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Best Women’s Winter Boots

12 Oct 2021 |

With autumn well and truly here, it’s time to dig out those winter boots as we all know how temperamental the autumn weather can be. From bright sunshine to hailstorms and even snow sometimes, it’s that time of year when you can go out of the house dressed for winter and return sweating buckets and removing multiple layers.

Boots can often be finding the line between practical and comfortable to looking stylish. We’re here to dive into all of the different boot styles we have on offer with some much-needed styling tips and which occasions you can wear each boots for.

With various styles from ankle height to knee-high boots, there really is a style for every woman, whether you like lace-up styles or pull on versions, a super thick tread or a pair of boots for everyday wear. Keep reading as we round up our favourite styles.

Ladies Tall Leather Boots

Knee high

Many women don’t wear knee-high boots because they’re probably the hardest to fit. Not only do they have to fit the foot and ankle, you also need to make sure they fit around the calf. Too small and you will lose circulation in your legs and feet, too loose and they will also be uncomfortable to wear. However, when you get a pair that fits like a glove, you won’t want to take them off! Here are our top 4 styles of knee high boots:

Spanish riding boots

A classic tan leather pair will never go out of style. When paired with a tweed skirt, this is a timeless look for any countryside gathering, from family parties to school events. You can make this look formal by adding a checked shirt or keep it casual with a polo shirt. Knee-high leather boots with a flat sole will always look smart with whatever you wear them with.

If you prefer suede, our Rievaulx pair comes in both navy and dark brown but suede needs much more cleaning than leather. If you plan to wear yours outdoors and in muddy fields a lot, don’t buy a suede pair! Our navy pair complements other shades of blues as part of an outfit as well as greys. Tuck in a pair of jodhpurs for a sleek look. Alternatively, our dark brown pair will never look out of style when paired with other earthy tones, such as beige, olive and other browns.

Ladies Spanish Style Riding Boots

Country boots

It might seem a little vague but country boots are designed for exactly that, life in the country! These are the perfect boots to wear when outdoors because of their amazing thick tread. However, we like to do things a little special at Rydale so our traditional leather country boots have been given a tweed twist. Our Haworth boots mix a practical boot with a touch of flair. You can wear these for walking the dogs on the country roads as well as to casual family gatherings. The best of both worlds really!

Biker boots

Our biker boots are less embellished than other styles but the style remains the same. With a quilted body and extra grippy tread, they will see you through any outdoor event. For a simple pair, our Muston style is classic and traditional, still including all the biker boot elements but subtly. Biker boots are perfect for casual occasions, especially when paired with skinny jeans and a thick jumper. However, they go just as well with chinos and jodhpurs, just make sure to tuck in any trousers to show off the buckles on your boots.

Ladies Short Leather Boots

If you’re looking for a pair of biker boots with a bit more pizzazz, how about our Middleham style with a tweed wool panel? With navy, light blue and olive to choose from, there’s a colour for every woman! These are a little more elegant than our Muston style so you can definitely dress them up a little more. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend them for formal occasions like a black-tie event, you won’t look out of place at the village pub or with drinks out with friends in this pair. They’re a soft leather too so you won’t need to spend weeks breaking them in either!

Work boots

If you have a countryfied life and need to be outdoors a lot, you need a pair of tough work boots. Our Tullymore boots are our most practical pair of boots available in a lovely tan shade with either brown or navy panelling. They’re also one of our easiest boots to clean because we expect them to get muddy frequently. Always tuck your bottom halves into these boots to keep them clean and ensure your boots are on full display!


A fit that people don’t seem to think is very flattering is the mid-calf boot. However, we’re here to debunk that myth. In fact, it’s one of the most flattering styles of boot. It’s the perfect length for a casual boot, which is why we offer one style in it: the classic biker boot. We do offer a couple of designs in this style so it can suit a range of ladies.

Ladies Biker Style Boots

Biker boots

A classic that will never go away is the biker boot. However, we’ve made it even more classic and countryfied with earthy tones and a strong tread. Shades of brown and tan run throughout our entire range because they’re so versatile. Our Hutton quilted pair are the closest style to a regular biker boot but in a traditional dark brown shade. Tuck skinny jeans, chinos and jodhpurs into these biker boots for a great everyday look. If you’re looking for a pair that you can wear out in the countryside more, our Whenby style is the perfect mix between biker boots and work boots. These are definitely more of a casual boot but even with jeans, they are still great for a night at the pub or days out with the family, especially somewhere with unsteady terrain.

For a smarter look, the Kilham style in a rustic dark brown colour again with added brogue detailing, buckles and zips. The extra buckle fastenings mean this style fits any sized calves so you can have them as tight or as loose around the calf as you wish. Because this style is smarter than a usual biker boot style, wear with tweed skirts for smart-casual occasions or for the office. Switch the skirt for jeans for lunch out with the family for a more casual look.

Ladies Short Quilted Boots

Ankle boots

The most popular style of boot for any lady is the ankle boot, probably because it comes in such a variety of styles that there really is something for everyone. Whether you want a flat or heeled boot, plain or patterned, keep reading for our favourite versions.

Flat Chelsea boots

There are so many different styles of flat Chelsea boots so bare with us whilst we take a closer look. If you’re after a practical pair for working outdoors, our Skelton leather version is the perfect pair for you. Available in three shades of brown, this style has a grippy rubber sole with a quilted panel at the back of the boot for added style. Despite being ideal for wearing in the countryside, this leather is super soft and supple.

Leather Chelsea boots will never go out of style either. Our Kirby boots are a classic for any country lady’s wardrobe. There aren’t many items that won’t go with Chelsea boots but the general rule is if your boots are plain, you can add a pattern on your top half.

Ladies Tall Leather Brown Boots

On the other hand, if there's a pattern on your boots, such as animal print, it’s probably best to wear plain, block coloured clothing to give the boots their chance to shine.

For an extra special pair, how about trying patent leather? Whilst you can wear them as part of your everyday outfits, we love them as part of an evening outfit. With a floaty blouse and skinny jeans, patent Chelsea boots will give a dressy feel to this outfit.

Suede is a material that many people shy away from in footwear because it is notoriously hard to clean. However, once you get into the swing of cleaning regularly, it’s not that much of a hassle. If you’re looking for an updated Chelsea boot, a pattern could be somewhere to look. Adding in a splash of leopard print to a dark brown pair of Chelsea boots gives them a modern, unexpected twist. These look amazing paired with a dark wash pair of skinny jeans, meaning you can show off the boots to the max!

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