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How to Wear a Pocket Watch with a Waistcoat

Tradition is one of our main style philosophies here at Rydale, but we also like to complement it with trends. Our country style lends itself to classic styles, but we are all about incorporating modern pieces into an outfit as well as mixing and matching new pieces with items you already own.

When it comes to formal wear, a classic suit might be to your taste. If it is a little more country, it will probably be a tweed three-piece suit even. We are always looking at new ways to add a touch of class to any outfit but with a formal outfit, it can be difficult to enhance.

How to Wear a Pocket Watch with a Waistcoat

You do not want to overdo it to take away from the suit but equally, you can add a couple of accessories or colours to take you up the style ladder. One of the most classic ways to accessories a tweed suit is with a pocket watch. No longer is it considered ‘grandad chic’, the pocket watch has had a new lease of life in recent years, thanks in part to the surge in the TV show, Peaky Blinders. It is still a piece to wear with formal outfits but over time, it has had an upgrade and will complement any suit, especially with a waistcoat, whether you prefer a suit jacket style or want to forego either the waistcoat or jacket option.

We have rounded up our ideas of when and how to wear the waistcoat and pocket watch combination as well as some of our favourite waistcoats from our current collection. We pride ourselves on producing quality pieces so you know that a Rydale waistcoat or suit will last you for years to come as well as through a range of seasons and styles.

When to wear a waistcoat and pocket watch

The waistcoat and pocket watch duo are one for the more formal occasions. This look is not going to suit jeans and trainers! Whilst you might not wear formal wear often, it is still important to have at least one go-to outfit, just in case of last-minute invitations.

How to Wear a Pocket Watch with a Waistcoat

The most common event is weddings of course where people often seek out tweeds that match or complement a pocket watch they have been gifted. We will go further into detail about colour schemes later but both gold and silver pocket watches always match up with different shades. Think of the outfit, rather than select pieces, so you can put together items that complement each other. Every detail matters here, from the shirt to the shoes, the jacket to the cufflinks even! It is not often you get to dress up fancy so make the most of it by putting your most stylish foot forward.

For other formal occasions, such as fancy dinners or posher parties, the same tips still apply. You might be able to forego a waistcoat and stick with a two-piece suit, but it is easier to wear a pocket watch when you are wearing a waistcoat. You should also remember about choosing the right chain for you. If you know you will be wearing your pocket watch often, consider buying multiple chains to switch up your look.

However, a pocket watch chain can go through any buttonhole or belt loop so you could consider wearing it through your suit jacket or trouser belt loop if you would prefer, rather than the traditional waistcoat pocket option.

How to Wear a Pocket Watch with a Waistcoat

How to wear a waistcoat and pocket watch together

An expensive timepiece deserves an expensive-looking outfit, whether it did cost a lot or did not! At Rydale, we value quality over quantity so just one suit can carry you across any occasion. We talk about capsule wardrobes a lot here so if you are not a suit wearer usually, we recommend changing just your shirt for a different take on a country tweed suit.

We have found that gold and silver styles go better with different tweed patterns and hues. Embrace your inner Peaky Blinder and wear your pocket watch with style!

  • Warm tones + gold pocket watches – Gold deserves to be with rich, warm tones such as brown and olive, and specifically dark, earthy hues. Keeping the shades in the same family gives a more continuous look that looks more put together than others.
  • Cooler tones + silver pocket watches – Silver is a shade, like grey and black, that goes with so many colours because of its neutrality. When it comes to silver metal accessories, keep in the same wheelhouse with a grey tweed suit. You can always add a pop of colour with your shirt, socks or even the thread running through your tweed suit! Silver watches also go well with navy as the silver can be shown off against a darker background.

Because it is a formal look, all you need to do is add a smart shirt and brogues and you are all set for any of those dressier events! You might decide to have a collection of shirts if you attend a lot of formal events to give you a few different style options. This is a cheaper alternative to buying multiple formal suits, especially if you are much more comfortable in the fields than formal wear!

How to Wear a Pocket Watch with a Waistcoat

Our favourite tweed waistcoats

At Rydale, you know that we certainly know our tweeds; you might even consider them our speciality! We have worked hard over the years to provide a range of country tweeds for any country gentleman to consider. Our three distinctive styles are perfect for a range of occasions so pick the one that suits your lifestyle more.

Firstly, our Hawthorn Satin Back Tweed Waistcoat is probably our most traditional and popular style. The satin back gives it a more luxurious, formal feel to be worn alone over a smart shirt or underneath a suit jacket. It comes with an adjustable buckle on the back so you can wear it as tight or as loose as you feel comfortable with.

Next up, we have our Tweed Front Waistcoat with a cotton back. This style is our more affordable option with four colour and hue choices. We particularly love the subtle colour tones of the thread running through this waistcoat as well as the extra details on the pockets and shoulders.

Finally, our Moleskin Front Waistcoat is our more simple, classic design. Made from 100% cotton, this is a style that can be dressed up and down just as easily as the other. With double front pocket features and a piece of stretchier fabric, this is our more casual version of the waistcoat.

Pocket watches often mean a lot to the person wearing them, as they have usually been passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, they deserve a stellar outfit to complement but not overshadow them. Tweed waistcoats and classic pocket watches are the perfect, formal combination for any dressy occasion!

Let us know if you have any questions about how to wear a pocket watch with a waistcoat and we will be more than happy to help you further. 

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