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Outfits for Ascot


We all love a fun day out at the races and with the economy finally returning to normal, the turnstiles have re-opened to the public once again. We all have that one friend who just loves to arrange a what could be a messy day out at Ascot, they simply prepare everything, from hiring the minibus right down to purchasing the tickets. Whether you’re pitching up for the day with picnic chairs and a classy hamper or visiting the bar in full style, you will need to look your very best for the day ahead.

A day at the races can certainly be a long one, with many trips to the bar and booky, you can be sure that you will be busy. Races are notorious for those jolly boy outings and when the guys get together the jokes, laughter and beers are unstoppable. Selfies and antics make the day and there isn’t any better excuse to dress up than a day out watching the horse racing.

Ladies Tweed Skirt

Nowadays, it seems a gent’s style is just as important as the ladies, if not more and they definitely pull out all the stops to look the best dressed amongst their social groups. There are so many outfit ideas for the guys attending Ascot and it seems that nothing is too much or too little for that exciting day out. It is more than safe to say that dapper is the key to that winning look and Rydale have all the answers when it comes to choosing your outfits for Ascot.

Gents’ racecourse attire

We all know that you guys love to look immaculate for the races and nothing should look or feel out of place whilst you’re having fun with the boys. Waistcoats are perfect for the races, and they always offer a sense of completion to your formal outfit. Chinos and deck shoes look simply delectable together, paired with an Oxford cotton shirt and a Tweed Blazer. This type of outfit oozes Italian class and it is certainly a head turning combination. Brogue shoes are always a big hit with the chaps at Ascot, whether you’re into shoes or market day smart shoes Rydale have got it covered.

Tans, antiques and browns are popular colours for footwear for the races and they contrast well with most attires. As most race days are sunny ones, wearing a hat is always a good ideal to shield you from the sun and any unexpected downpours. A stylish Panama, flat cap or a cheeky baker boy hat always complete any gentlemen’s attire stylishly and there is something to suit everybody at Rydale. 

Tweed Suit

Accessories for the races

With so many ways to enjoy yourself at the races, you will always find that you need those little extras to make your day flow with ease. Rydale have an exclusive inventory of items that you may find yourself needing for that fun day out.

For the families who love taking the kiddies and grand parents to see the races in a relaxing setting, picnic rugs and camping chairs are simply a must. Easy to pack away in the boot of the car, you will be ready to pitch up in no time. We all know that the sun can be a little too much whilst enjoying the fun that the races can bring and having a summer hat to hand is always a great idea to prevent any side effects from those beaming summer rays.

We can’t always expect to have the perfect weather for a day out at Ascot, the grey clouds can soon close in and those unexpected showers are upon us. If you haven’t booked for indoor access, you may find yourself getting a little wet! Being prepared for the changes that mother nature can bring is almost essential when it comes to events such as Ascot! Wellies for men and women, umbrellas and a good old jacket in a packet are life savers when the racing grounds are sodden. Available for all the family including the kiddies, these handy little items can be used time and time again and they certainly do last a lifetime.

Men's Tweed Blazer

Ladies’ racecourse attire

These days it seems that the traditional jolly boys outing has turned into the jolly girls outing which is most commonly known as Ladies Day. The girls are most definitely louder than the boys and they aren’t afraid to show it… especially at Ascot.

They can drink the boys under the table and are the first at the booky to have a flutter on the horses. They arrive in the largest of groups and the biggest of hats and they are there to steal the show with those glamorous and classy outfits.

For the girls it all begins with finding the best hat, overdone is the key to the races and the louder the better. Rydale have created the Anna straw hat which is perfect to wear with that all important dress and it looks simply amazing with a classy pair of sunglasses. Fedora’s and Panama’s are also classical items when it comes to standing out in a large crowd.

Fedora Hat with Feather

Horseracing is a rural culture and literally any country items are welcomed at Ascot. Wearing a pair of Knee high riding boots are the ultimate deal when it comes to horse racing, and you may find yourself with a few admirers as you casually stroll by with an ice loaded cocktail. Tall boots paired up with a tweed skirt can create a truly eye-catching look. For days where the weather isn't on our side, a stylish tweed poncho is the perfect coverup. 

If you’re looking for comfort, skinny jeans or crops and a country blouse are the epitome of elegance when paired with a pair of Chelsea boots - leather or suede. There isn’t any better way to complete this outfit, than with a tweed waistcoat.

The bar is always packed out at Ascot and waiting for your next drink can be daunting with people pushing and shoving to get to the front of the queue. If we're honest, we all know some of us ladies like to by-pass all that waiting and smuggle our own little hip flask into the premises to avoid the hustle and bustle of the crowds. With a stunning cross-body suede bag or large clutch purse you can rest assured that all of your personal belongings will be safe including that naughty little tipple you’ve brought along.

If you’re heading to Ascot this year and need some assistance with styling up, please contact us at Rydale for some winning racecourse tips. Be sure to check out the full range of men's and ladies race clothing for more exciting styles for you to choose from.


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