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How to Wear a Poncho

08 Sep 2020 |

Many of us have owned a poncho over the years but they are a style that seem to be in fashion for a while and then fade away. Then sometime later, they reappear, and the trend cycle starts all over again.

Even since the 1970s, ponchos have been notoriously difficult to wear and find items to make an outfit with them. However, it is easier than ever to mix and match items with them. Gone are the traditional style tips and in are experimenting with looks that suit you and are perfect for a whole host of occasions.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite items to wear underneath and with a poncho, items that can take you from day to night, casual to smart-casual in an instant. You know here at Rydale, we are all about quality, staple pieces that you can mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe so you will probably own most of these pieces already! We want to show you that you can wear a poncho with so many items that eventually, you won’t even have to think about styling them into an outfit, you will know exactly what works without even thinking!

Items to wear with a poncho

Styling a poncho can be the main sticking point when it comes to wearing one. They have always been a formal but not too formal piece, even though with outerwear, it is rare you even need to put in that much though when styling it.

Whilst they can be associated with the higher classes, we want to give you some everyday tips of what to wear them with. Whilst jogging bottoms and trainers may not be your best items to pair with a poncho, we want to show you that casual, country chic is your best foot forward.

Over a long-sleeved T-shirt

Ponchos are a great alternative to a light coat or jacket when the autumn months come around. When paired with a long-sleeved T-shirt, it is the perfect look for the school run or running errands. Choosing a plain coloured top means you can think less about colour clashes than if you were to pick a patterned style.

What to wear with a poncho

However, clashing prints always come back in fashion so why not try a beautiful, nautical style, with navy and white stripes? There’s something so classic about Breton striped tops so pairing them with a dark coloured poncho will give off country and boat chic vibes!

Over a collared shirt

For smart-casual occasions, a smart shirt underneath can be your best option. We love a crisp white shirt as they can be worn with almost anything you have in your wardrobe. Tuck them into a smart skirt, trousers or even skinny jeans and your outfit goes from casual to smart in an instant.

Country ladies love to show off country fashion so tie it all together with a country shirt. You might be a fan of checks or animal print so choose a style that suits your personality. With checks, it’s best to choose a gingham pattern as our ponchos have a larger checked pattern on them. Be sure to keep in the same colour family or go wild and mix it up!

How to Wear a Poncho

With skinny jeans

With a poncho on top, slim-fitting bottoms is your best foot (or leg) forward. Too much volume on both the top and the bottom half will not gain you any style points. Sticking with skinny jeans for daytime and casual evenings out won’t go amiss.

As always, dark skinny jeans should always be your go-to shade of choice as they are slimming and will help to balance out the extra volume of the poncho on top. However, if you’re a risk-taker, why not go bold with some colour? Our pink Portia skinny jeans are one of our best-sellers or you could opt for a darker berry shade with autumn around the corner.

How to Wear a Poncho

With tall boots

With your skinny jeans, your next step is to think about footwear. We love to tuck ours into a tall boot, whether it’s a riding style or a trendy biker boot. There’s something so clean about tucking your bottoms into a pair of boots and it’s perfect for the awful British weather too!

Again, sticking with traditional colours, such as tan, brown and black, will ensure you can wear your boots with any colour of jeans as well as other outfits too!

With leggings or jodhpurs

If you struggle with tucking jeans into boots, we recommend wearing jodhpurs or thick leggings instead. These tend to be a little more casual than jeans, so these are best for countryside walks. Dark colours are flattering on any figure, just make sure your jodhpurs are fitted but not too tight. They are designed to be comfortable enough to move in but not too snug that you’re struggling to breathe or walk!

How to Wear a Poncho

With a belt at the waist

For petite ladies, a poncho can be overwhelming. There can seem like there is just too much fabric that will just overwhelm your small frame. To fix that, try adding a leather belt over the top to cinch at the waist. It needs to be a belt wider than a couple of fingers to gather all the fabric underneath. If the poncho is long enough, you might be able to rock it as a dress instead!

With a skirt

Skirts and ponchos can be a tricky combination to get right. Don’t opt for a flowy skirt as the poncho will give you enough volume on its own. Fitted styles, whether they are mini or knee-length, would make a great country look. A black fitted pencil skirt with a poncho on top is a great outfit to wear en route to the office. A mini skirt is a fun alternative for nights at the pub or family gatherings.

How to Wear a Poncho

When to wear a poncho

If you’re not convinced about purchasing a poncho just yet, let us entice you more. They are more wearable than you think. No longer are they just an item for evening events; our versions can be worn anywhere, from supermarkets to village gatherings. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend wearing one over a cocktail dress or an evening gown, they can look just as chic over jeans and boots as they do over a fitted dress or skirt.

If you’re wearing a plain everyday outfit, throw on your poncho to add some extra sparkle to your staple pieces. It can also be an instant mood booster as you will feel sophisticated and ladylike straight away.

They might come and go in the fashion world, but ponchos have been a country lady staple for years. They add a touch of glamour to almost any outfit without making you look too formal. They’re so easy to just throw on as you head out the door and can keep you warm through the autumn months, just before the temperature really starts to drop.

We throw our poncho on over simple jeans and a T-shirt look, a smart shirt and skirt and a shirt and jodhpurs combination too. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to finding items to go with a poncho so why not give one a try today?

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