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How to Wear Knee High Socks

01 Jun 2021 |

Socks always have been and always will be an essential item of clothing, no matter your age or gender. It is said that they were invented during ancient times and were originally made from matted animal hair and leather, they very quickly developed into a daily necessity and during the 1800’s they were made on the knitting machine for mass production.

The main role of the sock is to absorb perspiration, as the foot is probably the heaviest producer of sweat in the human body. We all know how damp our socks become after a long day of labour in our work boots and where would we be without the old faithful to protect us from those dreaded blisters and rubbing.

Ladies Polo Design Knee High Socks

Remembering our school days always reminds us of the knee-high, knitted white sock which was made typically famous by the Belles at St Trinian’s back in the 1954 comedy picture. Our school uniform was simply incomplete without the smartness of a knee-high sock to give off that sense of regimented school routine, and Mum always made sure they were nice and clean for that embarrassing yearly school photo!

Not only suitable for the ladies, knee-high socks were also very much a gentlemen’s accessory during the reign of the Roman Empire and they are still commonly worn to this very day by the guys for events such as shooting, boating and hunting. Twiggy was regularly photographed in a little dress and a pair of innocent looking knee-high white socks and she certainly made an impact on the fashion industry during the 1960’s.

Ladies Horse Print Knee High Socks

Diamond argyle patterned socks, plain white, or simply black, they have survived all decades and they are still largely in demand on the vintage scene. If you were blessed with naturally gorgeous legs, your top drawer is probably full of knee-highs socks, and why not! There simply is not any better way to show off your lovely, long pins than with a pair of knee-high socks.

Cute and trendy with almost anything, we want you to make the most of your fashion accessory as there are so many ways to wear your knee-highs in sheer style. Us ladies love to wear dresses and skirts, but we are easily put off when there is a spot of cold weather predicted for the day ahead. Wearing a pair of knee-high socks beneath your skirt or dress will keep your legs warm and comfortable whilst looking amazingly stylish.

The real deal for keeping comfortable in knee high country boots, simply pull on a pair of knee-high socks and you will be comfortable from knee to toe whilst out in the stables or enjoying some retail therapy. Long coats and loafers look incredible paired with the knee-high and this timeless look certainly sets tongues wagging.

Ladies Argyle Knee High Socks

Colour coordinate If you are undecided on what colour to buy, think of the colours that you are most likely to wear each day, and choose a pair that include similar contrasts. Pinks, Browns, and Blues are a good idea if you have a pastel filled wardrobe. For those of you with a bubbly and outgoing personality, striped knee high socks, horseshoes prints, and polka dots are always great for showing off your fun side. We also have an eye-catching and colourful range of classic polo design socks, galloping horses, snaffles and much more.

Event wear Gents, we have not forgotten about you! The knee-high socks for the guys are most commonly worn with tweed shorts and Breeks which makes them ideal for that all important shooting or hunting event that you have planned. Mallard and Pheasant logos are the Rydale seal of approval when it comes to purchasing your event socks and we even have the ties to match! Ideal for that evening dinner mulling over the best shoot, your knee-highs and tweed breeks will carry the casual to formal look right throughout the day. With this truly delectable look, you will be photo ready with confidence all day long.

Ladies Knee High Striped Socks

Gifts and stocking fillers If you know somebody who fits the bill when it comes to wearing knee-high socks, purchasing them as a simple gift can often influence one’s fashion tastes. Great for the country loving lady who loves the riding club, you can bet that this cute gift idea will be more than appreciated. They nicely complete many outfits and are great for finishing that birthday or Christmas wish list. It is always a good time to treat yourself to the little pleasures in life and a pair of knee-high socks are the perfect way to cheer yourself up after a long week at work or the little setbacks that life throws at us every now and then.

Get in touch - With so many different pairs to choose from you may find yourself spoilt for choice! To find out about our latest designs and offers please contact our customer service helpline for further assistance. Be sure to check out the full collections of ladies socks and men’s socks for more stylish and eye-catching prints.


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