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How to Wear a Backpack

16 Aug 2021 |

When we think of backpacks, often we think of them as sports bags that we’ll admit aren’t the coolest items to wear. They’re definitely practical for everyday use but it’s not often we think of them as a fashion item.

However, in the last few years, there’s been a resurgence of women wanting practical handbags but still want them to be stylish. Because of this, the backpack has been reformed into an investment, classic handbag with added straps for the back.

Of course, we’ve countryfied our style to make it fit in with the rest of your countryside look. In this blog post, we’ll look at how to wear it, our favourite features of our designs but first why you need a backpack in your life!

Why choose a backpack

How many of you constantly struggle with carrying around a handbag on your arm or shoulder because you’ve got too much in it? Overfilling a bag means it won’t last as long as you want so it’s not great value for your money.

A backpack solves this problem as it sits on your back, allowing your arms to be free! Keep reading for more benefits of picking a backpack over a regular handbag.

Reduces back problems - This is a given. Not only are they stylish, they’re also good for your health! Spreading the weight across your shoulders and back means that you’ll suffer from less back problems, provided you wear it properly. We’re all for practical fashion but when it aids your health, we’re all in!

Wear them for longer - Because the weight is spread out, you can wear them for much longer than a traditional handbag. How often do you switch from carrying a handbag in your hand to popping it on your shoulder or in the crease of your elbow? Quite a lot, we imagine. A backpack solves that problem instantly!

Hands-free - A backpack is the most practical bag because it leaves you hands-free, perfect for family trips! You can hold your childrens’ hands, your phone or your takeaway coffee much easier!

Safety - You’re less likely to get your belongings stolen the closer they are to your body. How easy is it for someone to steal your bag if it’s just clutched in your hand? Our backpacks require fastening through a loop and securing with a press stud to secure, making it harder for thiefs to get into your bag without you noticing.

Ladies Backpack

Can usually get more in - Compared to a small shoulder bag, a backpack fits more in it. Whilst we don’t recommend stuffing it full, it’s a bag that’s perfect for a day out of the house, whether that’s in the office, fun with the family or in the great outdoors. It’s also a chance to see if you actually need to carry everything that you do! Having an umbrella in there is practical, four lipsticks isn’t!

How to wear a backpack

You might think you know how to wear a backpack but there are a few tips we recommend that everyone should read. They might seem obvious but ensure comfort every time!

  • Always wear both straps - It might look cooler to wear just one but those back problems will only increase. It’s not like it takes minutes longer to pop on the other shoulder, is it?
  • Adjust so it’s sat on your back properly - You want it to sit highly on your back and be comfortable on your shoulders. Sometimes it can be easier to get someone to adjust it for you whilst you find that perfect point.
  • Make sure it doesn’t move - If your backpack sways from side to side when you’re walking, it will start to hurt eventually. Have it secure enough that it doesn’t move but not too tight that it hurts your shoulders.
  • Adjust it for different clothing - The thicker the clothing, the looser you’ll need to change it. Hopefully not by too much but if you’re used to wearing it on top of a T-shirt and now you’re wearing a thick winter jacket, you’ll probably need to extend the straps a little.
  • Don’t overfill it - Not only will it hurt to carry so much stuff, it’s not good for the longevity of the bag. A backpack is an investment piece so you need to look after it.
  • Empty your bag daily - We’re always surprised by how many people don’t do this and they’re always the people who can never find anything in their bag either!
  • Look for details - Before purchasing, think about where and what you need a backpack for. This will determine the features you need and the size you’re after. Think about pockets, closure, straps and any additional details you might need.

Features of our backpack

When it comes to details, we love to add them to our items. Additional features add value and style to our backpacks and make them feel more luxurious. Our styles are in keeping with countryside fashion and lifestyle so you never have to worry about them not going with any of your outfits! Here are a few of our favourite details you will find on or inside our backpacks.

Wool-tweed materials - It wouldn’t be a Rydale backpack if it wasn’t made from tweed, would it? Our version comes in either a grey tweed with multiple coloured threads running through it or a dark brown herringbone tweed. Either can be worn with multiple other colours. Just avoid wearing with an all tweed outfit. Sometimes you really can wear too much tweed!

Ladies Tweed Backpack

Leather straps and finishings - All the straps, buckles and trims are made from 100% leather, meaning you know it’s of the highest quality. It also features a leather bottom so you don’t have to worry about any tweed snagging when you have to put it on the floor. It also makes for easier cleaning with a leather cleaner every so often to avoid the leather from getting stained.

Straps and handle - We’ve added a shorter handle to our backpack so you can wear it both on your back and as a handbag if needs be. Both are made from genuine leather so will last for a long time, as long as you don’t overstuff your backpack!

Adjustable straps - You should never buy a backpack that doesn’t have adjustable straps! This is perfect for being able to change them if you’re wearing extra layers of clothing or if you’d prefer a looser fit when you’re not carrying as much.

Buckle and popper fastenings - We wanted to offer a secure fastening but still fitting with our country style. With the poppers being invisible underneath the fastening strap and buckle, it gives a genuine countryside feel.

Internal compartments - You can never have too many pockets so you’ll be spoilt for choice here. We love an internal small back pocket for those items you want tucked away, such as medication or your mobile phone.

A compact but spacious size - We didn’t want to offer a backpack that was too big. A smaller size not only is better for your back health but also encourages you not to overfill it! Keep only the essentials inside it and you’ll be set for any day out.

If you’ve never considered a backpack before, we hope we’ve changed your mind. They’re both practical and stylish so you don’t have to compromise one for the other. We love our design because it features everything that we love in one bag!

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