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How to wear Portia skinny jeans


Here at Rydale, we’re huge fans of skinny jeans. In fact, most of us wear them daily because they’re just so versatile! There are very few items that they don’t go with, meaning endless outfit options from day to night.

However, you may be one of those people who bought your skinny jeans a few years ago and have always struggled with styling them.

Perhaps you know how to wear them during the day but have no idea what items to wear them with for night-time events.

In this guide, we’ve come up with a few general scenarios you might come across in your average week. We’ll give you some ideas of items to wear your skinny jeans with, and most of them will be lurking in your wardrobe somewhere!

Denim Portia Skinny Jeans

Running errands

Think the school run, dog walks, and the food shop. You want to be comfortable, first and foremost, but warmth can also be a factor here, especially if it involves walking outdoors. Skinny jeans are the perfect base for this kind of task as they’re a great item to dress down.

The trick is definitely layering if you’re running errands, because you don’t know if you might get caught in the rain or in a colder spell of weather.

Start off by choosing your base; a long-sleeved t-shirt like our Cayton Bay style in a neutral colour like white or navy acts similarly to a thermal top. Then you can start to build your outfit on top of that.

You might want to go completely casual with a hoodie and a gilet. Our favourite pairing is our Button Hoody in Gunmetal with our Wansford II Hooded Gilet in Iron.

Of course, if it’s winter, switch out the gilet for a proper coat! Alternatively, you may prefer to dress a little smarter with a cardigan and wax jacket. Our Cable Knit Cardigan in Navy even features pockets!

Add our Milly II Belted Wax Jacket in Tan over the top for a classic, streamlined look.

Don’t forget your footwear too. A clean pair of white trainers are the perfect pair of trainers for extra comfort.

However, if it’s raining or muddy, we never say no to a pair of statement wellies. Our Ripon II High Gloss Wellies in Rose certainly stand out and are super easy to wipe clean after you’re done!

Shopping trips or casual days out

Even though they are a causal affair, sometimes you like to make a little more of an effort, especially if you’re meeting someone, be that your husband, mother, or siblings.

You might decide to go grab something to eat so don’t want to look out of place in a restaurant if you go in your most casual outfit.

A flowy blouse is the perfect addition for a shopping trip; some indoor shopping centres can get incredibly warm! Our Willow Blouse in Daisy Blue is perfect for spring/summer!

As we get closer to the warmer weather, we can finally start switching out our winter boots for summer ballet flats and loafers. Our Leather Deck Shoes in Light Brown have a cushioned rubber sole and a soft lining, ensuring your feet are comfortable when doing a lot of walking!

Olive Portia Skinny Jeans

To the office

If you work in a more casual office, you might be able to wear jeans for work. Even if you are allowed, sometimes it can be nice to make them look as smart as possible. Choosing a dark wash keeps the look as professional as can be.

A shirt and a blazer keep the same idea across the board. Try a contemporary spin by wearing a lilac/pink shirt with a tweed blazer.

By matching the colour in the tweed to your shirt, it makes the look seem more thought-out. Smart but comfortable shoes in the office are a must. Our Wrelton Snaffle Suede Loafers in Navy will match your jeans and even make your legs look long and slender.

Drinks with the girls or date nights

This is the area you can take some risks as your friends will appreciate fashion more so than anyone else! During winter, adding a colourful V-neck jumper with a statement necklace will always stand out.

Our V-Neck Cable Knit Jumper comes in eight different colours so you really are spoilt for choice! Because of the cold, closed-toe heels or heeled boots are perfect for a night out.

When the weather is a little warmer, ditch the jumper for a blouse or stripy, short-sleeved top. If you pick a top with minimal pattern or colour, you can go crazy with your accessories. Pick a bright coloured bag or pair of shoes or make your jewellery the focus.

Smoke Portia Skinny Jeans

Casual evening events: family meals, cinema trips

Night-time does not have to mean glamourous and dressed up, you can always opt for a more, dressed down look if that’s what you prefer. Our Portia skinny jeans are made from a mix of cotton and elastane, which means extra stretch.

This is always a major plus when eating out, especially if you’re heading for an all-you-can-eat buffet type of meal! Pair them with a loose-fitting top so you don’t feel restricted.

Although you probably won’t be doing a great deal of moving or walking, comfortable shoes are still a must for casual outfits. Instead of trainers, why not try a pair of Chelsea boots?

Our Kirby Leather Chelsea Boots in Cognac/Animal are super on-trend for this spring/summer. Animal print is always a stand out print but if you’d rather just dip your toe into the trend, footwear is a great way to start!


When it comes to travel, we always recommend travelling in the thickest items you’ll be taking. This usually means a jumper, boots, any outerwear, and jeans.

You can always take a layer off at a time if you get too hot but by wearing your thicker items to travel in, this allows more room in your case for essentials — or more clothes! Being comfortable, however, is the most important factor if you’re going to be sitting down for a long period of time.

Adding a fleece or sweatshirt can keep you warm and cosy. Our Etton II Sweatshirt in Cherry/Vanilla keeps you warm and comfortable and is still stylish.

As you can see, our Portia skinny jeans can be worn for so many different occasions, whether it’s a causal affair or a more dressy event.

Of course, you can wear whatever you have in your wardrobe with them, we just thought we’d give you a few pointers to help you along the way. Skinny jeans really do suit all body types and shapes so there really is a style to suit everyone!


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