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The Rydale 200GMS rub-on wax cotton dressing is excellent for properly protecting and rejuvenating the condition of your wax garments. From a full overhaul for your wax jacket or a simple retouch to one of your wax accessories, the Rydale rub-on wax cotton reproofer is the perfect choice for restoring the original finish of your waxed cotton items. 

Wax is known as a waterproofing fabric from way back when. Nevertheless, like all waterproof materials, wax cotton requires proper care so that you guarantee maximum performance and a long-lasting finish for years to come. The easy process of dressing your wax jacket will restore its water-resistant coating and preserve the fabric from any additional wear and tear. 

Wax cotton is a fabric that demands care, whether you wear it as your day-to-day wear or every once in a while. If your wax jacket or coat does not get the right care and attention it needs, then it could begin to start drying out from exposure to the elements. The last thing you want is for your wax cotton fabric to start discolouring and absorbing moisture. If this begins to happen, it's a solid indication that you need a reproofer to keep it properly protected. 

  • Protects and rejuvenates your wax cotton garments  
  • Restores fabric to its original finish and performance 
  • Helps improve water repellency and defends against discolouration 
  • Easy to use and apply - simply rub onto the item in a circular motion 
  • Alternatively, see our 'Wax Cotton Dressing Spray' in a handy spray bottle

Instructions: Rub sparingly into the surface of the garment using a soft cloth, warm the product slightly to make application easier. Allow drying overnight in a warm area before use.

Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin. Wash hands with warm soapy water after use.

Click here to view/download the Product Safety Data Sheet.

If you have any questions regarding our Wax Cotton Dressing then please feel free to get in touch - we are always willing to help. 

Wax Cotton Dressing - 200GMS

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Best quality, I have used thank you God bless ian

ian knagg , May 03, 2024

Wax dressing

Very good Quality Wax

Kevin Clough , Dec 21, 2022

it is wax

not used it yet

wax man , Dec 14, 2021

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