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What Trousers to Wear with a Tweed Jacket


As we approach the colder, darker autumn days, there is only one sensible choice of fabric to dress in, and that’s tweed. Tweed is typically a course material, woven from wool which has its roots in 18th century Scotland. Tweed became increasingly popular throughout the following centuries, as it provided a sturdy and hard-wearing fabric that seemed to be everlasting. 

The tweed jacket has been a staple of every country gent’s formal wear for generations, and in more recent years, the trend has seen a huge revival. Today, tweed has become synonymous with that classic British country look, with tweed jackets and blazers being made in subtle earthy tones to compliment every gent’s wardrobe. 

The huge surge in popularity of tweed for men’s suiting is largely attributed to its incredible versatility. Different patterns and textures can be woven through the tweed yarn, making it an extremely adaptable style that is suited to a wide range of occasions, from the most formal to everyday casual. Whether you’re attending a wedding, suiting up for race day or simply meeting friends in your local pub, you can create a super-stylish, sophisticated and practical look that will make everyone envious. 

To really make a tweed jacket shine, you must combine it with the right accessories and clothing items to match. Many often struggle with how to wear a tweed jacket with the right pair of trousers. Should you go all out with a full tweed suit, or should you opt for a more subtle look, with plain trousers? We are going to explore the different trouser options available to wear with your tweed jacket for all types of occasions. No matter what your tweed jacket is being worn for or the look you are trying to create, this guide will help you determine the best trousers to wear. 

Men's Moleskin Trousers

When to Wear Tweed? 

Given that tweed is such a versatile material, it can be dressed up or down for almost any occasion. If you are attending a more formal event, such as a wedding, then it would be acceptable to go all out with a full tweed suit, including tweed blazer, waistcoat and trousers. If you are attending work, it might be more suitable to opt for a tweed jacket with a checked shirt underneath and a pair of plain smart trousers. Alternatively, if you are simply meeting friends for a drink or taking a stroll through town, a tweed jacket with a checked shirt and casual trousers would suffice. 

Tweed is an extremely thick, hard-wearing material and because of this, tweed jackets tend to be worn in the colder months. A tweed jacket can be extremely functional as a smart winter outerwear option as it not only looks great but keeps you warm at the same time. Therefore, a tweed jacket provides the perfect balance of style and comfort. 

What are the Best Trousers to Wear with a Tweed Jacket?

The versatility of a tweed jacket means that there are many possibilities for trouser pairings. While it is common for men to pair their tweed jackets with a matching pair of tweed trousers to create a full suit, we are going to explore your alternative options for a more modern twist on the traditional country look.

Men's Jeans


To dress your tweed jacket or blazer down for a more casual everyday style, why not combine your tweed jacket with jeans? Jeans provide an extremely flexible and practical men’s trouser option. Compliment your tweed blazer with a pair of denim jeans for a comfortable yet stylish look that can be worn for pretty much any informal occasion. . 

Whether you are heading to the local pub for a pint, heading into town or any other informal gathering with friends, the combination of tweed and denim will give you the ultimate smart but relaxed look. A slim fitted pair of jeans is best for pairing with a tweed jacket as it gives you a more flattering shape. It is also best to opt for a darker shade of denim to best match your subtle toned jacket. 

Take a look at our Rupert men’s straight leg jeans in Navy Denim or Indigo for the perfect pair of jeans to complete your casual tweed look. Along with your denim jeans and tweed jacket, you could add a pair of deck shoes or some leather ankle boots and a white checked shirt to complete the whole look.


For a slightly more formal look, you could opt for a pair of chinos. Chinos are a lightweight, comfortable trouser option that are a moderately smarter jeans alternative. Chinos work well with almost anything, but when paired with a tweed jacket or blazer, they can create a stylish and sophisticated yet functional look. 

Chinos are made from a lightweight cotton blend which will ensure your movement is not restricted and that you can remain comfortable all day long. Chinos provide a perfect middle ground between formal and informal. This makes them extremely versatile and easy to dress up with a tweed jacket or down with another form of outerwear. 

Explore Rydale’s range of men’s chinos to get that classic ‘smart-casual’ look. Our selection of chinos includes the men’s Rupert chino jeans which provide just a slight step up in formality from the traditional denim jeans, or the Rupert men’s chino trousers, which provide an even smarter option. 

Men's Chinos

Moleskin Trousers

For the most formal occasions, you want to combine your tweed jacket with a smarter trouser, and a pair of moleskin trousers are the perfect choice. Moleskin is a durable densely woven cotton fabric that can easily be worn with a range of other textures. Moleskin trousers provide a slightly smarter look than denim jeans and are often available in a range of understated tones. 

The colour of your tweed jacket should always compliment the colour of your moleskin trousers, allowing the contrasting textures to be emphasised. If you have a coloured check pattern running through the tweed fabric of your jacket, then it might be a good idea to opt for a pair of moleskin trousers in that same colour in order to bring that colour out. 

Take a look at Rydale’s range of moleskin trousers, available in brown, beige, red and green. For the ultimate formal country look, you could finish off your outfit with a pair of brown leather brogues and a smart checked shirt. 

So, whether you are attending a wedding, going to the races, going for a drink with friends or just casually strolling through town, you can effortlessly create a suitable and stylish look with a Rydale tweed jacket and a pair of denim jeans, chinos or moleskin trousers.  No matter how formal or casual the event, your tweed jacket can easily be dressed up or down just by adding the right pair of trousers. So, now you know what to wear with a tweed jacket you can easily put together an eye-catching on-trend outfit for any occasion.


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