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How to Wear Breeks

17 Nov 2020 |

Knowing the right attire for shooting is key to fitting in at your local club. Many might have a stricter dress code than others but either way, you want to make sure you are looking your best at all times. We always recommend checking with your club or the host first so you can blend in with the rest of the crowd. Looking the part is half the battle and we wouldn’t want you to stick out for the wrong uniform!

Before you do anything, check the weather first. This will determine if you need waterproof clothing, layers or a hat. There is nothing worse than being too hot or too cold whilst out shooting when all you needed to do was a bit of preparation beforehand. A waterproof outer layer rarely goes amiss though as you know how temperamental our weather can be! Similarly, layers are key to any outdoor activity in the countryside so thinner layers will always serve you well.

Breeks are the perfect example of an easy to wear item that doesn’t require too much thought into how they are worn. Think classic country gentleman meets game shooter but with a modern twist.

Men's Breeks

Shooting gear can be notoriously hard to look stylish but we are here to show you how. Again, we suspect you will own many of the items mentioned already, so it’s all about giving them a practical twist for long shooting days!

What to wear with breeks

If you want to be the most stylish person on the shoot or at the range, full tweed is the way to go. Under no circumstances should you ever mix tweed so for a full country gentleman look, make sure all your tweed matches. You could go for a three piece suit - jacket or blazer, waistcoat and breeks - or ditch the waistcoat if you want more of a casual vibe. Especially for shooting, waistcoats can sometimes be restrictive so try moving around in one first before heading out of the house.

Pockets are essential when on a shoot so make sure your jackets and trousers have plenty of them. Make sure the pockets are deep enough for spare cartridges or you’ll be spending more time searching for them in a bag than you will do shooting!

Men's Tweed Jacket

Now which country folk would be seen without a checked shirt in their wardrobe? Try shades or hues that complement your tweed. Look at the thread of your tweed and pick out the colours highlighted. It could be reds, blues or greens so try matching up your shirt’s checks with them. Make sure it’s fitted enough to tuck into your breeks but not too tight that you struggle to move freely. If it’s during the summer, make sure you can roll up the sleeves comfortably if needs be.

A hat of your choosing always finishes a country look. For shooting, a flat cap is usually your best option and it can even be matched to your tweed for an even sleeker look. Try your hat on before you go to make sure you feel comfortable in it and that you’ll be able to wear ear protection over it.

Speaking of, don’t forget your eye and ear protection too! Usually you can grab these from the club or if you are a regular, why not invest in a set of your own? Safety first!

Men's Shooting Tie

For the more formal shooting trips, a tie is considered an essential. Try to match it up with the checks in your breeks or tweed jacket or have it be a statement piece with a bright colour or pattern. A wider style of tie works best for shooting so leave the skinny versions for the office.

No matter what time of year, the temperature has a habit of dropping with the drop of a hat despite what the weather forecast says. A thin knit jumper or zip up fleece is the perfect layering piece. Wear underneath a jacket or coat when it’s really cold outside or have it as an outer layer when the weather is a little warmer. Either way, it’s an easy piece to take on or put back on if the weather can’t make up its mind!

Sturdy footwear is a must when shooting; you cannot wear canvas trainers or a pair of loafers for a shooting trip. Your best options are leather boots or brogues. Remember that they must be comfortable so never wear a brand new pair of shoes as you will be standing for the majority of the day. It is essential that they are sturdy enough but you must be able to move your feet well in them or you will not last the day!

Men's Brogue Shoes

Make sure you have used some waterproof protection spray on your leather shoes in case they get muddy. This is why we recommend leather, as opposed to suede, because they are much easier to clean afterwards!

How to wear your breeks with socks

Socks should always be worn over the top of your breeks at knee height, preferably with a garter tied at the top. Then you should fold the top of your socks back over the garter to show the top of the socks. This way, the socks won’t be falling down around your ankle and you won’t have to spend the day pulling them up.

Investing in a good pair of socks will stand you in good stead if you are a regular shooter. You would be amazed at the difference you will feel with a comfortable, quality pair of socks on a long day on a shoot.

Breeks don’t have to be as difficult to wear as they seem to be. Just a few simple changes to regular trousers make them much more wearable. With the right gear, you’ll feel comfortable on the shoot whether you are a professional shooter or a first timer. Just think about how well you will fit in with the right attire!

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