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What Shoes to Wear with Chinos

21 Jul 2020 |

Looking for what shoes to wear with chinos?

Chinos are without a doubt one of the most versatile styles of trouser a man can wear, and that’s why nearly every gent owns a pair. Classic menswear, like chinos, can be worn for a whole host of outings and events. From smart or casual, we have put together some outfit ideas, top tips as well as some helpful advice on what types of shoes you can opt to wear with a pair of chino trousers. So, you want to know what shoes to wear with chinos? Read on to see some of our top style tips. Don’t forget to browse our full range of men’s chinos for more colourways, styles and a variety of fits.

Firstly, let us tell you a bit about chinos, their material, and a little bit of history. Chino cloth is made from twill fabric, and our Rydale chinos are made from 100% cotton twill so you can only imagine the delightful feel, soft touch and how comfortable they are. Chinos often get mistaken for ‘khakis’ but the two are quite different. Khakis are military-like pants that are sturdier, straight-legged, and quite often have cuffs at the bottom hems. Men’s chinos are a more lightweight, fitted fashion trouser that can be either cuffed or uncuffed.

Now I can hear you asking: Well, what are khaki chinos? So, when it comes to khaki chinos, here’s a somewhat confusing piece of information: khakis aren’t chinos, but chinos are sometimes khaki – I hope that clears things up.

Wearing smart shoes with chinos

If you have a smart-tie event coming up, a wedding or formal work event, here are some helpful tips on accompanying the right kind of footwear with your outfit. You can’t go wrong with a men’s stripe short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirt; long is usually more formal though. It will probably depend on if it’s chilly or not too, or whether you’re going to hit the dancefloor after a few whiskeys. We’ll leave that one up to you…

What Shoes to Wear with Chinos

If stripes aren’t your thing, we have a charming range of men’s plain shirts that will suit any outfit, literally. Simply throw on a tweed blazer over the top and you’re ready to hit the races or be the best dressed at the wedding.

Now, footwear…. One of the most asked question when it comes to wearing chinos. What shoes do I wear?

Pairing smart footwear with a smart pair of trousers can be challenging. But here’s a few ideas on how to make things a little easier. Chelsea boots are a given. Choose suede or leather and you have your complete outfit right there. Suede offers a more soft, reserved look whereas leather serves well to offer a striking, confident look.

Brogue shoes are always a smart option to go for also, especially as they often come in natural shades such as browns and beiges, and they team up well with nearly everything. But in all honesty, it’s probably best you stick to something you feel most comfortable in, that won’t hurt your feet or disrupt your evening in any way.

Don’t forget to accessorise! Men’s don’t often get the chance to wear the smart watch they worked so hard for; after all country life isn’t always that glamourous. Adding a shiny piece of jewellery will really help bring the whole outfit together and complete your look.

Wearing casual shoes with chinos

When choosing a pair of casual shoes, the answer lies in creating a cool and collected outfit, no matter if you’re heading to dinner, or an evening at the pub. Firstly we would suggest a casual checked shirt and again, depending on the weather, long or short sleeves would be your choice. The last thing you want if you opt for a short-sleeve shirt is to be shivering all night. Alternatively, you don’t want to be sweating and uncomfortable so always try to check the forecast. Rydale has a huge range of men’s country checked shirts in a button-down style to choose from. In traditional colour schemes that will easily complement our range of chinos, we have created a collection of shirts that are stunningly seasonal.

What Shoes to Wear with Chinos

Now here’s where it gets fun… When dressing casually, styling your chinos with footwear is a breeze. Here at Rydale, we have an excellent range of spring and summertime footwear choices that you are going to love. One option is to simply roll up the hem of your chinos and slip on a pair of laced deck shoes or loafers and you have all the summer vibes you need.

Deck shoes, or commonly known as boat shoes are a gentleman's essential. Slip-on staples like ours are the perfect way to step your way through the day in ultimate style. A total country classic, two-tone, lace-up deck shoe is sure to last many casual endeavours, thanks to their long-lasting, soft and durable leather material.

To finish off your casual look and accessories your whole outfit, make sure to tuck your shirt in and wear a top-quality men’s belt.

So, there you have it. We hope we have answered all your questions when it comes to what shoes to wear with chinos and a few added extras. 

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