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How to Wear a Headband


When it comes to countryside fashion, it often has a reputation for being safe and practical. However, you know as well as we do that it can look chic and on-trend in a matter of minutes. Switching up the colours, patterns and textures elevates any outfit with just a few quick adjustments. One of our favourite ways for ladies to ramp up the luxurious feeling is with a headband.

At Rydale, we always put our own twist on our styles so our range offers faux fur headbands in seven colours (from neutrals to a pop of colour) as well as our popular tweed fleece-lined headbands in six different tweed patterns and colours. To say we’ve spoiled you for choice is an understatement!

Ladies Tweed Headband

If you’re still on the fence about whether a headband is for you, keep reading for why you need one in your wardrobe, which occasions are perfect to wear one for as well as our usual styling tips.

Why you need a headband

You might not think you need one in your wardrobe right now but shopping for out-of-season clothing is one of the best ways to find deals. How often does it get to autumn or winter, you find you need cold weather clothing and it’s a struggle to find anything appropriate? A faux fur or tweed fleece headband might seem more of a trend piece but we see them across catwalks every year! If you’re still not convinced, here are a couple of reasons why we think you need a headband in your winter clothing collection.

It will keep you warm - That goes without saying? Even though it has an open top, you wouldn’t believe how warm it keeps you underneath. Our ears are always the coldest in winter so by covering them up, you’ll keep toasty for longer.

Women's Faux Fur Headband

It’s easy to carry around - A headband doesn’t take up a lot of room, whether you keep it in your car or handbag. They’re such an easy item to just grab and go when the temperature drops. If you’d rather keep it at home, simply fold it in half and stick it in a drawer or cloth bin inside your wardrobe.

It’s a classic look - Faux fur headbands especially have always had a classy feel to them and because of the synthetic fur, you’ll be stylish and animal-friendly too! Not all women like wearing a hat so a headband is a great alternative to keep warm but feel comfortable too.

It will keep your hair down - Autumn is a nightmare for windy days so by popping a headband on, you can keep your hair all neat and tidy underneath! Our faux fur headbands have a satin lining, which means your hair will feel silky smooth too.

Ladies Wool Tweed Headband

When to wear a headband

Whilst you will mostly wear a headband outdoors, there are a few occasions where it will look extra stylish. We’ve rounded up a few occasions when you might want to pop on your headband and enjoy the day or night! Just don’t forget your waterproof jacket, you can never trust the weather when it gets colder!

Outdoor family gatherings - Just because the temperature has dropped, it doesn’t mean you won’t be outdoors. Whether you’re in a pub garden or someone’s back garden, you’ll still want to look chic and cosy. A headband is the perfect option when it’s cool but not too cold. You can wear as many layers as necessary on your body and know that your head will be warm all day and night long!

Family days out - If you’re out and about, a headband is a great way to keep your hair neat and tidy whilst keeping warm. You won’t have to worry about it falling off your head like some hats do and you can keep the kids entertained at the same time!

Ladies Tweed Headband

Outdoor events - Whether it’s music, film, sports or country events, autumn is when all our plans start to ramp up before the Christmas rush. It could be something for the children or for yourself and your partner but either way, a headband will mean you don’t have to worry about getting cold when you’ve already thought ahead!

What to wear a headband with

If you’re going to wear a headband, you can go as country-fied with your outfit as you like. Think thick knits, lots of tweed and layers upon layers. Keeping warm doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! We know you’ll probably own most, if not all, of these items anyway! Here are a few of our favourite items to wear with a headband.

A tweed jacket - If it’s not a staple in your wardrobe already, it should be! We love tweed so much that our tweed fleece-lined headbands match our tweed jackets and coats! For cooler days, a shorter jacket, such as the Bramham II, is the perfect style but when the temperature drops more, a longer coat will be more suitable. Both styles feature lots of pockets and padding so they’re great for autumn and winter.

A checked shirt - You didn’t think we’d be able to skip out a country checked shirt, did you? They’re one of the most versatile items you can have in your wardrobe and they definitely go with a headband too. Using the shirt as a base layer means you can layer fleeces, gilets, knitwear, jackets or coats all on top. The colder it is, the more layers you’ll need (and be thankful for!) as well as keeping your ears warm too. Choose a colour that suits your headband, either in the same colour family or clash the colours completely.

Ladies Fur Headband

Skinny jeans - Another wardrobe necessity are skinny jeans. Whether you go for a classic style, a biker version or a pair with embroidered features, you’ll find a pair that you will wear over and over again. If you’re new to the skinny jeans world, start off with a pair of dark wash plain ones. They will go with pretty much any top without taking focus away from the rest of the outfit.

A cable knit jumper - Another amazing layering item to have in your wardrobe is a cable knit jumper. You can see for yourselves that we have a range that covers just about every colour under the sun so there’s definitely a shade to suit your style and personality! Clash with a checked shirt underneath or stick to one colour and neutrals to let the jumper pop.

Leather boots - Because we’re all about quality over quantity, a pair of leather boots will see you through for many years to come. Whilst Chelsea boots are great for autumn, a pair of knee-high boots are more suitable when the weather takes a turn. You could even match your tweed headband with that pair too!

A headband might be an accessory that you’ve not thought about wearing or purchasing before but as you can see, it’s much more wearable than you might think. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend wearing with a full tweed outfit, they’re the perfect head warmer for those casual occasions with family and friends. A faux fur or tweed fleece-lined headband is incredibly versatile and keeps you warm. Bonus!


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