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How to dress a Baby in Summer

Baby Bodysuit

With babies unable to regulate their own body temperature, it’s important for the adults responsible to be in charge. Summer dressing is tricky for most of us adults but it’s equally important to get it right for little ones. That fine balance between overdressed and underdressed is crucial to get right to avoid heat rash or sunstroke.

With lockdown restrictions lifting and plans being made, more of us will be trying to make up for lost time and spend lots of time outdoors this summer. From picnics at the park to days at the beach to family barbecues, babies will get exposed to sun and heat more so than ever before.

Baby Babygrow

Dressing a baby for summer is a difficult one for new parents as you don’t want to overload the pram with too many options but equally, if you don’t take any, you’ll be stuck. This article breaks down our top tips for dressing a baby for summer as well as a few of the items from our baby range, perfect for your little ones in the sun!

Top tips for dressing a baby for summer

Any parent would struggle with being able to make sure their baby is comfortable when it’s sunny outside. Babies need protection from the sun but at the same time, getting them outdoors and in some sun is healthy. We’ve gathered our top tips together so you can prepare yourself for a trip out with a newborn.

  • Thin layers are the best way to go - Whilst British summers can be a heatwave, they can also be breezy (and rainy most of the time). Layering is key for anyone with our unpredictable weather but for babies, there’s nothing worse than thinking it’s a warm, sunny day and finding out that you really needed to bring along a thin jacket or coat to keep them warm when the temperature drops. Pack your baby bag for all occasions because you never know when a scorching day will turn into a hailstorm in this country!

  • Always have a hat - Whilst we all need sunlight to maintain our vitamin D levels, babies need to keep cool. A cotton hat is perfect for summer as it offers protection without being too thick. A cap is also a great alternative as it offers eye protection too.

  • Keep out of the sun - It might feel great to get a tan yourself but the heat is too much for babies. Try to limit your time outdoors in the sun and opt for places with shade. Because babies under 6 months old are advised not to wear sunscreen, minimising their exposure to UV rays is the best way to keep them safe. Clip-on parasols and sunshades from prams are life-savers too.

  • Carry a blanket at all times - Whilst the baby probably won’t need it when you’re walking out and about, you might choose to sit down somewhere. Covering them in a blanket in an air-conditioned café or when sat in shade will be needed. Prepare for all weathers and you’re already halfway there!
  • Cotton is the best material for warmer weather - Natural materials that are soft and breathable are the best options for sunny days to avoid overheating and itchiness. Whether it’s a onesie or a full outfit, cotton is the perfect material for all of us when it’s warmer outside!

  • Size up for breathing room - If your baby is prone to overheating or if it’s going to be a particular hot summer, buying summer clothing slightly bigger will not only allow your baby to grow into them but also give them space to move and breathe. Lightweight, breathable natural materials are best for this, such as cotton and muslin.

  • Opt for light colours - Darker colours attract and absorb heat so ditch the blacks and greys. Go for lovely pastel colours, bright block colours or colourful patterns, such as stripes or polka dots. Pick a colour that your baby is a fan of and choose an option that keeps them cool and comfortable but super fashionable too!

  • Skip the socks on hotter days - Socks are a struggle to get on a baby at the best of times but especially on a warm day! If you’re out and about, ditch the socks (keep a pair in your bag though, just in case) and let their feet air. You can always cover them with a blanket if the temperature drops slightly.

Our favourite items for babies in the summer

Summer is the best time to wear bright colours and vibrant patterns, not only for adults but for babies as well! Adding colour to their outfit makes it much more fun and you can select the colours that suit them best. Here’s a closer look at some of our favourite baby pieces, perfect for those warmer days outdoors.

Baby Two Piece Outfit

Bodysuits - For extra hot days, a simple cotton bodysuit might just be the best option for babies for the outdoors. Sure, they’re not very dressy but they’re practical and comfortable, exactly what a baby needs in hot weather. They don’t have to be dull and off-white though; you could save your bright-coloured or patterned ones for trips out of the house, like our baby bodysuits. With flowers, stripes, transport and nature patterns, there’s something for any country baby! These bodysuits have been tried and tested, with super stretchy cotton fabric and bright colours and patterns for special occasions.

Sleepsuits - If the weather isn’t as nice or it’s a little cooler outside, a sleepsuit offers the same benefits as a bodysuit does but with longer arm and leg sleeves. Babies always feel comfortable in sleepsuits so why not have them wear theirs outside too? Again, our range offers lots of bright colours and patterns in a lightweight, breathable cotton material so your baby will look the part!

Two-piece outfits - If it’s a cooler day or your baby prefers to be covered, a two-piece suit consisting of a long-sleeved top and leggings could be a great alternative to an all-in-one bodysuit or sleepsuit. Again, we’re all about pattern and colour so choose a design that you know your baby will love the most! The striped leggings paired with a patterned top give such a fun vibe and your baby will definitely be the best-dressed child wherever you go for the day!

Cotton Baby Hats

Cotton hats - A necessity for babies is keeping their heads cool when in the sun. A lightweight, cotton hat is exactly what you need. Our styles match any of our bodysuits, sleepsuits or two-piece outfits so your baby will look adorable when all in the same colours and patterns!

Dressing a baby for most occasions is a tricky situation but for summer, it can be impossible. Think about how you would dress yourself in warmer weather and replicate that for your baby. Light layers, breathable materials and brighter colours work just as well on adults as they do on children. The key for trips with a baby in the summer is always to pack for all eventualities, from rain to a drop in temperature.

We hope that you have managed to pick up some helpful tips on How to dress a Baby in Summer. Of course, if you have any further questions then please do not hessite to get in touch with our customer care team who are always on hand to help. Be sure to check out the full collection of Rydale baby clothing for more styles exciting prints.

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