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How to Wear Biker Boots


Biker boots have always been a classic for stylish women throughout the decades, but they have recently made a comeback and it seems that they are here to stay. Fashion has never been so important since the rise of social media and the androgynous classics can now be seen on catwalks all over the world.

Mostly favoured during the Autumn and winter months, biker boots are now being worn on a daily basis whatever the season and they ultimately signify a sense of true style and character. Whilst we would usually expect to see the leather classics being worn with skinny jeans and a Blazer or coat, they are becoming increasingly popular, paired with dresses, skirts and even shorts.

Their name is associated with motorcycles and is still worn by both male and female road warriors, yet they have very quickly developed into an iconic piece of footwear and many celebrities have been spotted out and about in them, including Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin. The boots depict so many moods and are very convenient just to slip on for the day ahead. With their natural style and flair, you are free to have an open mind when it comes to deciding your daily attire. Nothing is too much or too little as they are always the forefront of attention whilst you are out and about.

Ladies Biker Boots

From ankle length to just below the knee, you will always find the Biker boot with a thick and chunky sole making them perfect for most outdoor endeavours. Bursting with warmth and comfort you will not need to worry about wearing thick socks as they will keep you protected from those dreaded cold winter chills in sheer style.

For the ladies wanting to add that rough and ready edge to their daily dress code, you simply cannot beat a sassy above the knee tweed skirt and a biker babe jacket. This fashion statement is certainly a bold one and signifies a classy yet do not mess with me look. Skinny jeans that have a biker flair are perfect to pair with the biker boots and to really steer the look, why not add a country overhead blouse and or button-down shirt.

Whether you like going bare legged or wearing tights, the biker does not mind, they will happily adapt to your fashion taste and still look amazing.  Getting the very best from your boots is easy as there isn’t a casual outfit that they don’t look outstanding with! Ladies biker boots ooze a sense of feminine power and sophistication, whilst being worn against a simple floaty dress and fine knit cardigan, keeping it simple is the key to this easy going, yet cool look.

Ladies Biker Jacket

The greatest companion of the boots is a fedora hat, felt and leather are glorious together and they ultimately complement each other leaving a lasting impression wherever they are seen together. Exceptional value for money they last a lifetime and the more worn and tattered they get, the more stylish they look!

Whatever the day ahead holds for you, the biker boots will fit in nicely, whether you’re mucking out the horses, shopping in the town, or taking the kids to the park you can be safe in the knowledge that your feet will be well looked after. They certainly do not discriminate so experiment with different outfits, see what works for you and don’t forget your sunglasses and weekend bag!

Who can wear Biker Boots

There isn’t any restrictions when it comes to wearing the Biker as they are unisex and desired by all age groups. Mostly worn by men and women with a love for motorcycles whilst sporting their leathers cruising on those beaming hot days, they are now also worn by young to middle aged women for casual occasions such as shopping, and even meeting the girls for a spot of lunch.

Ladies Biker Jeans

How should biker boots fit

The idea of the Biker boot is to hug the foot firmly. With their usual style being of a buckle or zipped nature they allow easy access for your feet. Your foot should not slide around in the boot and there should not be much room for manoeuvre. If you happen to be between sizes, then we recommend that you maybe try a size up to avoid disappointment. Measure the length and width of your foot and compare to the online size chart for the best results.

Caring for your Biker boots

We all know that for our footwear to last a lifetime we need to protect it well. Using a footwear protector polish or spray will certainly keep the wear and tear of the wet and rainy weather at bay. A stiff brush is always the key to saying goodbye to any dried mud or excess dirt that your boots are likely to collect whilst you’re out and about enjoying the great outdoors. Your boots shouldn’t require too much fuss but applying a daily care routine will keep them looking their very best for years to come.

Of course, if you need any help or advice on choosing the right pair of biker boots for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer care team who are always happy to help. Be sure to check out the full collection of ladies and men's boots for more fantastic styles. 


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