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What is a Shacket?

In simple terms, a shacket is a cross between a shirt and a jacket; a shirt-jacket. But let us give you more details. More commonly known as a ‘’summer jacket’’ or ‘’overshirt’’ which is the ideal layering piece to keep the chill off for when the sun is setting, but still ensuring your styling is on point and you look like that summer babe you are.

A shacket is generally cut like a button-down shirt; being light enough to not look too wintery, but heavy enough that there is no need for a coat. A shacket also enables you to create more of a signature edgy style, than a coat, but still keeps you just as warm – opt for a fleece-lined one for the ultimate warmth!

The shacket is becoming ever more popular within the fashion industry too, knowing that this hybrid piece will promise to be your seasonal saviour. Breathe some life into your layering and become the style-savvy gal you were born to be.

What is a Shacket?

Shackets are the new jackets!

Although ‘’shacket’’ is the most unflattering name for a piece of clothing, I can guarantee they will flatter any body shape and size, being your perfect layering piece.

A little more casual than one of our Rydale blazers, but not as casual as a denim jacket, a shacket sits somewhere in the middle. Maybe we can call them smart-casual? A shacket is the perfect alternative to a big and bulky jacket. When it’s too hot to wear a coat, yet a bit too chilly for a cardigan, the shacket is the perfect in-between. If you are a little body-conscious too, they serve as a great cover-up.

Where do you wear a Shacket?

When we say the possibilities are endless, we really mean it. Everything you can think of that doesn’t involve rain and these will do the trick. If you’re heading to your local town or a shopping trip in the big city, a shacket is your go-to for when it’s getting cooler – too warm for a shacket in the day? Just add to that layered look by tying around your waist and your outfit will still be on point.

What is a Shacket?

If you’re a country girl and enjoy riding, picnics, countryside or coastal walks then this is the answer. We don’t believe there are many places you can’t wear a shacket. So be confident in knowing that you’ll get plenty of wear out of it, no matter what your activity.

How to style your Shacket

One look that we love is to layer up your shacket on top of an Oxford shirt or polo. The two-collar look is surprisingly stylish and will surely turn heads, great for both men and women. For an everyday look, try adding an eye-catching trainer, maybe our famous Roxby’s or a smart-casual shoe to finish off your overall look. A shacket can be a hugely versatile piece as long as you have a keen eye for detail and accessorise well. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can’t find a shacket that can be worn over a gorgeous dress, as well as one to throw on over a casual tee and pair of ripped jeans for a modern look. If you’re heading out to dinner and it’s a little chilly out, add a skinny belt to pinch in the waist, roll up your sleeves a couple of times and add a dazzling bracelet which will offer a feminine and classy look. For a more day-to-day look, choose a more casual style shacket with a lumberjack vibe. Simply tie around your waist, slip on some boot cut, ripped jeans and a pair of leather Chelsea boots. All that with a boho hairstyle and you're all set for a lunch date with the girls.

What is a Shacket?

At Rydale, we have a small selection of ladies shackets that is likely to be growing in the near future. Our shackets, in particular, are simply gorgeous (even if we do say so ourselves).  They are made with a 100% brushed cotton material, making them fantastic for autumn and winter. They style long sleeves which can easily be tied around the waist or shoulders for a cool country vibe and of course, they boast a check pattern which is only to be expected with Rydale. Our shirt-jackets can be worn alone with jeans or slip on a strappy vest or t-shirt with an open-button look.

Shackets are a piece you will reach for every time you go in your wardrobe. The uber versatile jackets go with just about any outfit and any style. They offer a stylish appearance required by any modern country chick and can be worn for all types of activities. If we haven’t convinced you yet, we strongly suggest you try one for yourself.

We hope you liked our little information guide on What is a Shacket and got some helpful ideas, style tips and tricks for the new season ahead.

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