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How to Wear a Baker Boy Hat

15 Apr 2021 |

If there is one must-have style of hat today, it is the classic baker boy hat. Having seen a recent resurgence in popularity thanks to the character of Thomas Shelby in Peaky Blinders and celebrities like David Beckham, the baker boy cap has sprung back into the mainstream fold. However, this need-to-know trend is one that can be difficult to pull off. To ensure you do this stylish hat justice, we have put together our top tips on how to wear a baker boy hat and how to look good doing it.

What is a Baker Boy Hat? 

The baker boy cap is a slight variation on the traditional flat cap. As the name would suggest, flat caps tend to be flat, whereas the baker boy hat features a more rounded and elevated body. A baker boy cap also usually features the signature button top and tends to be made with a classic 6- or 8-panel design. Like the flat cap, baker boy hats can come in all different fabrics, colours and patterns. Popular materials for both flat caps and baker boy hats include cotton, tweed, leather and wool.

Men's Baker Boy Hat

Baker Boy Hat History

Unlike the name suggests, baker boy hats don’t tend to be worn for baking. Instead, the baker boy cap is a well-established centuries-old accessory that has played its part in elevating gentlemen’s outfits. Skyrocketing in popularity during the late 1800s, it might be accurate to consider the baker boy hat an icon of British Dickensian heritage.

Originating in the era of Queen Elizabeth I, the monarch sought to boost the British wool industry by imposing a three farthing fine if the working classes failed to wear a woollen hat on Sundays or high holidays. Back in the day, the baker boy cap was also commonly referred to as the newspaper cap, given that they were frequently worn by newspaper boys during their rounds, or the poor boy’s cap, due to the fact that they were most notably worn by working-class men. However, in later years, the upper classes began to adopt the baker boy style for traditional gentlemen’s sports such as shooting and hunting.

Measuring for a Baker Boy Cap 

When it comes to styling a baker boy hat correctly, it is vital that you have an accurate head measurement. Choosing a cap that is too small will result in discomfort, while a hat that is too large will swamp your features. To find the circumference of your head, position a soft tape measure in the middle of your forehead and just above your ears. Use your measurement in conjunction with the manufacturer’s size guide to determine which size of hat will fit you best.

Baker Boy Cap

Fabrics & Colours 

If you’re planning on wearing your baker boy hat during the autumn or winter months, then you are best opting for a classic wool baker boy cap. The rule of thumb here is to create a contrast between your hat and the rest of your outfit. It is best to avoid sporting a cap that is too closely resembles the colour and texture of your jacket or overcoat. Explore the Rydale collection of men’s wool jackets and find the perfect one to compliment your baker boy hat. By contrast, the spring and summer seasons are usually too warm for wearing a woollen baker boy cap. Instead, you should consider opting for a wax cotton flat cap which will allow the air to circulate, keeping your head cooler.

What to Wear with a Baker Boy Cap?

Choosing what to wear with a baker boy hat can be tricky. You could opt for the full country gent look by sporting a three-piece tweed suit with your cap. Match your tweed jacket, waistcoat and trousers and then opt for a contrasting tweed baker boy cap to top the outfit off. On your feet, choose a pair of classic brogues for the ultimate smart country look. 

For a more casual everyday look, you could go for a checked shirt, woolly jumper and a wax jacket paired with a baker boy hat perched atop your head. Finish off your day-to-day baker boy look with a pair of leather country boots

If you are wanting to create a more modern look, then try some straight-leg jeans, a polo shirt and a quilted coat. Finish off your modern style with a pair of men’s deck shoes

Men's Baker Boy Cap

Caring for Your Baker Boy Hat

Keep your statement baker boy cap in good condition. To ensure you get the most out of your baker boy hat, it is crucial that you take excellent care of it. As with all wool materials, cleaning a traditional baker boy hat simply involves gently rubbing away any stains with a damp cloth. For bigger cleaning jobs that require more than a wet cloth, you should consult the care label on your hat and act accordingly. To try and prevent your baker boy cap from suffering general wear and tear throughout the day it is best to try to avoid touching your hat as much as possible. 

So, now you know how to wear a baker boy cap properly, make sure you go explore our men’s range of wool caps and hats and put together your very own stylish country-inspired outfit.

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