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What to Wear with a Grey Blazer

06 Jun 2023 |

A grey blazer is a must-have menswear piece that every country gent should have in their wardrobe. An incredibly versatile item, a grey blazer can be worn to the office, a casual dinner, pub drinks or a formal function. A grey blazer provides much more choice than a classic black blazer. However, despite being more casual than black, a grey blazer offers plenty more outfit options that can be worn for all kinds of occasions.

Yet, the perfect combination for a winning outfit can be fairly elusive as the exceptional versatility of a gry blazer equals far too many options. While a black blazer is traditionally paired with a pair of matching black suit trousers, a crisp white shirt and a black bow tie, a grey blazer can be more challenging to style correctly. In this guide, we will discuss what to wear with a grey blazer for different kinds of events.

What to Wear with a Grey Blazer in Summer/Winter 

What is great about a grey blazer is that it can be worn all year round. Lighter shades of grey are best suited to spring and summer, while darker options should be your go-to for autumn and winter. However, your shirt choice will also help set the tone for your entire outfit. 

For summer occasions, it is often the norm to opt for a lighter colour of shirt. The usual easy go-to during the warmer months is a crisp white shirt. However, during the summer it is always a good idea to add a pop of colour to any outfit, especially when you have such a muted tone for your jacket. Given that grey is such a neutral colour, it can easily be paired with almost any colour of shirt. Perhaps you could opt for a plain light blue or a subtle pink. Alternatively, you might want to mix your outfit up a bit with a pattern. Go for a classic check for a touch of sophistication or add some stripes for a touch of fun.

For autumn or winter occasions, you might want to opt for a slightly more toned down colour combination. Perhaps you could pair a plain navy shirt with your blazer or a darker check. Alternatively, to take off some of the winter chill, you could opt for a smart jumper instead. You could choose a fine knit crew neck jumper or a classic V neck jumper with a casual shirt underneath. 

What Trousers to Wear with a Grey Blazer 

Perhaps even more difficult to decide on than the shirt is the trousers. In most circumstances the tone of your trousers will match your blazer. However, there are other trouser options that will go with a grey blazer for if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Given that a grey blazer can be worn for more casual occasions, you could easily pair one with some jeans. A grey blazer combined with a pair of slim-fit jeans makes for a great smart-casual outfit choice that can be worn for all kinds of relaxed occasions. A good alternative to a pair of jeans is some chinos. Both smart and comfortable, chinos offer both form and function. Crafted from a lightweight cotton material and available in a range of colours, chinos are ideal for warmer weather. 

Alternatively, if the event your attending requires a slightly more formal look, then why not opt for a pair of men’s moleskin trousers. Available in a range of subtle colours, moleskin trousers make for the ideal smart trouser. Durable and hard-wearing but soft and comfortable, they are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your grey blazer outfit. For a pop of colour opt for a red pair, or for a more toned-down look go for a grey or olive green shade.

Accessorising a Grey Blazer 

No smart or formal outfit is complete without some stylish accessories. To compliment your grey blazer, you need a pair of quality leather shoes. For more formal occasions, a pair of leather brogues would be ideal. Either brown or black shoes would match well with a grey blazer, so just go for whichever you prefer. Alternatively, for a slightly more casual occasion, you could choose a pair of leather boots. Chelsea boots provide an iconic silhouette that you can’t go wrong with, or brogue boots provide a nice middle-ground between the two. However, if you are attending an event in summer or spring, then a pair of genuine leather boots might be too warm and heavy. Instead, you would be much better opting for a pair of men’s deck shoes or some suede leather loafers.

Any smart-casual attire is made better with a hat. Make a statement with a bold hat choice such as a fedora in the winter or a panama hat in the summer. If you want to accessorise your grey blazer with a hat but don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself, why not simply opt for a tweed flat cap/a> - perfectly classy and ideal for the country gent. 

For fancier occasions you might even want to finish your outfit off with a bow tie or necktie for the ultimate formal look. Add a subtle brown or black leather belt to compliment your grey blazer and you are good to go..


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