Raincoats - You’d wear a waterproof if it was raining so why should your dog be any different? Our lightweight, waterproof jackets are slightly longer than some of our other styles but they still finish before the back legs and tails, so they’re not restrictive at all. It also has reflective piping around the seams, ideal for evening walks. The longer collar will keep them drier too and the nine designs and patterns will ensure your pooch is the most stylish in the village!

Whilst many think clothes for dogs are a fashion statement, our range is designed for practical reasons. Not all dogs can insulate their body temperatures properly and still require daily walks. Popping a dog jacket on them will mean they retain any heat without sweating too much but they’ll still look stylish. Expect compliments on your dog’s jacket so be sure to add an extra few minutes onto your journeys!

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