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The Best Working Dog Coats & Jackets

07 Feb 2023 |

Many dog owners believe that their dogs don’t need to wear clothing. Whilst it can be the case, every dog is different. For those that are older or don’t have a thick coat already, adding an additional jacket on top will help to keep them warm. Some dogs struggle to regulate their own temperature so a coat can protect them from getting too cold.

For working dogs, not all coats are made equally. Some materials are designed for everyday wear, such as walking, but those working need a jacket with more features. Thicker outer material and lining will help to keep them warm when working outdoors for long periods of time.

We’ve rounded up the best working dog coats to shield your pooch from getting cold when outside. The top four materials don’t all have the same qualities and features so make sure you pick the style that best suits your dog’s needs.


The most traditional of all dog coats, a tweed jacket is designed for the great outdoors. It needs to be a style that is as warm as possible but also not be too restrictive as the dog works. Whilst tweed isn’t waterproof, it’s the perfect option for drier, cool days.

Tweed Dog Jumper

Our premium wool tweed jackets are made to be functional but equally stylish too. This style is meant to be fitted snugly to the body so make sure to measure up your pooch to get the right size. Both the neck and body straps are elasticated inside and with a velcro fastening, you can have them as tight or loose as your dog likes them to be. We recommend making sure you can fit a finger in between the jacket and the dog’s coat so the fit is comfortable for them.

The cosy sherpa fleece lining is designed to retain heat without overheating the dog at the same time. We’ve even added sherpa to the outer collar because dogs often get colder around the neck area. This style also keeps their legs free as the straps sit at their neck and across the middle of the stomach.


If you’ve got a wax jacket for yourself, why not get your dog a version? Our dog’s waxed cotton coat is designed for rainy days and is so easy to clean, compared to some materials. It will see your dog  through days on the farm or walks in the woods. The velcro neck strap and buckle body strap give you adjustability so your dog feels the most comfortable.

Wax Dog Jumper

The cotton country checked lining has the Rydale look and the waxed cotton outer shell makes for a stylish coat as well as one that protects their fur. The corduroy collar gives another option on colder days as it can be sat up to further protect their neck.

When it gets dirty, give the waxed cotton outer layer a dry wipe to get rid of any debris. If you do this after every wear, it won’t need deep cleaning and reproofing as much! Treat it just like your own waxed pieces and it will last forever! This style comes in three neutral shades, navy, olive and dark brown, so you know it’s a timeless piece too. You could even try matching up your own wax jacket with your dog’s; talk about two peas in a pod!


For extra warmth, a quilted or padded jacket is the perfect option for dry but cool days. Quilted styles tend to be shower-resistant but not fully waterproof because of the material. Our quilted jackets are hybrids with two other styles: tweed and fleece.

Our tweed quilted jacket is perfect for the great outdoors for a tweed-loving pooch! The tweed print cotton lining will keep your dog warm without overheating. The adjustable velcro straps underneath the neck and stomach mean you can loosen the coat if your dog gets too warm. Coming a traditional olive green shade, your dog will keep and look cool at all times!

Quilted Dog Jumper

If your dog prefers a coat with more coverage, our Huggate hybrid quilted fleece jacket could be a better option. This style is perfect for colder days as it’s super snuggly. The fleece neck and sleeves retain heat well and the quilted body does just as well too. The back zipper allows for a fitted style so make sure to measure your dog up first before purchasing.


On drier days, a fleece jacket is a much more comfortable option for your dog. Whilst fleeces are thinner in material, they still keep the chill off your dog’s back when outside. This is also a style that you can go a bit crazy for colour.

Our bestseller Yapham fleece comes in eighteen colours, from bright pink to baby blue and everything in between. Whilst these are machine washable, we don’t recommend getting a lighter colour if your dog loves puddles and mud!

Fleece Dog Jumper

For a more traditional style, our Huggate and Harpham styles are perfect for wintery days. You might have noticed that they have the same names as our human fleeces because we wanted you to be able to pick a similar style! The moleskin trim on the Huggate coat gives an extra stylish touch and the collar on the Harpham has the same trim around it too. Both styles come with a zipped back and velcro collar.

For a style without sleeves, our classic dog coat comes in five colours: navy, denim, red, dark grey and olive. The velcro fastenings come under the body and under the neck so it’s easy enough to adjust to suit your dog’s comfort. This coat also has a sherpa fleece lining so it’s perfect for winter days!

Purchasing a coat or jacket for your pooch doesn’t have to be as complicated as you might think. Do you want to prioritise a waterproof style or is it all about retaining heat? Maybe you want a brighter colour so your dog is easily noticeable when out and about? You might even be able to find a matching jacket for yourself!


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