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Muddy Puddle Clothing for Kids

12 May 2022 |

Despite the weather improving lately, you know that rainy days are inevitable during a great British summer. However, that shouldn’t put a dent in any plans you have as a family when simply being prepared beforehand is all you need to do.

Whilst we always recommend wearing what you have, you can’t put a price on staying clean and dry, especially when it comes to kids. We’re sure you’ve been out and about in a downpour and your children have been soaked right through. The best way to avoid that happening again is through a puddlesuits.

They can often be a struggle to put on but once your child is wearing theirs, it protects their outfit underneath, making it ideal for daytime walks and trips to the park. Our puddlesuits are available from children beginning at six months up to age 5. Once they start growing up, you can switch the puddlesuits for a waterproof jacket and wellies and our range of both is extensive.

Boy's Puddlesuits

Let’s first take a look at our range of puddlesuits before touching on our other waterproof clothing items, perfect for splashing around in muddy puddles.

Waterproof puddlesuits

If you’re unsure of which style your child will prefer, start off with the traditional waterproof splashsuit. With a choice of bright colours and patterns, toddlers and small children alike can even have a hand in choosing the design they prefer. That might make them want to wear it even more!

Whilst the kids might be thinking about the print, parents will be thinking about the quality! Our all-in-ones are lightweight and breathable, so kids won’t overheat when splashing around in the puddles. The front full-length zip makes them easy to get on and off and the oversized style is designed to fit a regular outfit underneath. The elasticated hood and cuffs are to keep the cold out and the heat in.

Girl's Splashsuit

If your child is prone to splashing in water or mud, a splash suit is much more practical than a raincoat. By protecting their entire body, they can have as much fun as they want and you know they’ll be safe and dry underneath. The eye-catching designs make them easier to spot so they’ll brighten even the dullest days!

Fleece-lined puddlesuits

During colder months, you might think that a fleece-lined splashsuit is more appropriate. That extra insulation is perfect when the temperature drops and you know your child won’t get cold. However, they also won’t overheat with the breathable fabric. This style is still waterproof so it’s a great option for rainy day walks and muddy puddles.

Once again, the storm-proof cuffs and elasticated hood are still there, keeping the heat in even more. Your kids will feel so cosy and comfortable in these splash suits because it’s still lightweight to allow maximum movement. With seven fun prints to choose from, your children can pick their favourite themselves. Hopefully they won’t change their minds by the time your puddlesuits is delivered!

Dungaree puddlesuits

When the summer comes around, a puddlesuits can sometimes be a bit too much fabric. That’s why we’ve released a small selection of waterproof dungarees for girls and boys, perfect for warmer days. Layer an old T-shirt underneath on hot days and your kids can play to their heart's content! They’re easy to wash or wipe down so you don’t need to worry about them not lasting.

Boy's Splashsuits

Our collection of waterproof clothing for kids

Although we do love our puddlesuits, we realise they’re only available for smaller children. For older children or rainy days when your kids won’t be splashing about in puddles quite as much, regular waterproof clothing is more suitable. We’ve rounded up a selection of our range, from jackets and gilets to footwear. We’ve got everything from neutral colours to bold patterns and prints so there really is a style for every child.

Waterproof jacket

For younger children, you could buy a matching jacket to their splashsuit. From floral print and dinosaurs to bees and bugs, there really is a style for any kid! The foldaway hood and concealed zip add practical touches and the two large front pockets are perfect for storing gloves (or snacks). It’s been designed for all seasons so your child can wear a T-shirt underneath during summer and a knitted jumper or fleece underneath during winter. The mesh lining makes the jacket lightweight and breathable too, perfect for day trips.

When it comes to older children, they will probably want something less patterned and more adult. A bomber jacket is great for casual occasions for children and adults alike, making it one of our most practical jacket styles. Both the girls’ and boys’ versions have multiple pockets, a foldaway hood, elasticated cuffs and a fleece lining, all your favourite features in one jacket.

Girl's Puddlesuits

Splash gilet

An alternative to a waterproof jacket, a splash gilet has been designed specifically for muddy puddles. The fleece lining gives an extra layer of warmth but your child won’t overheat because it’s sleeveless. It’s the perfect item for early morning walks when it’s warmer outside. Gilets are freeing so they’ll be super comfortable and able to play and run around freely, ideal for active children. It still comes in the same colourful prints and the puddlesuits and jackets come in so they can still have a choice of pattern.


You can’t play in muddy puddles or in the countryside without a pair of wellies on your feet! Our designs for younger children feature handles so your children can eventually pull their wellies on themselves. Once again, we’ve introduced tonnes of patterns and colours so your children will want to wear their wellies as much as possible. With diggers, ponies, daisies and tractors just to name a few, they can choose their favourite.

For older children who want something a little more muted, our classic Ripon wellies are available in a shiny navy shade for boys and girls. The deep tread is perfect for exploring in the countryside, whether as a family or with their friends. If they still love patterns, our Wistow flying duck wellies are subtle but still stand out. They are so comfortable when worn with boot socks that you’ll want to live in them!

Whilst muddy puddle clothing has a reputation for being bland and not child-friendly, we wanted to design a range of splashsuits, waterproof jackets and wellies that children love and want to wear constantly. They can choose their favourite colours and patterns and mix and match their own pieces. Our range is unisex too so they should be able to pick the designs that they love the most.


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