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Grouse Shooting Clothing - How to Dress

25 Jun 2021 |

Grouse shooting is a traditional British field sport which first appeared around 1850 and became increasingly popular during the late Victorian era as a fashionable sport for the wealthy. The grouse shooting season opens on August 12 and closes December 10. Therefore, grouse shooting can take place across a period of a rapidly changing British weather climate which can make it incredibly difficult to know what sort of shooting clothing to wear. 

You must always be prepared for potentially harsh weather conditions when out game shooting as those partaking in the sport can often spend hours braving the elements. In order to ensure that this grouse shooting season is a success, you must invest in the right game shooting clothing. It is crucial that your shooting attire is functional for wear during a long and potentially very cold and wet hunt. Whether you are shooting at the start of the season, when the weather is likely to be milder, or at the end of the season, when the weather is likely much colder, this guide will discuss what to wear for grouse shooting in all potential weather conditions. We will offer up our top tips for staying comfortable this shooting season as you battle whatever the British countryside may choose to throw your way. 

Men's Grouse Shooting Outfit

Grouse Shooting Jackets & Coats

Therefore, to ensure you stay warm and dry during the colder months of the shooting season, you will require a good quality grouse shooting jacket or coat. It is important to have a weather-resistant shooting coat to protect you from the cold wind and rain. During the colder months, it is crucial that your shooting jacket is well-insulated for maximum warmth. Rydale has a huge selection of thick, rain-resistant men’s shooting coats and jackets that are guaranteed to keep you warm and dry while out on the moorland. 

For the style-conscious country gent, our men’s Derby tweed shooting jackets are perfect for looking and feeling the part. Each tweed shooting jacket has been crafted from a hard-wearing wool-rich tweed blend for ultimate durability and protection. They each feature a soft quilted interior lining to maximise comfort and warmth, without sacrificing on manoeuvrability. The perfect balance of style and practicality, our Derby tweed shooting coats are ideal for looking good while out shooting during the colder months. Available in a range of different checked tweed designs, you can choose the best style of tweed jacket to suit you. 

Men's Shooting Smock

Alternatively, if you care more about function than form, then you might prefer one of our men’s fleece-lined shooting jackets. A fleece-lined shooting coat is ideal for keeping you well insulated from the winter cold. There is nothing worse than feeling damp and uncomfortable while out on the hunt, so prevent this from happening with our Gembling II men’s fleece-lined shooting jacket. This shooting coat is both waterproof and breathable so that you can stay warm and dry whilst staying active. Our Gembling II fleece-lined jacket comes with a classic herringbone patterned exterior in a subtle olive green colour, for complete camouflage out in the British countryside. 

If you want to combine style and practicality, then our men’s wax shooting jackets would make the ideal choice. With a traditionally British wax coat design and a weather-resistant exterior, our Stamford men’s padded wax jackets are perfect for staying warm, dry and stylish. The thick padding of our wax shooting jackets make them incredibly warm and comfortable to wear. With plenty of pockets for storing your shooting essentials and a wind and rain-resistant waxed cotton exterior to ensure you can battle the elements. Available in country-inspired olive green or brown, these men’s wax shooting coats will keep you camouflaged so you can quietly sneak up on grouse. Each featuring classic corduroy trims and gold popper fastenings and zips, this is the ultimate outerwear option for grouse shooting in style. 

Men's Tweed Shooting Jacket

However, August or September grouse shooting tends not to be ideal for wearing heavy tweed shooting jackets and you may not require a waterproof exterior. Instead, for the warmer months, you may want to opt for a lightweight, breathable alternative to a full coat or jacket, such as a shooting waistcoat or gilet. Our men’s tweed shooting waistcoats provide an excellent alternative to a full tweed shooting jacket. While keeping your body well-insulated, our tweed waistcoats leave the arms unrestricted so that you have more freedom of movement to perform during your grouse shooting trip.

Opt for a tweed waistcoat if you want to create that classic shooting look, without compromising on function. Another option is a fleece shooting gilet which can act as the perfect mid-layer option for underneath your shooting jacket at the colder end of the shooting season, or as a stand-alone outerwear option for the warmer period. Our men’s fleece shooting gilets are crafted from a super-soft lightweight fleece material, keeping you comfortable yet active. 

Men's Grouse Shooting Gilet

Layering Your Grouse Shooting Outfit

If your grouse shooting venture happens to fall at the end of the shooting season, during October, November or December, then you will need more than just a shooting jacket or coat to protect you from the cold, wind and rain. The best way to maximise the warmth of your grouse shooting attire is to layer up. Rydale has a huge range of mid-layer options that you can easily add to your shooting wardrobe for when you need some extra insulation. 

A good quality shooting jumper is a must-have for any country gent who enjoys taking part in grouse shooting. We stock a huge selection of different styles of men’s shooting jumpers and sweatshirts that act as the ideal shooting mid-layer.  When facing the coldest weather conditions, it would be best to go for a chunky knit shooting jumper, made from a high-quality wool blend that is guaranteed to keep the warmth in and cold out. Available in an olive green or brown shade and featuring an embroidered pheasant motif on the chest, our men’s chunky shooting jumpers make the perfect addition to any grouse shooting outfit.

Men' Shooting Jacket

Alternatively, you could opt for a more fine-knit V-neck shooting jumper which may be best suited to the autumn period when the weather is transitioning from mild to cold. Our v-neck shooting sweatshirts are also available in a sleeveless style, perfect for wearing over the top of a checked shooting shirt. Rather than a jumper, you might want to choose a cosy shooting fleece as your mid-layer. Our Huggate men’s fleece shooting jackets make an ideal layer underneath a waterproof shooting coat or simply on their own during the milder months. Available in a huge range of colours, you can easily match your shooting fleece to the rest of your grouse shooting outfit. 

Grouse Shooting Trousers 

The classic trouser choice for grouse shooting is a pair of breeks which are the epitome of traditional country style combined with practicality. Although they may appear slightly outdated when compared to more contemporary styles, breeks will always have a place out in the field. The functionality of shooting breeks comes from their below-the-knee cut which ensures that your boots take the brunt of the wet and muddy environment so your legs stay nice and dry. Shooting breeks provide a much more practical alternative to full-length or loose fitting trousers which will simply soak up the rain and mud, making you uncomfortable and your grouse shooting experience an unpleasant one. Rydale has a huge range of men’s tweed shooting breeks to choose from - perfect paired with a tweed jacket to create a full tweed shooting suit

However, while shooting breeks may be the traditional choice for more formal grouse shooting wear, another practical shooting trouser option is a pair of waterproof overtrousers. While these are full-length, they are completely waterproof, ensuring that your legs stay dry throughout the hunt. Rydale’s wax cotton waterproof overtrousers provide the perfect trouser choice for when you’re out shooting in wet conditions. They also provide a less formal alternative to breeks. 

Grouse Shooting Clothing

Grouse Shooting Footwear 

Arguably the most important item of grouse shooting clothing is the footwear. Given that shooting trips can last for hours on end, it is vital that your feet stay comfortable throughout. You need shooting footwear that is going to keep your feet warm and dry during the colder months and that, even on dry days, have enough leg guard to keep the mud at bay. Here at Rydale, we have an extensive collection of options for shooting footwear, from ankle boots, to knee-high leather boots and wellies.

The obvious choice for keeping your feet dry while out grouse shooting is a pair of reliable wellington boots. Guaranteed to keep out the rain and mud, a pair of men’s shooting wellies makes an excellent option. With thick treaded soles, wellies are ideal for ensuring you stay steady on your feet on the uneven terrain.  Rydale’s men’s camouflage wellington boots will not only keep your feet dry but will keep you hidden so that you can sneak up on your target.  Alternatively, opt for a pair of Rydale’s men’s neoprene lined wellington boots for the colder months when you require extra insulation. 

Another practical option for shooting footwear is a pair of knee-high leather boots. These provide a sturdy option while also ensuring your legs stay warm and dry. Perfect for wearing with your breeks, knee-high shooting boots will protect you from the mud so that your trousers don’t get soggy. Rydale’s Tullymore II men’s leather knee-high boots make the perfect choice for grouse shooting. They are crafted from a thick yet supple genuine leather to ensure that your feet stay warm and dry without restricting your movement. They feature thick soles for extra grip on challenging terrain and a lace tie at the top to ensure a close fit against the calf. 

Men's Shooting Breeks

Grouse Shooting Accessories 

No grouse shooting outfit is complete without the accessories to compliment it. Shooting accessories can be crucial to fully completing your shooting attire and ensuring it is as functional as possible when out in the country. One of the most important shooting accessories that you can add to your outfit is a good pair of shooting socks. Whether you are looking for a colourful pair to compliment your shooting breeks, or a thick and cosy pair for added insulation to keep your feet extra warm, shooting socks are an essential item of clothing for grouse shooting. Rydale’s men’s shooting socks come in a huge range of patterns and colours so that you can easily match them with your shooting outfit. 

Another important addition to your shooting attire is a hat. Whether you’re wearing it to simply look the part or to keep your ears and head warm during the colder months, a shooting hat can add form and function to your hunting attire. The most traditional British shooting headwear option is a tweed flat cap. A tweed shooting hat can add some sophistication to any shooting outfit, whether formal or casual. Here at Rydale, we offer a huge selection of tweed shooting caps in many different checked tweed designs. 

Finally, although not an essential, a shooting tie can nicely pull together any shooting outfit. You can use a shooting tie to add a pop of colour to your otherwise fairly neutral shooting gear. Ideal for more formal grouse shooting occasions, Rydale’s shooting ties are perfect for pairing with your tweed shooting breeks and your shooting jacket. Available in a range of colours and country-inspired patterns, you are sure to look the part on your next shooting trip with one of our patterned shooting ties. 

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