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Warm - Offers considerable insulation, suitable for chilly environments.

As a part of our popular Farmwear collection, the Huggate men's fleece waistcoat is a fine choice for any farmer looking to stand out. It’s the ideal choice for functionality and for style; a creative looking waistcoat with more than enough space inside for your own personal comfort. Pick this fleece waistcoat for men up and you can enjoy having a classic waistcoat that feels good to wear, helps to keep you warm in the winter, and ensures you can work more productively without any movement restrictions.

Pick one of our new Huggate men's fleece waistcoats up and you can have all the assistance that you need to get a mid-layer ally for winter or a solid outerwear solution during the warmer months. Whether it’s for a morning handling the hay, tailing the tractor, or hiking through the hills, you’ll find that a waistcoat like this helps you to look good without having to put in too much effort.

It’s a timeless look for any farmer and countryman, and it’s made from a rich blend of fleece and polyester. We believe that this men's fleece waistcoat works well for any man who is looking to retain that country look without having to wear something that restricts movement or makes it too hard for you to do your job. Even if your job for the day is just to enjoy a simple stroll around the premises, this is the ideal waistcoat of which you can do so.

It’s designed to give you maximum mobility but also to ensure that you have something to make sure you stay warm during those chilly British mornings. Even in the summertime, we can find a chilly morning, and a waistcoat like this can be just what you need for an all-year solution to look good and get the job done without any fuss.

With luxurious end finishes using durable moleskin for added protection and style, this is a comfortable, durable, long-lasting companion that is a must-add to your farmwear wardrobe. If you need reliable working attire that looks as good as it feels, then start here.

  • Top-quality fleece and polyester waistcoat that looks good, feels good and retains durability.
  • Impressive attention to detail in the design and shape of the waistcoat.
  • The top-quality choice for anyone looking for added protection during any farm activities coming up.
  • Trimmed fleece edging with durable brown contrasting moleskin material for aesthetic appeal.

Available in the following colours: Navy Blue, Claret Red, Gunmetal Grey, Olive Green, Forest Dark Green, Denim, Sage, Bark Brown, Grey, Dark Denim, Brown, Ink, Dark Forest & Khaki Green.

 Got any questions about our men's fleece waistcoats? Then contact the Rydale team and we’ll look to answer any questions that you have today. In the meantime, make sure you check out our complete men's fishing waistcoat range and our other men's gilets

Men's Fleece Waistcoat - Huggate

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Customer Reviews
Excellent product

Great fit and weight-warmth ratio. It has the appearance of a much more expensive garment and I'm looking forward to chillier days when I can b... Read More

Harry Scott , Jul 04, 2024

Nine out of ten!

I have just recieved my Huggate waistcoat from your range. Everything I had hoped for was there, promt delivery good fit, great price and well... Read More

Peter A Bell , Oct 17, 2023

Great Service

On time, it fits very well. Shame about the delivery, we stayed in all day . We had an email from Evri to say we were not in and they would try and... Read More

Stephen Pearce , Aug 24, 2023

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