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Surrey Dog Walks

10 Jul 2023 |

Continuing our dog walk series, Surrey is 22% woodlands, making it an ideal place for dog walkers and families alike. That also means that there is plenty of choice across the county, with plenty of hills and valleys for challenging walks. However, there are still lots of options for those of us who prefer a more leisurely stroll with our dog.

In an area of such natural beauty, you know the views are going to be incredible across higher points, which is why we’ve included a couple of hill walks in here. However, they’re not too steep for most people so give them a go if you’re able to.

Surrey is a beautiful county to walk around and we’re sure that your dogs, children, parents etc. will love exploring the local area. Here are our top five Surrey dog walks for everyone to enjoy.

Banstead Wood

If you’re looking for an ancient trail for the family, Banstead Woods is the perfect route for you. Here, there are lots of paths so it’s a fairly-easy walk, as well as wheelchair and pushchair-friendly. The paths are wide and smooth for the most part too, with plenty of signposts for easy navigation. However, there are a couple of hilly areas but you can always take an alternative route.

Banstead Woods used to be a deer park but has since been converted into a multi-trail wood. The 2.7 mile stretch through the woods joins Yew Walk towards the end, showing off beautiful views over the Chipstead valley. This walk is perfect for people who love nature, with oak and yew trees along this route.

There’s also a great pub next to the woods, The Rambler’s Rest. It’s family-friendly and dog-friendly so you really can take everyone with you! Visit before or after your walk and chat to the locals about the area.

Another route in the woods is the Narnia Trail, perfect for book lovers of all ages. This route can get busy and the Holly Lane car park often fills up quickly, even on a Sunday morning. The best times to visit seem to be very early morning or early evening.

Surrey Dog Walks

The Tamsin Trail, Richmond Park

Whilst Richmond Park is often classed as Greater London, its address is technically in Surrey, which is why we’ve included it in this list! This circular walk goes right around the outside of the park. If you do the full 7.35 mile route, it will take you around four hours, purely because there are cafes and ice cream vans at least every mile or so! However, if you don’t stop off anyway, it can take about two and a half hours at a brisk pace.

Richmond Park is mostly a car-free zone too as it’s mostly gated-off. There are multiple entry points too so if you only want to walk a section of the main route, you can do so! There are a couple of climbs near Kingston Gate, Pembroke Lodge and Sheen so you might want to avoid these areas if you have mobility issues.

This park is a favourite amongst wildlife lovers, with deer and lots of bird species frequenting here. The deer roam freely here so dogs should be kept on a lead around those areas. It’s also popular with runners and cyclists because of its quietness, compared to being in the city. Everyone shares the same paths so be aware of those around you too.

Canal Walk, Pyrford

For a walk with a difference, how about the Canal Walk in Pyrford? You’ll follow along the River Wey navigation path, making it one of the easiest routes to get around! Some parts of the route can get muddy if it’s been raining so don’t wear your newest and cleanest footwear if that’s the case!

The best place to start (and finish) is at the Anchor Pub in Wisley. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner so you could eat in there before and after your walk if you wanted to! Only use their car park if you intend to eat/drink in there though.

In terms of distance, you can walk as little or as far as you’d like, with the average stretch being 3.9 miles. Head in one direction towards Guildford or the opposite way for Weybridge. It’s a favourite walk of many families in the area, purely because it’s an easier walk than others in the area. For variety, you can cross the canal bridges along this route too.

In terms of scenery, it doesn’t have as stunning a view as some others in the area. However, it’s the perfect walk for something easy for an hour or two. Not every dog walk has to be a hike or a climb! Plus with a pub pit-stop, you get to treat yourself too!

Surrey Countryside

Frensham Little Pond, Farnham

For a shorter walk, Frensham Little Pond is a great option. The walks here can be anything from just thirty minutes to two hours, ideal for an early evening stroll during the week. There are two car parks on-site, Priory Lane (the free one) and the official Frensham Little Pond one, part of the National Trust, making it chargeable to non-members.

It’s such a tranquil spot after a hectic day of work, perfect for summer nights. It’s a popular spot with dog walkers, runners, bird watches, artists - you name it, the locals love it! Many people simply sit on the sand to daydream!

With sandy footpaths as well as woods and heathland by the side of the lake, it really is the best of both worlds! It’s a bird-watcher’s paradise too, with lots of rare birds nesting in the area. With that being said, between March and September, dogs should be kept on a lead in the heather as to not disturb the nesting season.

For those who like something to eat along the route, there is a cafe by the pond for lunchtime snacks as well as a pub nearby for hearty meals. Who doesn’t love an ice cream after or during a summer walk?

Reigate Hill and Gatton Park

For more of a climb, Reigate Hill and Gatton Park is a challenge. It’s ideal for locals because the car park can get busy, especially during peak summer times. It’s not the walk for a leisurely stroll so bear that in mind before setting off! After rainfall, it gets particularly muddy and slippery in multiple places so make sure to wear decent walking boots.

The full walk around Reigate Hill, Colley Hill and Walton Oak is just over seven miles so you’ll definitely get your heart rate up on this route. Don’t be discouraged by the hills though, there’s only one steep climb and decent so whilst it’s a challenge, it’s not impossible for most.

However, for families with pushchairs and wheelchair users, there are plenty of flatter paths to use instead, which take around various parts of the park. The on-site cafe gets amazing reviews online so be sure to check it out for yourselves too!

For energetic dogs, there are tons of open green spaces to take them off their lead. There is often livestock on the fields here so keep your dog on their lead around those areas. You might want to stop off and admire the views during the rest of this walkthrough, with impressive views over the South.

As you can see, Surrey is filled with beautiful countryside, scenic views and lots of variety in your walks. Dogs and humans will equally love exploring the area too, making for some lovely summer days out, especially in the holidays. Of course, it can get busy but so many of these walks are so spacious that there’s plenty of room for everyone to enjoy, whether you’re a leisurely stroller or a serious hiker.

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