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How to Wear Wellies

04 Jun 2021 |

Wellies have long been a staple pair of footwear for any countryside dweller, providing great protection for your feet, keeping them dry and warm in any conditions. In recent years, they have moved away from the countryside, and they are becoming an essential piece in most people’s wardrobe. Long gone are the days you have a pair in the back of your under stairs cupboard and you only bring them out on the odd occasion, maybe a festival or a dog walk on a particularly rainy day. These utilitarian boots are making a wave in the fashion world, moving away from purely functional and adding style, with more colours and designs available.

With staycations increasing in popularity with travel restrictions that were in place, the trusty pair of wellies are seeing more use with many more people heading to the countryside rather than tropical beaches. Sales of wellingtons soared in 2020, even making their way to fashion shows around the world, meaning the boots are now more accessible than ever and with new designs, easier to match to your outfit. In this blog today, we will be looking at the best way to wear your wellies in different situations.

Ladies Waterproof Wellies

Country Walks/Dog Walking

When it comes to a country walk, a pair of wellingtons are essential, it may be dry when you set off, but you can’t guarantee it will stay that way. Our Ladies Neoprene Lined Wellies - Lady Gransmoor II or the Men's Neoprene Lined Wellington Boots - Gransmoor III are ideal for long walks, with a lighter weight and more comfort, these boots are ideal for your visits to the country without worrying about your feet aching or getting wet. These boots come in classic navy and olive colours, making them easy to match with your outfit. Jeans go very well with these boots, with them finishing higher up the leg, we recommend you tuck your trousers in, this way you keep your jeans protected too from any water or mud you may encounter.

For a classic country look, you can finish the outfit with a checked shirt. The wellington boots will go with any top you decide, so it is all personal preference. This look is easy to pull off for men and women and offers a great country look that is easy to put together and very practical. A slimmer pair of jeans are usually better to go with wellingtons, this creates a clean line down the leg and avoids the fabric bunching around the top of your wellies.

Ladies Printed Wellington Boots

If you wish to keep a smart look whilst wearing wellies, you can just treat them as though they are your normal boots. The versatility of the wellies will see you through any situation. For a smarter look for men, you can wear a jumper over your shirt, which adds some smartness without looking like you are wearing a full suit with your wellies. Alternatively, you can add a smarter coat, something like a trench coat that will keep your body as dry as your feet is something that can be paired very easily with a pair of wellies and any outfit.

Festival Styles

Although designed for winter weather, wellies are probably the most essential item you can take to a festival with you. Whether it is summer or not, you cannot trust the British weather. Chances are you will not be wearing the wellies to keep your legs warm, but to keep them dry. With this in mind, you probably won’t need the full wellington, the Ladies Gloss Wellies, Ripon III or the Men's Wellingtons - Classic II are great pairs for a festival. The Ripon wellies come in some very bright colours ideal for the summer, or some more neutral if that’s more your style.

As wellington boots are extremely versatile, they will go with any outfit you pick, but if the weather is good, a pair of shorts with a slightly oversized t shirt is always a safe option for a comfortable, practical yet stylish outfit that doesn’t require any effort for men or women. It is also a good idea to keep one of our waterproof Jacket in a Packet handy to keep yourself dry in a sudden downpour.

Ladies Short Wellies

Make sure you always wear a decent pair of socks with your wellies, not only does this avoid any rubbing but also absorb any moisture. Wellies aren’t designed to be breathable, they are watertight both inside and out, so any moisture inside won’t be escaping.

With wellingtons no longer being seen as just a practical item of clothing to keep yourself dry, it is easy to work them into your outfits and still look great. Whether you go for the neoprene lined wellies for the winter months to keep you both dry and warm or a pair of mid-calf to keep you dry in the summer showers, it is easier than you think to incorporate them into your wardrobe.

They can easily replace a pair of leather boots at shooting events for days you need extra protection from the muddy ground or just easily be slipped on for a walk out in the country. Whatever the occasion, wellies are now seen as a fashion statement rather than just something you throw on when needed, so they can be worn worn with confidence and add some style to your outfit. It is important that you wear some thick socks, maybe a couple pair of boot socks not only to protect from any rubbing, but also keep your feet fresh.

We stock a range of socks that are ideal for use with wellies, warm enough to keep your feet warm in winter, but breathable to stop them overheating.

We hope you have enjoyed our guide on how to wear wellies and some of the outfit choices we recommended. Don’t forget to browse our full range of men’s and women’s wellies for more inspiration and ideas.

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