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What to Wear Ice Skating

10 Dec 2020 |

With the cold weather and dark nights drawing in, we are having to swap picnics, bbq’s and sunny walks for some slightly chillier activities. Ice skating is the ideal winter activity, perfect for all the family. While ice skating has become a fun thing to do during the colder months, for centuries, blades on boots weren’t just for sport and leisure. Ice skating dates back to the Bronze Age, when, for people in certain parts of the world, it was their only way to travel in winter. 

ladies pom pom hat

During the 15th century Netherlands, the most common way to travel in the winter season was by ice skates. People would craft a pair of skates from animal bones and set out on the ice. Since then, however, skates have gained a range of more attractive and practical features. Now, the issue is not how to make a pair of ice skates, but what to style them with for an on-trend but functional outfit. These days, you need more than just a pair of skates for a smooth and enjoyable day out gliding on the ice. In this guide we will help you decide what to wear ice skating. 


Choosing what kind of trousers to wear to the ice rink is perhaps the most difficult yet important step to putting together your ice skating outfit. If your trousers are too tight or too heavy, your movement will be restricted, not only making you feel incredibly uncomfortable, but also hindering your skating performance. Many people make the mistake of opting for a pair of jeans as their trouser choice for ice skating, however, skin-tight denim jeans will limit your freedom of movement by constricting your legs. Additionally, given the likelihood of trips and falls, you are best choosing a pair of trousers that will dry quickly. 

Therefore, you should go for some lightweight, stretchy bottoms. For women, you might be best opting for a pair of leggings or sweatpants. Alternatively, for a slightly more formal look, you could even wear a skirt with a cosy pair of tights to keep your legs warm while on the ice. Men would be best choosing a pair of lightweight chinos or, for complete protection from the wet and cold, you could opt for a pair of waterproof trousers

Ladies Overtrousers

Layer Up 

While it is freezing cold when you first step onto the ice rink, once you get moving, you can often get a bit hot and sweaty. Therefore, the key to staying comfortable while ice skating is layering. Start with a lightweight men’s or women’s cotton t-shirt as your base layer so that you can strip off to short sleeves if needed. Add a layer of warmth with a cosy ladies knitted jumper or a men’s chunky knit sweater. For even more insulation from the cold, you could also throw on a thick men’s or women’s fleece jacket that you can easily slip off when you get too warm. 

When deciding what sort of top layer to wear, you need to consider staying protected from the wet as well as the cold. The perfect outerwear choice for staying warm and dry is a men’s or women’s waterproof jacket. However, for the style conscious skater, you might rather opt for something a little more fashion forward. In this case, you could choose a classic ladies or men’s wax jacket which maintains the water-resistance of a waterproof coat, but provides a slightly smarter look. Alternatively, you could select a men’s or women’s quilted padded jacket which is efficient at retaining heat while also looking incredibly on-trend. 

Ladies overhead fleece


Cold-weather accessories are crucial when planning your ice skating outfit. While you might have protected your core, arms and legs, you can’t forget your extremities. Given that your hands must always be out ready to catch you if you fall on the ice, it is incredibly important to keep them warm with a good quality pair of gloves. It is best to wear some gloves or mittens made from a thick, water-resistant material such as leather or nylon. However, if you can get your hands on some waterproof gloves, a pair of high quality wool gloves will work just fine. 

Ladies fleece gloves

Next, you need to keep your feet snug. Ice skates are neither the warmest nor the comfiest of footwear. This means that it is vital to look after your feet with the right pair of socks. Opt for a pair of thick fluffy socks for guaranteed warmth and extra padding for comfort. Alternatively, if you don’t have a pair of thick cosy socks, then you could wear multiple pairs of classic ankle socks

Don’t forget your head and ears! If your head is cold, then it can often cause the rest of your body to feel the chill too. Therefore, it is important to wear a winter hat that will retain your head heat. There are plenty of cute winter hat styles to choose from - opt for a women’s bobble hat or a luxuriously soft faux fur headband. For men, select from a traditional tweed flat cap or a woolly beanie. 

Now you’re ready to hit the ice! Grab your skates and step out on the rink wearing your on-trend, practical ice skating outfit. Feel confident that you will be comfortable and warm while gliding along the ice in style.

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