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How to Wear Tan Chelsea Boots

15 Apr 2021 |

Boots are always the hardest-working item in your wardrobe during the autumn months, so it is important to ensure you choose the right pair. There are so many styles on the market to choose from - think knee-high, sock, animal print and suede, to name just a few - in fact, there might be too many! So, to help you out on your quest to find the perfect boots for you, we’re focusing all our energy on a time-honoured classic: tan Chelsea boots.

Chelsea boots in general date back to the Victorian era when, similar to today, they were worn by both men and women. Traditionally, Chelsea boots featured flat soles, rounded toes and came up to just above the ankles. More recently, however, the iconic Chelsea boot style has evolved into various designs, from heeled versions, brogue styles, rustic designs and even tweed textures.

Ladies Tan Chelsea Boots

They are such a footwear essential, that I wouldn’t be surprised if you already owned a pair of Chelsea boots. But, have you got a pair of tan Chelsea boots? More versatile and subtle than a black Chelsea boot, you can wear tan Chelsea boots with almost any outfit to create a stylish look that all your friends will be envious of. We have put together this useful guide, explaining how to wear tan Chelsea boots. Be it with jeans, dresses, shorts or skirts, we have all the top tips for wearing tan Chelsea boots this season.

What are Chelsea Boots?

Chelsea boots, like many other boot styles out there, tend to be made from leather, with a rounded toe and low heel. But, what distinguishes Chelsea boots from other styles of ankle boot are their stand-out elastic side-panels.

This stylish, versatile boot has a long and reputable history behind it. As with many of our best inventions, the Chelsea boot was first worn by the visionary Victorians. In fact, it was actually Queen Victoria’s cobbler who thought up this style of boot, but they were initially referred to as Paddock Boots and were mainly worn by horse riders or while out walking.

So, how did they come to be known as “Chelsea” boots? They claimed their more modern title during the 1950s when they became a style staple for a group of avant-garde trailblazers named after the London borough that they chose as their stomping ground. This notorious Chelsea band included the influencers of their day, including writers, artists, aristocrats and musicians. Written about in newspapers and magazines, this influential group led the UK’s fashion renaissance, kick-starting the contemporary Chelsea boot trend.

Women's Tan Chelsea Boots

Admired by celebrities everywhere, including the likes of The Beatles and Andy Warhol, the Chelsea boot soon became a style icon that could be worn by anyone. Today, Chelsea boots are still recognised as a footwear favourite for many and are now celebrated by modern-day superstars such as Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham.

The good news is, you don’t have to be a fashion icon to pull off a pair of Chelsea boots. Popular amongst both men and women, anyone can wear a pair of Chelsea boots and benefit from their great looks and comfortable feel.

How to Wear Tan Chelsea Boots for Women

Tan Chelsea boots might just be the most versatile footwear option out there. It can be difficult for women to find that perfect go-to pair of shoes for any occasion. Well, those days of buying multiple pairs of shoes for various events are long gone. With a pair of ladies tan Chelsea boots, you will be set for whatever your plans are, day or night!

You may think that black Chelsea boots are a little harsh for during the day or for warmer weather. Tan Chelsea boots in leather or suede will solve this dilemma, providing the perfect all-year-round boot option.

For spring or the last days of summer, you can pair your tan Chelsea boots with a skirt or dress. Opt for a classic country tweed mini skirt or a twill chino skirt. Alternatively, team your tan Chelsea ankle boots with a nautical striped dress for a comfortable but stylish look. 

For the autumn or winter seasons, you could team your tan Chelsea boots with a pair of skinny denim jeans or cropped trousers. You could even go all out on the equestrian look with a pair of jodhpurs - we told you tan Chelsea boots go with just about anything.

Ladies Leather Chelsea Boots

How to Wear Tan Chelsea Boots for Men

A good quality pair of Chelsea boots will give men an endless number of outfit possibilities. Men’s tan Chelsea boots are so adaptable that no gent’s wardrobe should be without a pair. Whether you opt for some suede brown Chelsea boots for the rugged country look or genuine leather tan Chelsea boots for a smarter feel, every man should own a pair of stylish tan Chelsea boots.

Once again, men’s brown Chelsea boots can be worn all year round, from the end of summer through to the very depths of winter. During the warmer months, you could pair your tan ankle boots with a pair of men’s chino shorts. Throw on a comfy, lightweight t-shirt or polo shirt for the complete cool summer look.

During the winter months, you could team your tan Chelsea boots with a pair of straight-leg denim jeans or some stylish chino trousers. Finish off your winter look with a classic country checked shirt and a wax cotton jacket to take off the chill.

So, now you know how to wear tan Chelsea boots, no matter what time of the year, you can easily create a stylish and sophisticated outfit suited to summer or winter weather. Whether you’re a man or a woman, a pair of brown Chelsea boots is a must-have. The ultimate versatile footwear option, you won’t regret investing in a pair.

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