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High-quality socks are an essential part of every man’s outfit. Whether wearing for comfort and warmth on long winter walks or adding a pop of colour and style to an outfit, a good pair of socks is required in the modern world. Our sock gift boxes for men are a great present for that special man in your life. Providing four pairs of socks in contrasting colours, there’s something for everyone.

Designs include:

  • Walking pheasant - ideal accompaniment for the country outfit, these socks feature small pheasants evenly spaced out.
  • Walking dog - for the dog lover out there, why not emblazon your socks with miniature walking dogs while walking your own four-legged friend.
  • Big dog - Want something that will stand out? Our big dog socks contain large images of every man’s best friend. 
  • Multi Dog - Catch the eye with our multi-dog socks. Show your quirky side by wrapping your feet in a multitude of miniature dogs.
  • Emblem - Make a statement with our emblem socks. A bold logo in contrasting colours makes this style a key part of your chosen look.
  • Argyle - A classic. Colourful yet classy, our argyle collection provides the perfect accompaniment for any outfit, formal or casual.

Each pair of socks has been carefully chosen to provide eye-catching colours, guaranteeing a great combination with any look. Whether you're wanting to stand out against the crowd or keep things simple and sophisticated, all our men’s socks have been carefully hand-picked to provide total comfort for your feet.

Every sock has contrasting colours on the heel and toe, making them impossible to ignore. In true Rydale style, we have added a springy sole for extra comfort, ensuring your feet remain at their comfiest whilst out on long walks in the country or getting comfy on the sofa. Never lose that in front of the fire feeling, wherever you are, with our new range of sock gift boxes.

Our range makes the ideal gift. Stylishly wrapped in a complimentary branded gift box, these socks look just as good in the box as they do on your feet. 

If you have any questions regarding our sock gift boxes, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team at Rydale, where we will gladly assist you with any query you have. Be sure to check out the full range of men’s socks.

Men's Socks Gift Box

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Customer Reviews
My favourite socks.

Colourful and very comfortable due to the majority bamboo content, Rydale’s are my most favourite socks.

Kevin Slade , May 09, 2024

Symbol Socks

Excellent socks, great quality and excellent price

Kevin , Feb 09, 2022

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