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What to Wear Instead of Jeans


It’s not surprising that we all love a pair of jeans. We all have our favourite go-to pair that we find ourselves reaching for time after time - whether it’s a pair of skinny denim jeans for women, some smart cropped jeans or some straight-leg jeans for men. However, sometimes it would be nice to give our everyday outfits a bit of a mix-up with a different style of trouser. Jeans have become so popular that they are now not only worn for casual everyday occasions but have become acceptable for almost any situation. As a result, this has led to most men’s and women’s wardrobes, and thus outfits, being largely jean-oriented. If you have become dependent on denim, there is no better time to try something a little different. So, for those days that denim just won’t cut it, we have shared a range of stylish alternatives to jeans for both men and women. 

Ladies Chino Skirt

Changing up your trousers can be a great way to expand your wardrobe and add some trouser options that are great for a whole range of different occasions. Whether you are looking for a pair of trousers that are more comfortable than stiff skinny jeans or a pair that are slightly more formal for classier events - we have something to suit all your style needs. So, go ahead and take a denim detox with our fantastic alternative trouser recommendations. 

What to Wear Instead of Jeans: Women

There is no better alternative to a pair of jeans for women than a stylish and comfortable skirt. Skirts are incredibly versatile in that they can be dressed up or down for all kinds of occasions. Usually seen as more formal than trousers, a skirt can easily be dressed up with a nice top and accessories for drinks with the girls or even as a smart outfit for work. The perfect smart skirt option is a classic tweed skirt which combines quality wool tweed materials with traditional check designs. Pair your tweed skirt with a country print blouse some leather Chelsea boots and a matching tweed jacket for the complete formal look.

Ladies Tweed Skirt

Skirts can also be a great alternative for less formal occasions too. Often more comfortable than a pair of stiff denim jeans, a skirt leaves your legs free to move around for complete flexibility. The perfect casual and comfortable skirt is a twill chino skirt which combines super-soft cotton fabrics and a relaxed silhouette. Pair your casual skirt with an everyday basic t-shirt and a pair of leather deck shoes

What to Wear Instead of Jeans: Men 

For men, there are plenty of great alternatives to jeans to choose from, including more formal, more casual and those that are in between. If you’re trying to create a more formal outfit, then your best bet is a pair of men’s moleskin trousers.

Men's Chino Trousers

Crafted from a pure 100% cotton fabric, moleskin trousers are both comfortable and stylish. Offering a slightly more sophisticated option than a standard pair of denim jeans, they can be dressed up with an Oxford-cotton shirt and a pair of leather brogue shoes.  

Alternatively, for more casual looks, you might be better opting for a pair of men’s chinos. Chinos are slightly softer than jeans and provide a less formal look that is perfect for everyday occasions. Made from ultra-soft cotton material, chinos are incredibly lightweight, making them ideal for the warmer months.

Unlike jeans, chinos are often available in a wide range of subtle and bright colours, so that you can completely tailor your look. Pair your chinos with a casual basic t-shirt and some leather deck shoes

Men's Chino Shorts

If you are looking for an alternative to jeans that aren’t as formal as moleskin trousers but are smarter than chinos, then chino jeans are the perfect choice for you. Chino jeans are a blend of the best bits of jeans and chinos. Perhaps you don’t want to completely give up on your jeans - a pair of chino jeans are your next best option. Combining the comfiness of chinos with the style of jeans, these trousers offer the best of both worlds. Pair your chino jeans with a classic polo shirt or a flannel shirt and some leather Chelsea boots for the perfect in-between look. 


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