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10 Luxury Dog Gifts

24 Nov 2023 |

We couldn’t do a gift guide without one for the most important things in our lives: our dogs! They deserve to be pampered and spoiled, just like a human. Finding a thoughtful but useful gift is the best route to take for any pooch.

We’ve gathered up our top 10 luxury dog gifts, perfect for any dog, whether you’re buying for your own or someone else’s. It’s a mixture of dog clothing, accessories and homeware so there’s something for every pup!

1. Yapham Dog Drying Jumper

It might not seem like a luxury but having a dog drying jumper on their backs after muddy walks is a godsend! It always works great after you’ve bathed them because we know how stressful that can be. The lightweight plush fleece definitely feels luxurious and we’re sure their dog will approve too.

The Yapham jumper features a full zip back, a Velcro strap at the neck, and an elastic strip over the stomach. With this style coming in a navy leaf print and a grey dog print, you can pick which style you think they’ll love the most.

Christmas Dog Jumper

2. Wax Dog Coat

If you can get a wax coat for yourself, you should be able to get one for your pooch! With a beautiful soft country check lining and a cord-lined collar, it has all the features that the human version does (apart from the pockets because what does a dog need to carry?).

Because it’s fully waterproof, it’s perfect for muddy walks in the countryside but also needs protecting, just like a regular wax jacket. Because it simply sits on their back with just a strap and buckle under their stomach, it’s perfect for long-haired dogs in any weather or short-haired dogs when it’s a little warmer.

3. Tweed Quilted Dog Coat

If your pup is looking for both style and function, look no further than the tweed quilted dog coat. It’s a padded jacket with tweed details, giving a little nod to Rydale’s signature countryside style. The traditional and subtle olive tone gives it a really classic feel.

It features a cotton lining so your dog will feel all snug inside this coat. It also has two fastenings underneath at the neck and stomach, making it one of our easiest dog coats to put on before and take off after a long walk. We particularly love the forward-folding collar if your dog feels the cold in their neck a lot.

Dog Drying Jumper

4. Huggate Hybrid Quilted Dog Jumper

If your dog is prone to getting cold, the Huggate hybrid dog jumper will be right up their street. It has a padded coat to it with fleece arms and neck, making it super cosy during morning and evening walks. It’s also shower-resistant so you don’t have to worry about it getting soaked during the rain.

The full length zip up the back of the coat makes it so much easier to keep secure to your dog’s body. This style is adapted from the human sized jacket so you know just how comfortable and warming it will be!

5. Tweed Dog Coat

If anything screams luxurious dog gift, it’s a tweed dog coat. We love seeing pictures of your pooches in their tweed alongside their humans too! This style features a sherpa lining to make it extra warm, especially for short-haired dogs.

Again, we’ve got a forward-folding collar to keep them cosy as well as an elasticated body strap to keep the coat in place. This tweed is hard-wearing and classic so this will last your dog for years to come. We use exactly the same tweed for both dog and human coats so you know it’s extremely durable.

Wax Dog Coat

6. Dog Bandana

We want to show you that luxury doesn’t have to be expensive and our dog bandanas are the perfect example of that. They are a luxury because whilst your dog will look 100% cuter in one, they’re not a necessity.

Our bandanas come in eight different colours, from pink and purple to green and black. The poly-cotton fabric feels really soft on your dog’s fur and we’re sure they’ll love popping one of these around their neck.

7. Yapham Fleece Dog Blanket

Pampered pooches love blankets so instead of them stealing yours constantly, how about buying them one of their own? Each design has a pattern on one side and the other side is a lovely soft fleece material. They’re perfect to pop on your sofa to protect your furniture from wet paws, dog hair and marks.

Measuring at 125cm by 75cm, they’re on the larger size but it just means that your dog has plenty of room to lounge around on or under. Wrap them up inside it and they’ll look and be as snug as a bug on the sofa next to you!

8. Haxby Fleece Dog Cushion

If your dog prefers to lounge on the floor, how about treating them to their own dog cushion? The super soft fleece will have them dozing off for nap time at any point of the day or night. Its plump filled cushion moulds to your dog’s body to make it even more comfy.

The Haxby cushion has been designed for medium and large dogs so they can sprawl out across it. It also comes in three colours so you can choose one that best matches your decor or contrasts with it. Once your dog gets on one of these cushions, you’ll struggle to move them (maybe bribe them with food).

Fleece Dog Jumper

9. Polo Belt Dog Collar

If you want a luxurious, premium product for your dog walks, our selection of polo belt dog collars will fit the bill. Adapted from our most popular belt design for humans, you can now get a matching collar for your dog!

This leather is strong, soft and supple, making it comfortable for any dog to wear. The brown leather finishing and brass buckle give it a really classy edge. Who says your dog can’t look stylish on their walks too?

10. Polo Belt Dog Lead

Getting a matching dog lead to go with the collar above is such a lovely gift idea for anyone with a dog. These leads are made from 100% leather so you know they’re durable and long-lasting. They have an equestrian feel about them, which is very Rydale!

The lead is spring loaded, making it easy for you to take them off lead on your daily walks if permitted. Then it’s simple enough to pop them back on the lead in busy parks around children and other dogs.

We’re all about treating your dog just as much as everyone else in your life so we hope you’ve found something perfect for them in our top 10 luxury dog gifts list. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram with all of your dog pics too!

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