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How to Style a Sweater Vest

Although not something that is thought of too often as a versatile wardrobe essential, a sweater vest can be a great addition to your clothing collection. An endlessly classic piece that can be utilised in a wide range of situations, a sweater vest worn in the correct way can be the difference between a good and a great outfit.

Men's Sweater Vest

Although the vest was never seen as a particularly fashionable item whether you follow the fashion trends or not, a sweater vest can be a great choice whatever the weather. This layering hero can easily be worn under a jacket or just over a shirt to keep you warm but not restrict your movement as much as a full jumper, making it ideal when out working in the yard.

When the temperature drops a little, this sleeveless pullover is the ultimate wear for the person who works outdoors all year round and can crossover into a fashion piece with a few simple tweaks. A nice sleeveless pullover is also one of the easiest ways to add a different texture to your outfit without the added bulk from a full jumper.

For a simple country look, you can’t go wrong with a men’s checked shirt under one of our slipover vests. This combination offers a great mix of comfort and warmth and offering a greater range of movement. Our Wykeham sleeveless shooting jumper teamed up with long sleeve checked shirt is a timeless look ideal for working out in the fields and is even smart enough to be worn when out and about in town. The jumper can be easily removed for times when you get a bit warm.

Men's Vest

If the temperature drops, you can easily put a coat over, it is really easy to layer a sweater vest. Finish the look with a quality pair of jeans and you have an outfit that’s ready for whatever is on your agenda. For a more casual approach, possibly a cosy night in the pub, you can replace your work boots with a pair of loafers, and you are ready for a relaxed evening.

For a smarter look, you could wear a sweater vest underneath a tweed blazer, which might not be something that you see all that often but can work when done correctly. A neutral-coloured sweater vest under a blazer can be an easy way to add an extra layer to your outfit. Not only is this good for the colder months, adding warmth on a colder day and an extra bit of colour or different texture to keep your outfit interesting. A thinner gauge pullover is more suitable for a more formal look, our Men's Fine Knit V Neck Slipover Vest would be ideal for wearing under a smarter outfit. A plain shirt is better than checked when going formal, don’t be afraid to add a tie to finish off your outfit. 

When it comes to pairing your vest with your outfit, there are a few simple rules we would advise that you follow:

  • Darker vest than shirt – When it comes to finding the perfect shirt to match with your vest, we recommend you pick a lighter coloured shirt. This contrast will allow your vest to become more of a focal point of your outfit, drawing more attention to the vest. Although this isn’t a solid rule, it is a lot easier to pull off a light shirt with a darker vest, but some exceptions can be made to suit your own style.

  • Patterned shirt, plain vest – When wearing a patterned shirt, we do suggest a plain vest to go over it. Two patterned garments together make the outfit appear too much. Whether the shirt is checked or striped, we recommend a plain vest over the top.

  • Thicker clothing on the outside – Not only does this rule make sense from keeping the outfit looking its best, but it also helps when it comes to cooling yourself down when it is a warm day. We recommend that you try to keep a thin shirt with a thicker knit of vest. If wearing under a blazer or a coat, try not have too much contrast in thickness between your vest and over layer.

Following these simple rules will allow you to effortlessly integrate a sweater vest into your outfits, so what’s stopping you from trying one today? There is no doubting the versatility and usefulness of it. They are perfect for layering to keep warm and adding a different dimension to your outfit to keep things looking interesting.

Men's Fine Knit Vest

The cosy knitted feel without the cumbersome weight of a full pullover, a sweater vest could be the addition your wardrobe has been waiting for. Our high quality sweater vests can be a versatile option for years to come, no matter the occasion, from a meeting to the yard getting some work done, you can count on them to last.

If you have any queries about our men's sweater vests then please get in touch with our customer care team who are always happy to help. Make sure to check out the full range of men's sweaters for more styles, colours and prints you'll love. 

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