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Outfits for Weddings Abroad

07 Jun 2021 |

When it comes to picking an outfit for a wedding, it can be difficult to fine the perfect balance between looking your best and being ready for the weather to change at any moment. A destination wedding changes this entirely. Although you don’t have the weather to worry about, unless it was booked during the rainy season, many weddings abroad will have different levels of formality meaning the outfits you wear would differ to a normal wedding.

Although most wedding invitations will include a dress code, you might still want to ask other guests what they will be wearing so you aren’t the odd one out. They outfit choice can depend on where the wedding is being held, a beach wedding would have a lot more laidback dress code than a wedding held in a picturesque European city.

Ladies Floral Wrap Dress

When it comes to a destination wedding, one of the most exciting things is ditching tradition and wearing something completely different to what you usually would. Just because traditional looks are out the window, that doesn’t mean you can rock up in your shorts and t shirt (unless the wedding is extremely casual). Plus, with all the time loungewear has been a go to outfit choice, it can be fun to get dressed up. Today we will be looking at the correct way to put an outfit together for a wedding abroad.

Beach Wedding

If a couple have chosen a beach wedding, chances are there will be a much more relaxed dress code. You can expect your guests to be walking around in a full suit in the sun. When it comes to an outfit, it is always best to check the invitation first to see if there is a dress code written on there, but it is usually a safe bet that if the wedding is in a warm place on the beach, a ‘dressy casual’ outfit would work best.

For men we recommend you look for lighter materials, linen trousers in a light stone or beige colour would suit a beach wedding great. Up top you can stick with a standard plain white button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Finish the outfit off with some deck shoes, smart enough for a smart casual outfit, but still comfortable and light enough to avoid overheating feet. If the dress code is more relaxed, you can easily get away with shorts. Our chino shorts are perfect for this type of look, combining the casualness of shorts with the added smartness of the chino style, these won’t look out of place at the ceremony or wondering around doing some exploring. This look is easy to pull off and is smart enough, so you look like you’re attending a wedding, but not overdressed so you look out of place.

Wool Felt Hat

You may think that a beach wedding outfit for a women would be much more complicated, but it is even more simple than a normal wedding. As the temperature will no doubt be higher, you can get away with a more casual, lightweight flowy dress. Floral designs are a favourite for a beach wedding, something like the Rose wrap dress would be ideal. The summery design lends itself to a summery situation and the wrap around design creates a flattering silhouette.

Of course, you can go for something a bit more formal or more to your style. Floral prints go hand in hand with a more casual outdoor wedding, but any sundress would be suitable. Make sure you wear wedges or flat shoes to avoid digging your heel out of sand after every step.

Many beach weddings have a more bohemian feel, so accessories such as a floral headband is a great choice. If you match this with one of the colours on your dress, it will give the outfit a more put together feel without being too clinical. Alternatively, a summer hat is also a great choice to keep the look together and protect you from the sun.


Not all destination weddings will take place on the beach, so don’t be packing your beachwear as soon as you get invited to a wedding abroad. Some people may choose a wedding abroad as they have a special connection with the place rather than an excuse to head to the beach. If the wedding is in a different country, but still a more formal occasion, you will want to dress appropriately.

If the wedding is outdoors, then a more casual approach would be more acceptable, but not as casual as a beach wedding. For men you can still get away with lighter shades of trousers, jackets, and waistcoats in a lightweight material, such as linen or cotton.

Pastel colours are more acceptable for a smart look with a more contemporary feel. We recommend you go for a pair of cropped trousers for a warmer climate, team with a pair of slip-on loafers, with no show socks, for a smart, but comfortable look. You might be able to do away with the tie so you aren’t feeling too restricted in the heat, however this is something you should check with others before committing to.

For women, a long flowing maxi dress can be a great option. In summer you will be spoilt for choice with different styles and designs. Bright colours and floral patterns are a great choice for a warmer wedding. A summer hat and sunglasses can be essential for comfort and to also keep you looking sophisticated.

Sleeveless options are often the most comfortable but having too much skin out in the sun is not always the best idea, so if you have gone for a shorter dress, make sure you have a lot of sunscreen on. It is best to avoid synthetic fabrics for your outfit as these don’t regulate heat as well as natural fibres such as cotton or linen as much more breathable and will be a lot more comfortable, especially if you are sat at the event for a while.

If dresses aren’t your cup of tea, a co-ordinating set of a blouse and skirt or even a jumpsuit can be a great alternative. Try to stick to brighter colours, same as with the dress and the summery patterns are always a good choice.

When picking an outfit for a wedding, whether abroad or at home, it is often best to go for simplicity. When going abroad you need to consider fitting everything into your case, the weather, the location, and the dress code. It may seem overwhelming at first, but the best advice s to go for comfort and practicality first. You won’t look your best if you are uncomfortable or sweaty, stick with classic styles with natural, breathable fabrics are your best bet. Add you own personal style with different accessories. 

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