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What to Wear to a Dinner Party?


I think it is safe to say that we have all missed meeting up with our friends and loved ones to celebrate that yearly birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion for that matter. With our favourite restaurants and meeting places being out of play most of the past year, we have not had to worry about dressing up or making ourselves look glamourous just to eat and drink our favourite tastes at home. All dressed down and nowhere to go has never been so true.

For many of us we have spent our hard-earned cash on home improvements as this is where we have all been keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe for such a long time. Some of us have not even looked in our wardrobes lately as we have retired to wearing work and casual wear to get ourselves through the days ahead during lock down. Pyjamas, dressing gowns and slippers have been at the top of the wardrobe list for far too long and with freedom upon us it is time to get back out in our glad rags and enjoy a bit of champagne and sparkle! With households now mixing and indoor venues opening their doors to the public again, it is time to forget about painting the fence or completing that 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle and concentrate on getting dressed to impress to re-unite with our friends and loved ones.

Tweed Dinner Party Outfit

Knowing what to wear for a dinner party is not something that we need to consider often as these types of events are usually few and far between for most people. Invites can often be short notice and rallying around for that last minute knock out outfit can be an absolute nightmare. Don’t worry though, in this article we are going to give you some of our top tips on What to Wear to a Dinner Party and how to get back into the swing of normality whilst looking your very best!

Prior planning is key. It is always a good idea to check out what type of dinner party you are attending. Is there a particular theme? Is it a large gathering, or an intimate one? These factors can really help you to select your outfit without being under or overdressed. If you are ordering online, it is always a good idea to get ahead to ensure that your clothing reaches you in good time. Choosing an express delivery service is always a good idea when you need to look great with little time to spare. Reading customer reviews is the key to deciding on purchasing the correct size, if you are between sizes because the last thing, we all need is to have to return something because it doesn’t fit. We never leave a dinner party truly sober so make sure you have pre- arranged your transport for when the fun ends. Bearing the aforementioned in mind can really help to ensure that your day/evening runs as smoothly as possible!

Ladies Tweed Poncho

Dinner parties are often formal events, and you can rest assured that your host has probably put a tremendous amount of time and effort into ensuring that they give their guests a party to remember! For us ladies there isn’t anything worse than attending a glamorous party only to see another woman wearing the same outfit, it is simply a no go. Whilst this cannot always be avoided, accessorising is the best way to reduce this risk. Bags, hats, scarves and shoes almost always give us that sense of individuality and identity and they certainly separate us from the rest.

A simple plain coloured clutch purse is the key to keeping your personal belongings safe and they don’t pose too much of a problem whilst carrying around throughout the evening. A gentle neck scarf always softens any outfit and is a great substitute for a necklace. They can be worn in so many ways and patterned scarves often help to keep your look fresh and distinctive.

Men's Tweed Jacket

Wearing a smart tweed Blazer or tweed poncho over a blouse and knee-high skirt is the epitome of true country style and elegance. Pair this outfit with knee high suede boots and your look is complete. Ideal for those country style come dine with me ladies, this outfit idea is the height of sophistication and you will certainly be comfortable from start to finish.

Hats can be very underestimated for party wear, but they can really elevate your look and if you’re amongst the eccentric type, a country hat is always a fantastic way to reveal your personality. Footwear should be flexible at a dinner party as you will find that you will remain seated for most of the evening. This is not to say that your shoes should not work with your attire as you will still have to leave the table for that regular bathroom break, and they will be seen by other guests at some point during the evening.

Ladies Tweed Jacket

If your dinner party is being hosted at a residence, keeping your look smart and simple is the real deal, as your host may want you to cosy up on the sofa with an espresso and biscotti afterwards whilst your three course meal settles. Wearing a smart pair of socks is always a good idea as you may need to remove your footwear whilst moving on into the lounge, because let’s face it, nobody wants to be the dirty carpet culprit do they!

Guy’s often get guided by the ladies when it comes to that all important event as more often than not, they are more than happy to throw on the first thing that falls out of the wardrobe. It wouldn’t be fair to say this about all you guy’s as we know there are some style guru’s amongst you all and you dress yourselves very well! Co-ordination is the heart of an outfit when it comes to gent’s attire, wearing an Oxford cotton shirt, beneath a moleskin waistcoat paired with chinos is a truly delectable look and is sure to get the ladies heads turning.

It is fair to say that it is always easier for the guys to find something great to wear with little fuss as the choice for trousers and shirts are endless at Rydale. If you are hitting the country scene, get ready for tweed overload. Tweed Blazers and cheeky Baker boy caps are in big demand this season and there isn’t any outfit that is more fitting whilst you’re raising your glasses somewhere in the country!

With so many things to arrange, make your outfit one less thing to worry about and contact us at Rydale for that winning look.


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