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How To Wear A Vintage Wax Jacket

31 Jul 2018 |

Since the wax jacket was invented, its style, practicality, and durability has allowed it to take centre stage in the classic country wardrobe.

Having a vintage wax jacket at your disposal is an absolute must. They are key item to possess, along with a classic tweed blazer and country wellies. There is no denying a wax jacket is a timeless and traditional classic piece. It’s a fact.

“How do you wear a wax jacket?” Or “when should you wear a vintage wax jacket?”

Starting with the latter, the time to don a vintage wax jacket would come when you need to be warm, dry, stylish and wanting to make a statement.

It could be out in the fields, or checking on livestock. Activities like these truly bring out the best qualities of a wax jacket - when the garment being used for exactly what it was designed for.

It could be taking a hike over the moors, as when the wet weather kicks in; you’ll be able to keep marching on without concern.

Or maybe heading to the pub on a wet Thursday evening, after all, we all want to look the part when meeting friends and in a wax jacket you’ll look exactly that.

Perhaps it could also be walking in the park with the family on a chilly day, where you’ll be warm even if the weather gets a little frosty. It’s the perfect layer to set the tone right when meeting the in-laws – trust us!

In all honesty, there’s no specific time when it’s right to get out your wax jacket, just know whenever you need a classic look alongside practicality, then it’s time.

Beginning the search for the perfect waxed jacket is a tricky one!

Fear not though, as our Rydale range covers ample styles for both men and women, for whatever the occasion. With all of our jackets being highly affordable and even better, made and designed right here in Great Britain. 

Yes, you heard right!

We are passionate about British manufacturing and hope to increase our ‘Made in Great Britain’ range in the near future. Have a blast shopping our wax range, with a few handpicked suggestions below!

Men's Wax Jackets

Our Men’s Thirsk Classic Wax Jacket is our most traditional and full-featured jacket for gents. With a 100% cotton country check lining and four generous pockets, including the traditional hand warming pockets, this jacket has elements of modern style, whilst acknowledging it’s humble country roots.

Shop the thirsk >

Ladies Hannah Wax Long Jacket

Something for the ladies, the Hannah Waxed Jacket is our most flattering waxed jacket in a shapely fitted ¾ length style. Create a look with the perfect figure hugging shape, and with scratchproof outer coating and storm flap, it is durable and designed for proper fieldwork. It will take you from the demands of exploring the countryside to meeting up with old friends in the village.

Shop hannah wax >  

Ladies Milly Belted Wax Jacket 

After a shorter style jacket, ladies? Our Milly belted wax is a great short and trendy jacket. With a flattering waist belt to bring the look together, the Milly pulls no punches on style. The inspiration for this coat came from the traditional biker’s jacket, still being a popular style today.

Shop the Milly belted >

Men's Cawood Wax Jacket

If you’re looking for our most affordable waxed jacket on a tight budget, then the Men’s and Ladies Cawood Jacket is the one for you. Made from a more modern soft touch waxed cotton canvas fabric, each jacket comes equipped with a soft corduroy collar, a detachable hood and a cotton country check lining. At just £19.99, it doesn’t come better than that.

Shop mens cawood >

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So how exactly should I wear my wax jacket? 

The best way to answer this question is starting from bottom to top.

The right footwear is an important start to getting your country look nailed. First of all, if you’re destined for the great outdoors, you need a sturdy pair of wellies. Our Gransmoor or Lisset designs are perfect, with their neoprene lining, strong grippy sole and traditional styling they’d get you off to a great start. 

Alternatively, if you’re heading into town, smart Chelsea boots should be your go-to. For the gents, Malton or Kiplin boots would be ideal, for the ladies perhaps the Kirby II or the Thirsk Jodhpur Boot. All of our Chelsea boots will keep your look right whilst being very comfortable for all-day wear.

Next on the list should be your bottom half, you should be wearing good durable jeans or chinos, so check out our men’s Rupert & ladies Portia ranges. Both join comfort, durability and style effortlessly. Select from more than six colour options and three leg lengths.

If the weather dictates, an additional pair of waterproof over-trousers can really get you out of trouble, so choose from waxed cotton over-trousers, or for something lighter, why not go for the compact and breathable ‘trousers in a packet’?

Men's Country Check Shirts

Underneath your staple wax jacket, we’d advise you went for a classic country check long sleeve shirt, adding an element of sophistication. Chaps can choose from traditional patterns like Sledmere and Otley, but we’ve got many more available. Also, our sizes run from XS-5XL so you’re sure to find something that fits the bill.

For the ladies one of our Hannah shirts would be perfect. This is another hard-to-beat range with well over 20 beautiful country checks and stripes including, Grace, Ellie and Lucy, sized from 8 to 22. 

Mens Shirts >

Ladies shirts >

Ladies Cable Knit Jumpers 

In need a bit of extra warmth on a windy or rainy day? Sneak in a cable knit sweater to provide an excellent additional layer. Once again, we have an extensive and vibrant range of colours on offer such as rose, vanilla, mocha and wine. You really are looking at a whole menu of options. Our range of hoodies and sweatshirt provide a more relaxed, but still warm look, without compromising style at times these can work well as a mid-layer for our wax jacket.

For those really wet and miserable days where you’ve no choice but to brave the elements; you can finish off your look with some weatherproof head gear, a wax cotton bush hat, a wax cap. If it’s just a bit nippy then you might be wise to select one of our fun and cozy Pom Pom hats.

The final ingredient is by far the most critical. It’s essential that you wear your wax jacket with confidence, ease and with pride because a wax jacket is not just an item of clothing, it’s a piece of true British heritage.

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