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How to Stop Shoes Rubbing

27 May 2021 |

With most of the population living in slippers for the best part of 14 months, it’s rare we even have to wear a pair of shoes anymore. Now the social plans are starting to fill up the diaries, offices are opening up and we’re leaving the house more than once a week, those shoes at the back of our wardrobes will need dusting off once again. 

If it’s been a while since you’ve worn a pair of proper shoes, you might find they’re uncomfortable for your first few outings, especially if you’ve bought new shoes during lockdown. A new pair of shoes can completely change and uplift an outfit so we wouldn’t blame you if you’ve been shoe shopping! It’s also an inexpensive way to reinvigorate your wardrobe if you’re feeling uninspired by what’s currently in there.

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Many of us hate shopping for new shoes and only do it when absolutely necessary. There’s something comforting about wearing your tried and trusted pair over and over again but unfortunately, even the highest quality shoes don’t last forever. Replacing them can feel uncomfortable to begin with but after a while, you forget about the old pair and don’t look back.

If you’ve invested in a new pair and are struggling to find them comfortable and they keep rubbing, you need to keep reading. We’ve compiled a list of our top tips to stop them from rubbing as well as how your shoes should fit you in the first place. Even if you haven’t bought any new shoes lately, we’re sure you have a pair in your wardrobe that you don’t wear often, if at all, because they’re just too uncomfortable. You might pick up some new tips here too!

How should your shoes fit?

Shoes should be fitted but not snug. If they’re too big, they will inevitably fall off. Too small and they will give you short- and possibly long-term foot problems. Footwear is meant to support and protect your feet, not do damage to them!

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Even if you have been a specific size of shoe for a number of years, each store varies ever so slightly. It is always best to try on your regular size but try the next size (or half-size) up or down, depending on how they fit. Many stores now cater for wide and narrow feet as well so don’t forget to choose the right option for you. Some styles of shoes are best for narrow feet; even the widest fit isn’t right. On the other hand, some wide-fit styles don’t look right in a narrow version! A wide fit in one store might still be too narrow for you but in another store, it’s a perfect fit. Shoe shopping is all about trial and error and that’s where the fun is!

Top tips to stop shoes rubbing

  • Try shoes on with the socks you intend to wear them with. Don’t go boot shopping in a pair of tights if you’ll be wearing boot socks when you wear them outside.

  • Go shoe shopping late in the day. Your feet will have expanded up to half a size from walking around during the day so will fit differently in the morning to the afternoon.

  • Always try on both shoes. So many people try on just one shoe when shoe shopping. Everyone has one foot slightly bigger than the other so if you try just one shoe on your smaller foot, it might not even fit your other one!

  • Invest in insoles for extra comfort. If you need more padding on the soles of your feet, insoles will be a gamechanger for you. They offer an extra layer of squishiness so you’ll feel comfortable for longer on your feet. However, you may need to size up or buy wide fit shoes to fit them in. Take them with you whenever you purchase a new pair of shoes to ensure they fit in properly. Whilst a pair of cheap insoles are good enough for most people, those who have to stand or walk all day for work should consider investing in custom orthotics if they struggle with their feet.

  • Always break in your shoes before wearing them outside. Whenever you buy a new pair of shoes, you should always wear them around the house first. Wearing them with thick socks, sometimes two pairs, is a good way to break them in and stretch them out a bit.

  • Use Vaseline on the rubbing hotspots. If you’ve broken your shoes in, it will mean that they’re now comfortable but not fully moulded to your foot yet, meaning you might still get blisters. A great way to prevent this is to rub Vaseline into those spots, usually the back of the heels, at the top of the instep and around your big and little toes.

  • Use a hairdryer on those problem areas. Blast the areas with heat for around 30 seconds so they’re supple. This should make them much more comfortable to walk around in and stretch out. You might need to do it a few times so make sure you’re not in a rush to head out of the door!

Comfortable shoes are the one part of your outfit that you need to get right, whether it’s a day or night-time occasion. There’s nothing worse than having achy feet all day or night long and wishing you’d worn a different pair. Never wear new shoes for the very first time without wearing them around the house first, that’s a huge no-no! You must always break in shoes using our tips above or you’ll never wear that pair again.

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