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10 Dog Dad Gifts

Whether it’s for an upcoming birthday, getting in early before Christmas or just a general treat, dog dads are some of the easiest people to buy for! They say a dog is a man’s best friend so why not reflect that in the gifts you buy the men in your life who are also dog dads?

We’ve rounded up ten dog dad gifts, perfect for any man who loves his pooch. You might even spot the odd gift in here for your dog too because you have to treat them both!

A panama hat

Walking your dog during the summer? You’ll need to protect your head from sun damage. A wide-brimmed hat is a great option for casual occasions like dog-walking. The best part about our panama hat? We have a style perfect for dog lovers! The band around the hat has a navy and white dog print on it, perfect for those dog dads in your life.

Whilst panama hats look best when worn in a more formal setting, they can definitely be dressed more casually. Pair with chinos and a polo shirt for a summertime walk or wear with jeans and a T-shirt for family walks. Not only is a panama hat a classic style, our version has a UPF rating of 50+, making it incredibly safe in the sun.

10 Gifts For Dog Dads

A matching wax jacket

Whilst you might not stereotypically think that a wax jacket is a great gift for a dog dad, what if we told you you could get a matching one for your pooch? They’ll look like a dynamic duo in their wax jackets! Whether it’s brown, olive or navy, there’s a perfect style for a dog dad to match (or contrast) with their dog.

Made from 100% waxed cotton, our wax jackets are both fashionable and practical. Most come with a cosy checked lining, meaning you can wear them all year round. They’re also waterproof, making them the ideal jacket for dog walks!

A new tie

Sophisticated dog dads will love this next gift, a new tie! To tie in their love for their pooch, (see, what we did there?), why not buy them a dog printed one? With a choice of olive or claret, we’ve found that these two shades were two of the most versatile colours to go with most of a country gentleman’s wardrobe.

It’s a pretty inexpensive gift too at just £10, perfect for those on a budget or for a gift limit. Pair your new checked tie with a country checked shirt and a tweed blazer and you’re good to go for just about any formal occasion! Our design is subtler than most other printed ties but is still eye-catching and fun.

og Dad Gifts

A sock gift box

We’re sure when you were younger that receiving socks wasn’t a great gift. However, as you get older, you realise that the more socks you receive as a gift, the less you have to buy for yourself! To make them even more special, our socks are presented in a lovely gift box, which can be reused for storage!

Our socks have a lovely cushioned sole, perfect for shorter dog walks, and come in two designs for dog lovers: a solid block colour with one big dog emblem or multiple patterns of dogs. Every pair has a contrasting heel and toe, making them stand out even more.

A matching hybrid quilted jacket

Sensing a theme here? If the dog dad in your life prefers a padded style of jacket, why not get him a matching set of quilted jackets with his pooch? Our Huggate quilted hybrid jacket comes in sizes for both men and dogs! Seriously, the two of them together will be a picture in these matching quilted jackets!

Both styles are lightweight and breathable, ideal for long dog walks. The small amount of padding makes them warm but isn’t too thick that you’ll sweat underneath. It also makes them very movable, meaning you can go for more strenuous walks together in them. On the men’s design, the sleeves are made from fleece so you know they’ll keep the cold out and the warmth in, especially as the weather gets cooler.

A stainless steel water bottle

Those long dog walks are thirsty work so why not get the dog dad in your life a new water bottle to carry on those works with him? Even better, our bottles are made from stainless steel and have a dog pattern on them!

Fitting in 500ml of liquid, this design even features a leather carry strap, perfect for trips in the great outdoors. If you find a cafe on the walk, ask them to fill it up for you! Most of them are more than willing to supply free water when you’re ordering a drink. The neutral grey shade of the bottle is unisex and will never go out of fashion either!

A new pair of walking boots

Again, it might not be the first gift you think of giving someone but if you know what they like, a pair of walking boots can be a wonderful gift, especially if their current pair are looking a little worse for wear. With styles in khaki and brown, our neutral-coloured walking boots are as versatile as anything!

Both of our designs are waterproof and breathable, perfect for those longer walks where your feet get hot and sweaty! The mid-ankle height is supportive too, especially for those who love to walk for hours. The thick tread on the sole makes our walking boots perfect for uneven terrain in the woods too so you can explore whilst your dog does!

An insulated travel mug

Many of us seem to collate mugs but what’s the harm in adding another to the collection? With autumn on the way, if the dog dad in your life loves his hot drinks, a new insulated travel mug with a dog print on it could make the perfect gift! He can fill it up before heading out to the office or for a chilled dog walk, and it’ll keep him warm!

It’s in neutral grey once again, matching our stainless steel refillable water bottle, so you could get them as a set together. It doesn’t come with a handle as we find they can get bulky. However, it’s slim enough to fit in the side pocket of a rucksack, perfect for a day in the outdoors.

Gifts for Dog Dads

A matching cosy fleece or waistcoat

What respectable country gentleman doesn’t own a fleece? If the dog dad in your life doesn’t or is in need of a new one, a fleece jacket or waistcoat is a thoughtful gift. Even better because of course, we have dog jackets to match several of our styles!

Our Haxby gilet, Huggate (available in a full zip version, an overhead style, and a waistcoat) and Harpham fleece jackets (also coming in a full zip style, an overhead version and a waistcoat) all have a doggy counterpart, perfect for them to twin together! The Haxby features a subtle pheasant print, the Huggate comes in seven different colours for dogs, and the Harpham is a lightweight fleece.

A waterproof jacket or coat

If you’re going to be dog walking, you know that you’ll need a waterproof jacket at some point during the year (in fact, all year round). Our men’s range of waterproof jackets and coats has everything from a lightweight pack and go style to a specially-designed hiking jacket with plenty of pockets.

However, we’re not forgetting your dog here! Our Yapham dog raincoat is one of our most popular dog jackets, because it’s inexpensive and looks great! It’s very easy to clean, which we’re sure you’ll be happy to hear after your dog goes for a walk in the mud. It’s a style that we’re always adding new colourways and patterns to so it’s worth looking often for an updated version!

Dog dad gifts don’t have to be cheesy, they can be practical and thoughtful, especially when they’re best friends! Whether it’s a tie for special occasions, socks for everyday wear, or a jacket for those long walks together, there’s a dog dad gift for every dog dad! Don’t forget about any dog mums in your life too because you know they love a treat too!

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