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Wearing a checked shirt as a country lady: top tips


Every springtime, we like to dust off our summer clothes and see what’s still on-trend this year as well as taking a look at which items still fit.

We often have a selection of items to sell or donate, and some even go back in the wardrobe, never to be worn again. The checked shirt is often one of those items.

We like to have the option of being able to wear it if needs be, but it is a tricky item of clothing to style correctly.

However, it lends itself to so many different styles, and as long as you pick a shirt that has colours you can work with within it, it can be worn in a variety of ways.

In this post, we’ll show you which items you should consider wearing it with as well as our top tips to layering using your checked shirt as a key layer.

No longer are they just for farm life, as checked shirts can be found across the high street and on women of any age.

Comfort is always the most important factor when it comes to the Rydale style, but looking chic doesn’t have to compromise on that anymore.

The checked shirt is the ultimate item that is both comfortable and stylish.

Ladies Country Check Shirt

What to wear with a checked shirt

When we grab our checked and patterned shirts from our wardrobes, we tend to style them the very same way every single time.

This is probably because we already know what it looks like as part of an outfit and that it lends itself to your personal style.

As we get to the warmer months, it means that you have even more choice as you drag out your shorts and skirts from the back of your wardrobe and dust them off for another year.

With our help however, we can show you just how many brilliant options there are with a check shirt, including a few that might just surprise you.

Here are a few items that we love to pair with our checked shirts.

Skinny jeans: Pairing two versatile items together is a timesaver as well as a fashion top tip. Dark skinny jeans like our Portia Skinny Jeans in Navy Denim will go with any checked colours and instantly make the outfit look smarter. Just change up your footwear depending on the occasion. Heading to the shops? Stick on a pair of flat leather boots for comfort. Running a load of errands? Pop on a pair of Roxby Canvas Trainers for rushing around in. Heading out for some food? Heeled boots and strappy heels immediately dress up a checked shirt. If you want to add more sparkle, add on a statement necklace in a colour to match your check and you’ve changed your look up completely!

Beige chinos: These really should be a staple in any woman’s wardrobe during the spring and summer months; they are so comfortable and wearable, as well as being versatile enough to go with a range of tops and footwear.

A checked shirt can make chinos look comfy chic when paired with clean sneakers. This is a perfect look for brunch with the ladies or family fun days out! Our Lilly II Country Shirt in Smoke looks great when paired with beige chinos!

Smart trousers: Button your shirt up fully and tuck it into a pair of smart trousers in black or grey and you’re ready for a day in the office. Add a pair of smart shoes, a leather watch, some delicate jewellery and a statement handbag, and you’ll be the most fashionable woman in the office.

We recommend darker colours for office wear, but if it makes you feel put-together and professional, any colour goes! Smaller checks look smarter so give our Oxford Cotton Shirt in Poppy JBlue/Pink a try.

Leggings: If you’re aiming for super casual, a T-shirt dress underneath a checked shirt is the perfect outfit for those laid-back days. A pair of leggings on your bottom half and some trainers keep the look appropriate for those days when you’re just trying to get stuff done. Alternatively, choosing an overhead style in a larger style and wear it like a dress. Our favourite is the Hannah Country Overhead Shirt in Kate Tweed in a beautiful baby blue shade, perfect for spring and summer.

Skirts: You may prefer to wear skirts rather than trousers, especially when it gets to summer. How about switching your usual smart black trousers in the office for a pencil skirt? A classic white checked shirt like our Hannah Country Shirt in Ellie Blue is super chic and perfect for the office. Tuck your shirt in again for a feminine take on office wear.

If you’re more of a casual dresser, checks and denim are your go-to combination.

Grab your denim skirt from your wardrobe and pair with your trusted flats for a dressier, casual take on country chic.

We’re big fans of wearing our Hannah Country Overhead Shirt in Holly II Navy with a denim skirt, tucking the front into the skirt to show off your waistline.

Shorts: One of our favourite looks for summer is wearing a checked shirt with denim shorts. It’s super casual, but is the perfect outfit for those chilled-out occasions. Our Hannah Country Check Shirt in Sally Pink is our most casual style. Roll up the sleeves of your shirt, find your favourite comfortable, flat shoes and you’re ready for a day at the beach or the park.

Country Shirt with Shorts

How to layer your checked shirt

This is the one style of shirt that looks good as an outer and a base layer. This depends, of course, on the weather! Layering the correct way means you’ll avoid looking bulky, but you’ll still feel warm.

It’s all about picking your layers strategically and knowing where you’ll be going! Wear a vest/t-shirt underneath for extra warmth: We all know what the weather is like in the UK. It usually starts off a little cooler in a morning before getting warmer after lunch. For this reason, we like to add a layer underneath our checked shirts to keep the heat in. Wearing a nude or white vest as a base layer means that you’ll keep warm, but you won’t be adding any bulk.

Instead, you may prefer to wear a t-shirt underneath. A great look can be to wear a statement t-shirt underneath and use your checked shirt as more of a jacket, wearing it open. Stick to a neutral-coloured t-shirt, like our Team Rydale T-shirt in Soft Grey and a more colourful shirt on top, like our Hannah Country Check Shirt in Holly Pink or alternatively, choose a brightly-coloured t-shirt and a muted checked shirt. If it’s really warm, adding a lace-trim camisole underneath and using your shirt as a jacket gives a sophisticated look.

Add a denim jacket on top: Denim and checks go hand in hand during the summer. Just be careful not to match any denims! Try a lighter denim jacket with black jeans or shorts; this makes the double denim less obvious. You could even try a pair of cropped skinny jeans in a bright colour, like pink to add vibrance to your outfit. You could then pair this up with a waxed hat.

Try a wax jacket as an outer layer: During the spring, we often need a jacket rather than a coat when it gets warmer. A waxed one offers an edgy feel, a bit like a leather jacket would, but it goes without saying that waxed jackets tend to be more practical.

Wear with a tweed jacket: Tweed and checks are the traditional materials of the country chic style. Tweed jackets offer a lot of warmth on cooler mornings when walking the dog and running errands. If you choose a neutral tweed jacket, this gives you more flexibility with the shirt you choose as you’ll have a greater choice in colour or keep the full look neutral by sticking to the same colour palette, such as beige or khaki.

Check shirt and Jacket

When it comes to checked shirts, the possibilities are endless with options throughout your wardrobe. You can pair it up with a range of saddle bags, loafers even down to your keyring

Try styling your shirt in a new, unique way to you and see how comfortable you feel. You’ll realise that the checked shirt will soon become one of the most versatile items that you have in your wardrobe already!


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